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    D&D is on for this week (8/17).  Pokemon is back to regular, and we’re doing Mystery Box THG this week.  Also…From the Vault Lore comes out this week….$64.99 for the first 10 we have…more after that.

    • Pokemon

      • Standard Pokemon League on Sat, Aug 20th.
    • Magic–Eldritch Moon time…

      1. Friday – FNM @ 7 Two Eldritch Moon, 1 Shadows over Innistrad.
      2. Saturday. 8/13
        1. Mystery Box Magic Two Headed Giant@ 4pm ($19.50)
      3. Sunday–Magic Standard Tournament at 11
        1. Sunday the 14th at ~ 3pm…$40 Eternal Masters Draft with a Pizza Bonus for the 5th year celebration if we have 6 or more (Or $12 Zombie Conspiracy Just for the fun of it.  )
        2. Sunday the 21st…The return of the Big Dice Draft!!!  $10 pp–limted 10 people.  (We cut open one of those honking big Xmas stocking bags of dice and take turns drafting ’em.  End up with 4-5o dice, including lots of cool weird dice (dragon teeth, 3 sided dice, etc.)
    1. August is our 5th Anniversary of my running D20 Games!!!  My original intent was to be spending the time planning for a bunch of events, rather then dealing with the below, but regardless, keep your eyes on this space. We’ll be doing a bunch of different events and having some great specials through out the month to celebrate.  I will be taking suggestions for which of our events over the years to bring back for the month’s celebrations.  I know we will be doing Mystery box 2HG, weird magic, and the return of the Dice Draft.  We will also try and run at least one event for almost every type of tournament we’ve run a the store with tons of extra promos thrown in….So X-wing, D&D attack wing, DiceMasters, Star Realms people, all get ready to have one game overloaded with promo goodies!





    Eldritch Moon – D20 Take on the second Innistrad set…

    Emrakul, the Promised EndSo…the clues are revealed for Innistrad and guess who’s coming to dinner under the Eldritch Moon?  Turns out the shadow that’s been darkening Innistrad’s skies is the biggest, baddest card character ever in Magic, Emrakul!  To fight against this over-sized scourge,  some of the Legendary Angels who live to protect will combine to create an Eldrazi Angel of their own, and on the other side, Liliana, the last Hope has come back to prove that the best way to take down a big dog is with an army of ants, or in this case, hoards of Zombies.  When the bad guys are the good guys, you know things have gotten intense.

    The Second (and final) set in the land of  Innistrad, a land where Vampires, Zombies and Horrors, try and hunt down humans, who grab their pitchforks and stand side by side with the Hero’s Spirits and Angels who fight on their side.Liliana, the Last Hope



    The new mechanics from the wizards of the coast website.


    Meld cards are a twisted departure from the double-faced cards you know, love, and fear. Two cards melding together into one big monster. (Fur levels vary.) Here are Hanweir Battlements and Hanweir Garrison:

    If you own and control Hanweir Battlements and Hanweir Garrison, they’ll both be exiled and become this:

    Well. That’s disturbing. There are three pairs of meld cards: Hanweir Battlements and Hanweir Garrison, plus two more you can read about in other articles on DailyMTG today.

    Hanweir, the Writhing Township is one permanent represented by two cards. It behaves like any other creature does. It can attack and block. It has abilities that work. It can be enchanted or equipped. You can put counters on it. And so on. You can think of it as one big card while on the battlefield and you won’t be wrong. It’s one creature, so a single spell that says “Destroy target creature” takes out the whole permanent. If you’re asked to sacrifice a permanent, you can sacrifice Hanweir, the Writhing Township.

    The differences kick in if it leaves the battlefield. Wherever that permanent goes, both cards go, and they each turn front face up again. So if it’s bounced to your hand, you get Hanweir Battlements and Hanweir Garrison back in your hand. If Hanweir, the Writhing Township is put on top, on the bottom, or in a specific place in a library, the cards’ owner chooses their relative order. Anything that performs actions on the cards after they leave the battlefield does so on both cards. In fact, the first thing I thought of when working on meld cards was Journey to Nowhere. How would that work? Imagine my surprise when I saw this in the file:

    In this case, Hanweir, the Writhing Township is exiled, becoming Hanweir Battlements and Hanweir Garrison face up in exile. Later, both cards are returned to the battlefield, each with a +1/+1 counter. Of course, they’ll probably meld again pretty soon, and those counters will disappear. Maybe you really can’t go home again.

    Like double-faced cards, meld cards have the characteristics of their front faces everywhere except the battlefield. They also can’t be turned face down. But remember that meld cards aren’t double-faced cards, so they can’t transform.

    We’ve taken some steps to avoid shenanigans and some confusing situations. To successfully meld two cards, you must also own and control both of them. If you own and control Hanweir Battlements, then you gain control of a Hanweir Garrison owned by an opponent and activate the ability of Hanweir Battlements, the two permanents will just stare at each other uncomfortably.

    Additionally, the two cards must be the actual cards. That means that copies won’t work. Token copies especially won’t work. But be careful—the ability of Hanweir Battlements has no problem exiling itself and a copy of Hanweir Garrison. But they won’t meld, and you won’t return either one to the battlefield.

    There’s a new checklist card to cover all the meld cards. Checklist cards are convenient substitutes for your meld cards to make sure they’re indistinguishable from the rest of your deck. (You can also use opaque sleeves to accomplish this, or use both sleeves and checklist cards!) Before the game, just mark which meld card you’re playing with, and use the checklist card in the deck. You must have the real meld card with you—just don’t mix it up with your sideboard.

    Each card is good on its own, but if you manage to get them together…Avacyn help us all. Oh, um. Never mind. Awkward.

    They’re puzzle pieces. Do the thing. Kick butt.


    Oh, did I mention Eldrazi popping up everywhere? Let’s put it this way: don’t be shocked if tentacles sprout from your best friend’s face. Emerge is a new ability found on some powerful late-game Eldrazi that lets them hit the battlefield ahead of schedule…not that the Eldrazi know what a schedule is.

    You can always cast a spell with emerge by paying its mana cost as normal. If you’ve got seven mana available, you have yourself a shiny new Eldrazi Hippogriff. But if you’ve got a creature to sacrifice, say this Dawn Gryff (ooh, Flavor Judge win?), you can use the emerge ability.

    Let’s walk through casting a spell with emerge. As an additional cost to cast Wretched Gryff, you sacrifice Dawn Gryff. Now you’re paying the emerge cost ({5}{U}) instead of the mana cost ({7}). But you get a further discount: the converted mana cost of the creature you sacrifice. That’s three, so now you’re paying only {2}{U} to cast Wretched Hippogryff. Quite a deal. The discount you get can’t affect the colored mana part of the emerge cost. So even if you sacrifice a creature with converted mana cost 8, you still pay {U} to cast Wretched Gryff.

    Using emerge doesn’t change when you can cast the spell—during your main phase when the stack is empty, unless the spell has flash…somehow. It also doesn’t change that the spell was actually cast. Wretched Gryff’s card-drawing ability works either way.


    The fight on Innistrad is intensifying, and the people are scrambling to bring every weapon possible to bear on friend, foe, and former friend with tentacles coming out of face. To encapsulate this, we have escalate, an ability that lets you get the most out of some modal spells. What’s a modal spell? It’s an instant or sorcery that offers you a bulleted list of different effects. Like this one:

    Instead of the default of choosing just one of the modes, escalate cards act like a menu of devastation. If you pay just the mana cost, you choose one of the modes. If you pay the mana cost plus the escalate cost, you can add a mode and get both modes. Of course, not all escalate cards have just two effects. For ones with three effects, you can also pay the mana cost plus the escalate cost twice to get all three effects. For an additional $1.99, we’ll throw in a side dish.

    You choose modes as part of casting the spell, and once you choose, you can’t change your mind if something happens in response to the spell. If you cast a spell with escalate and choose multiple modes, the effects will happen in the order printed on the card. Additionally, you choose the target for each mode separately (if that mode requires one). So, Borrowed Malevolence’s two modes could target the same creature or, far more likely, different creatures.

    Cool New Games in the store….

    Great New Games in the Store…

    • Kill Dr Lucky:  
      The exact opposite of Clue, this stylish classic self describes as “The Family Game of Cold Blooded Murder”  I played it with it’s creator, who had been fighting for years to get it back from a publisher that let it sit unprinted all that time, and it was great fun.  The turns bounce around as players try and put themselves in the right room that the wandering Dr. Lucky will come to when none of the other players have line of sight to see them do the dirty dead. There’s more, and even a variant with Dr. Lucky’s dog(or cat) wandering around to mess things up, but in general…Thumbs up big time for this one.$39.99 and great for the whole family who doesn’t mind getting their hands on the candlestick in odd drawing room. 😉
    • Brix:  The best Tic Tac Toe variant since Niya.   Think Connect 4 with pieces that contain one of each color glued together.  Good two player game…simple to understand…tricky to play.  $19.99
    • Dr. Eureka:  Simple 2-4 player game where pattern matching meets dexterity as you compete to rearrange colored balls in 3 different test tubes to match the next revealed pattern first. Surprisingly addictive and can work with all ages. $19.99
    • Fuse–Ben’s new fav.—A 10 minute high speed coop puzzle game for 1-5 players.  Very, very fun. $29.99
    • Here Kitty Kitty. a 2-4 player game of kitten acquisition from the same couple who created perpetual favorite, Castle Panic. $25.99here kitty kitty game box
    • Star Wars Rebellion-2-4 player game. Basically Star Wars hide and seek with Battle Stars. $99.99. (also very fun.)
    • Halo Fleet Battles–Extremely highly rated miniature battle game great for any serious Halo fan.  We only have two of these in stock. $129.99
    • Firefly Flux….we have special bonus promo cards for the first 10 copies sold.

Upcoming Events

Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic-$15 pp. Draft format…single draft starts at 7 p.m. Win a round, win a pack. (Very friendly people.)

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