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Time To be a Good Duck-Doing good just ’cause


Important!  A moment of Good Duckery needed: 
Not that long ago, one of our regulars, an EMT and general good guy, had his Magic collection stolen from his car.  We felt bad and did what he could to help him out, but it got me thinking. When someone steals from you like that, it feels just awful.  Not only do you feel bad about other people, but all that work you did to get to that point feels like something you can just never get back to again.

Bad day at the midway

Our bad day, Nov 2012

I know that’s what I felt when the store was broken into almost 4 years ago.  When that happened, I could feel myself on the verge of becoming that bitter, grumpy guy that looked at every new person with a cast of suspicion and anger.  I made a very explicit decision to be fiercely nice…to work to bring good deeds and will in the world to counterbalance the wrong that had been done to us.  The decision almost immediately made me start to feel better, or at least more in control. What shocked me was the support that came out of the community, including one player who had been one of the key people before I even owned the store, who came forward and gave me a binder of his cards to help replace what was stolen.  He didn’t ask for anything, or even take anything in thanks that I tried to give him.  It touched me in ways that still make my eyes water.

I’m not talking about every time someone loses a binder, 90% of “stolen” binders were left behind somewhere (many at the store), but when something like a car, or house getting broken into happens to one of our own, I’d like to propose that we all toss in a little something good to let them know that this community cares for them and that they have a place here.
One of our young players had his stuff stolen out of the back of the family car, with a bunch of other stuff.  This player hasn’t been around for a while since it is harder for them to come to the new location, but they brought their whole family into playing Magic together, from a younger sister and two brothers to his mom and dad.  They are one of my favorite families who come to the store, always being kind and welcoming to others and caring very much for each other. (My homeschooling families will very likely know who I’m talking about.)
In particular, he had a Grimgrin Zombie deck that he’d built over a while and was very proud of.
I’m going to go find him Grimgrin, but anyone else who wants to donate a good card or to to the cause of helping him rebuild his collection, I’ll have a box behind the front counter to help out. Don’t do this to get anything out of it…just a moment of doing something good.

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