d20-logo-on-dark-for-websiiI530 Park Street
Alameda, CA 94501

Tues-Fri.  3:30 to 7:00
Saturday 11 to 6
Sunday 11 to 6
Mondays Closed
Often open later for events


D&D for Thursday off until 10/25…whoever shows up and wants to can join us to try out Betrayal at Baldurs Gate
Still have the great Buy a box promo packs for Ixalan.  Just out on 10/6  D&D meets one of the all time great games Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate!

Lots of good stuff!!

New D&D!!!  Thursday at 5, Dan returns with a 5th level campaign, Also intro to D&D campaign on Wednesdays!!

  • D&D
    • Weds @ 5-7 Intro D&D
    • Thurday @ 5-7pm  Intermediate (5th level) D&D
    • Sat at 2-6 Higher level (8th level) D&D  (NONE on 9/24 because of Magic prerelease)
  • Pokemon

    • League back on… 11-1 Pokemon League
  • Magic–
    • Friday
      Friday Night Magic @ 7PM  First Ixalan release event-
    • Saturday:
      • 4 pm Ixalan Two Headed Giant!
    • Sunday–
      • ??? Modern or Standard?  What to do… Gonna listen to the players.  Bring Standard and Modern…if we have enough for standard, we run it, if not…Modern it is.  …Either way, we have the Standard Showdown Packs to given while we figure it out.

Here is a sealed and draft simulator loaded with the new cards…Draftsim



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