Impt!! Canceling some daytime events due to extreme heat this weekend…


Important announcement for weekend of 9/1/17.  FNM is on, but Canceling daytime organized play event because of record breaking heatwave.  
UPDATE-Library will provide AC (cool) space for Pokemon League–11:30 to 1:30–This is a slightly later time.

Ok…been thinking long and hard about this all week, and even through we’ve added two AC systems that will help a lot during normal hot weather, there is no way the little puppies are going to be able to stand up to the big heat wave this weekend.  It will be 30-35 degrees hotter then the normal temps this time of year.  Eeep.  As much as I hate to lose the business, I don’t want people that massively uncomfortable.   We will be open for sales, and in fact, I’m going to do special deals to try and make up for the business we would otherwise loose.

What’s in, what’s out and what’s on sale:

 Item Status Notes
Friday Night Magic On at 7 pm 
Pokemon League  On–11:30 to 1:30-Stop by store then go to kids special room in library Be kind to our generous friends…be quiet until you get into the special room.  They will be having story-time from 10-11:30 before the League.
Date Night Magic  Not this weekend 
Sunday Standard  Not this weekend  News:  Due to popular request we will be switching standard for Modern starting the week of 9/10
D&D High level (Week in Hell) Not this weekend Still room for 3-4 players.
Special “It’s too darn hot deals” all weekend 
Pokemon Players $3 Roaring Skies packs (limit 5 per player)
Magic Players Buy 4 Get one free on all modern but not standard packs
$10 Modern Masters Packs-Limit 5
Special pack wars deal… $2 pack wars pack…one entry per person…play in pairs. (chose from Conspiracy 1, 2, or mystery grab bag)  Good for first 50 players. We need to do a 50 person event to get back to the right level


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