D20 Yugioh Update: Duelist League, Saturday –No More Adult Yugioh @ D20 Games

Important announcements:  

  • Important announcement: 
    Adult Yugioh suspended @ D20

    We sincerely apologize to the majorly of Yugioh players who are lovely and respectful people that the actions of some have forced us to stop yugioh in the store.  We will continue to allow kid play only on Saturday from 1-4 for now and evaluatethis as time goes on…..for the whole story  click here.

Stinking Badges & Other Great News–D20 Games is now an Advanced Magic Store ;-)

Coming to the calendar …April 22, our first Grand Prix Trial for LA Grand Prix. $30 entry, Max players will be 40, but most likely smaller.  This will be a Standard Format Tournament,  😉

We are also looking at adding two new game tournaments to the store… Legend of the Five Rings

As of the beginning of March , we became an Advanced Level Magic Store with Wizards of the Coast…Whoo Hoo!!

Every regular retailer…signed up and not in someone’s basement.
Run at least 4 full sets of sanctioned (8 or more people) events and bring 30 new players to the games…
Yay…Friday night drafts could become Friday Night Magic with all the cool cards to go with it.  We could run pre-release events.
Run at least 20 events, have over 100 different people attending those events, and have a Magic event with at least 32 people.
Double Whoo Hoo!!!  Not bad for being open 6 months.  😉
What does this mean?  We get to run twice as many of the cool events (including the Avacyn Restored Pre-release),  giving us both more cool prize cards to give away, and the flexibility to be able to have the kids have their own mini-events side by side with the big events so they don’t have to go head to head with the older crowd unless they want to.  We also will be getting an allocation this summer of the next From the Vault limited edition sets.  BTW, we will be allocating these in three different batches, 1/3 to the players who rack up the most points in events between now and then (4 points for a top finish or a 3-0 draft night, 2 for second or third, and 1 for each time you play), 1/3rd to our best magic customers between March 15th and then, and 1/3 among all customers who want to enter, with one entry for each time they come in and buy anything between March 15th and the release.

Buy Tickets for Avacyn Restored Pre-release

Spring Break Events

Get your Game on! (Download Flyer Here)
D20 Spring Break Game Boot Camps April. 2-4th

Fun for Kids at D20 Games Alameda
Fun for Kids at D20 Games Alameda


April 2-4 (Mon-Weds)
Two Sessions Per Day: 9-12:30 and 1-5.

Ages: 9-13

Combination of learning tricks, tips, and tactics to help develop advanced strategic thinking and build confidence, and pure on gameplay (for parents, increase sportsmanship, social skills and meet new kids–For kids…a chance to find other kids who like to play these games as much as you do.)We will be having a Magic The Gathering boot camp and a Yugioh Boot camp. If we have enough kids who express interest, we will also add a D&D set of sessions.


D20 Games, 2311 Santa Clara, 510-522-2109


Each Session is $30 (plus a $10 materials/snack fee.)  
Full days get a $10 discount to be $50/day  ($15 material/snack fee.)
All three days $40 discount to $140 ($35 materials/snack fee)

Bring a friend for and extra 10% discount for both players


Each day kids can bring in their collections (Parents can drop off collections in well labeled (name and phone number) paper bags any open hours before the Boot Camp.  Each day will be split into the following areas:

·       How it really works (the real rules of the games)

·       Collection organization

·       Tricks and secrets of the masters

·       Deck Building

·       Mini-tournament/multiplayer team games

Each day we will have two tracks, on for beginning players and one for more experienced players with lots of help for everyone in getting better and therefore having more fun playing.

Each attendee will get a special box for organizing their cards as well as sleeves and a deck box each day for the decks they will be creating.    Snack will be chips, fruit and a drink.

Limited to 14 participants per day. Email, to reserve a spot.

Magic The Gathering 

Day Topic Skills
Monday AM Standard Decks Build decks using M12 and the last two sets (Innistrad and the Scars Sets) True intro to Magic… getting the rules right.
Phasing into Phases…getting the orders all right
Monday PM Drafting How to pick from what you see..what’s good…going for the smart, not just the shiny. 😉 Stacking in your favor…secrets of what is the Stack and how it worksAggro, Control, weenie, etc…the standard strategies in magic and how to build them or successfully battle against them
Tuesday AM Pauper Decks How to make decks built using only commons and uncommons, these decks are meant to be lots of fun without lots of $$$ Combo’s….from infinite mana to infinite life, those two or three card combos to get that win.
Tuesday PM Weird Magic: Two-headed Giant, Emperor Tricks of the Masters, Basic
Weds AMWeds PM ModernAnything goes- Going back for the good stuff…how to compete with the big boysBest deck king of the hill Sideboarding…what to keep in your emergency bag of tricksTune, Tune, Tune


Andre’s special Yugioh Boot Camps


Day Topic Skills
Monday Getting it right…basic Yugioh for beginners and the rules behind the rules for advanced players.Team 2v2 (pro/am) Huge cool cards vs decks that win Learning the real rules from a Regional Judge so you can play with confidence.  Deck building for winning instead of getting suckered in by huge unplayable cards
Tuesday Combos, chains and tricks. Learn how to put together combos that create surprises and just plain win fast. Understand how cards can work together, and what to look for in deck construction.  Tips and tricks from the pros.  Group puts their heads together to challenge the master.

March 3rd: Two Headed Giant Returns!! Parent/kid and More!

The return of the Magic Two-Headed Giant Event!!  This event is a GREAT way for parents to figure out what this thing thing kids are doing , and for the kids to get a chance to be the ones who know what is going on for a change.  😉 (Also works for spouses/significant others, and buddies who you want to introduce to the game and who are nervous about getting started. )  This  is open to all players, but know that this is a good-natured tournament, and fun and helping each other out is more important then winning.

Saturday:  March 3rd, 12:30-5(ish…First hour is deck building…can join at any time during that period.  )

$17.50 per person which includes 3 packs ($20 including sleeves and a deck box-normally $6-7 value) Each team gets a bonus pack.

Frequently asked Questions

What is it?: Two-Headed Giant Magic Tournament. (Two players on the same team, sharing life and playing in parallel against other teams of players)

Do I need to know what I’m doing?: Since both players play at the same time and can show each other their cards, as long as one of the two players knows what they are doing, nothing is required of the other player.  It is the best, most fun way to learn the game. …

Special Monday Kids event 12:5

Kids playing Date Night Magic at D20 Games of Alameda
Kids playing at D20's weekly Date Night Magic Tournament

Looking for something for the kids to do on President’s day?  We’ve got’em (and you) covered.  Starts at 12-5 Magic Sealed Deck Event–$35 (Includes 2 drinks, a mid afternoon snack, 6 packs, and an afternoon of safe fun)  Decks will be made of the packs opened.  Special Bonus: Bring in your decks to have our in-house guys help tune and tweak.  Play against store players for extra prizes and advice.  Limited to 24 kids, so sign up in advance. For kids from age 9-14. Parents/gardians are welcome to join, and can stay with kids under age 9.

Older players who wish to join, may do so provided they are interested/willing to help the kids sharpen their games.

D20 Games Magic Events: Dark Ascension for sale on the 3rd, Release Party on Sat. the 4th.

The New Sorin from Dark Ascension!!
              • Thursday 8pm Draft leading up to Midnight Dark Ascension Release Box opening. Open from Midnight to 1 a.m. Draft is $15 or free with the purchase of a DA box.
                Box Price: $110 w/$10 event credit or free Thursday draft
              • Friday
                • Dark Ascension available for sale!!!
                  • Packs-$4 6 get one free
                  • Box/play-mat combo bundle-$165–$125
                  • Fat Packs!! $40 each…get ’em before they’re gone (Free Deck box, Sleeves or extra pack or $5 credit.
                • Friday Night Magic
                  • 6:15-6:30…$15.    Triple DA!!
                  • 8 p.m.  Double speed drafts till we drop. 😉  (double speed deck building, double speed rounds…don’t just get cards, play with ’em)
              • Sat 2/4 Dark Ascension Release Party : 3:30-5-deck building, 5:30-10 4 rounds. Entry fee is $25 and is a sealed deck, which means you get 6 packs and get to make the best deck you can.  BONUS-Register this deck for the Monday and Weds League play events for free.  Registration will require separate $25 purchase.
              • The Release party will replace Date Night Magic one more time and then back to regular schedule.  Kids will play in their own pod in the release party (more fun for them, more fun for the adult players)


D20 Games Dark Ascension Pre-Release Jan. 28th 11:30 and 5.

Bonus Card for first 48 people who sign up for Prerelease

          1. MTG-Dark Ascension Pre-release event! Saturday, Jan 28th, Noon 11:30 AND 5, $25 per player.  LIMIT OF 48 players total in both events.

It’s (almost) here…as fun as Innistrad was, the next set in the cycle looks to be just as cool.  The set releases on Feb 3rd. and we’re pretty excited that we are now qualified to be a core store and can host not only the release on Feb. 4th, but  Pre-release event as well.

Entry fee is $25 and is a sealed deck, which means you get 6 packs and get to make the best deck you can, and then play all afternoon. Should go through 5-6. (We’ll do our usual Kids Pizza and a Drink for $5 for everybody this time at 4:30) The set looks GREAT…some amazing new cards.

Order of Chaos Sneak Peek, Sat 1/14@ 2:30 (Kids only), Sunday 1/15@ 11 and 3

Drawing prize for Order of Chaos Sneak Peek

Yugioh: Order of Chaos Sneak Peek.  $20 (includes 5 packs) space is limited.

        • Sat,1/14 (kids 14 and younger only @2:30)
        • Sunday 1/15 (11 & 3)

Get the your hands on the newest Yugioh set weeks before it .  $20 entry gets 5 packs and a special limited edition card. Build a deck from those packs and compete with other players for fun. 2 out of every 16 players playing will win the drawing for a special playmat. (Must be present to win)

New Years week update: Magic on Friday…Kids in the afternoon, FNM Zendikar at 6:15…

Hey folk…Holiday update:

The store is open Limited Hours this weekend, and since were missing a couple of events, we’re adding to Friday.  Oh yeah…a bunch of cool new stuff in the store and some specials.  Find us on Yelp for a special deal that is going on for packs right now.  Also, come in this weekend for some last minute specials (example…Yugioh Legendary Collection 2 for $35 $29 through the weekend, with a free deck box as a bonus).

Thursday, Dec 29th: 3:30 to 7 (limited hours)

Friday, Dec 30: Open Early (12-8)

  1. Kids Magic Draft-1 p.m.-5pm $15 per player.
  2. Friday Night Magic-Special Edition—$20 Special Draft-Zendikar.  (I know…players have drafted a LOT of Innistrad…this is just a fun change of pace while we wait for the next set to come out next month.)
    The great lands from Zendikar
Saturday, New Years Eve:
Open from 11-3
  1. Duelist League at 1:00…we’ll reload the binder so come on in. 14 years and younger…$5 entry and will end at 3.
Sunday: New Years Day-Closed

Gift Time: Special hours and Whats in stock…weekly events…

Hey folks, we are going to be open some Bonus hours this week to let people come in when the kids are still in school.  Coffee (Tea, Chai, Hot Coco, or Hot Cider) are my treat for weary shoppers.

  • Thursday, the 15th from 8:30-10:30 AM
  • Friday, the 16th from 8:30-11:30 AM
We still have great stuff in stock, though some items are starting to sell out.  (Down to our last 4 Fat Packs, and out of Photon Shockwave booster boxes)
Events this week:
  • 1:00—Graveborn Challenge…beat the deck that won the last ultimate challenge.  Top 2 players get to challenge the top deck.  Entry fee-$5 .  First prize…1-8 players,  special limited edition playmat
  • 3:00 Yugioh Duelist League (Age 14 and younger)  $5 entry with entry pack included. (Ends at 5)
  • 5:00 Date Night Magic (9-14 year old) $15 ($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5) (End at 9)
  • Yugioh Date night starting after the holidays
  • NO Kids Duelist Legue…moved to Saturday.  
  • 1:30 Masters Tournament: $5.  Test your decks out against the best and get each other ready for Regionals. Prize Pools 1-8 players-8 packs & 1 Gen Force SE, 8-16 players-1/2 box & 2 Gen Force SE, 16 and more players, full box.
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