Guilds of Ravnica Set

Back to the city word of Ravnica, with it’s 10 guilds (pairings of two colors).  This set is all about making the colors work together, so there is a ton of mana fixing, including the return of the shock lands.

Here’s what you need to get a head/catch up to the game.

The following is directly from the Wizards of the Coast description of the mechanics of the new set.


The Dimir maintain their power by seeing everything from the shadows. They know what’s going to happen before it does, and they’re quick to move if they don’t like what they see. The new surveil ability gives you a look into—and some control over—the future of your draws.

Unexplained Disappearance

The instruction to surveil always includes a number, such as surveil 2 on Deadly Visit. Look at that many cards from the top of your library. From those cards, put as many cards as you like back on top of your library in any order. Put the rest into your graveyard. Surveil helps you set up better draws for the future. Even if all the cards you looked at end up in the graveyard, you’re that much closer to what you need.

Surveil is very reminiscent of the scry ability, but don’t underestimate the difference between putting cards into your graveyard and putting them on the bottom of your library. Your graveyard is a much readier resource, and plenty of cards (not to mention the abilities of some other guilds) will be quick to capitalize. If the Dimir love anything, it’s advantage, so initiate surveillance on the oblivious and outmaneuver the underprepared.


No guild is more responsible for building (and occasionally blowing up) Ravnica’s infrastructure than the inventors and mad scientists of the Izzet. Their most recent innovation, the new ability jump-start, is based on a simple principle: if an experiment succeeds, do it again!

Sonic Assault

Jump-start is found on instants and sorceries. You can cast a card with jump-start from your graveyard by paying all its regular costs and one additional cost: discarding a card from your hand. Casting a spell with jump-start follows all the normal timing rules, so sorceries with jump-start are still limited to your main phases. A spell with jump-start that was cast from your graveyard can still be countered, and if it has targets, it won’t do anything if all its targets disappear or otherwise become illegal. After a spell with jump-start cast from your graveyard resolves, is countered, or leaves the stack in any way, it’s exiled.

Let’s talk about the card you discard to enable jump-start. In the late game, this is a great thing to do with excess lands or other less valuable cards. You can also discard a different card with jump-start, setting yourself up to cast it from your graveyard later. If you end up fighting alongside the Dimir (a risky proposition . . . perfect!), the surveil ability can dump cards with jump-start in your graveyard and turbocharge your options. If casting a spell once is good, casting it twice must be awesome. If the Izzet love anything, it’s advantage, so get a jump-start on a dizzying array of spellcasting!


Life is a circle. And the bottom part of that circle dips into the muck and mire of the dead. The Golgari have an entire plane to feed, and they know that just because something stops breathing, it doesn’t mean it stops being useful. The new ability word undergrowth is used to highlight abilities that care in some way about the number of creature cards in your graveyard.

Moodmark Painter

Each undergrowth ability is different, so read each carefully to see exactly how all these corpses are going to help you. Golgari decks are highly interested in filling the graveyard. Creature combat is a fantastic way to do that, but discarding cards and dumping cards from the top of your library into your graveyard are just as effective. Undergrowth abilities provide scaling effects that may start small, but they can be dominating in the late game. If the Golgari love anything, it’s advantage, so dig through the undergrowth and put the dead to good use.


Corruption and infighting threaten the heart of Ravnica, but the militaristic Boros Legion stands ready to fight for justice. In these unsteady times, they can afford no weak links. The new keyword mentor ensures a strong fighting force from top to bottom.

Hammer Dropper

Mentor is an ability that triggers whenever the creature with mentor attacks. You choose another attacking creature with lesser power as the target. As the ability resolves, compare the powers of the two creatures again. If the target creature’s power is still less than the power of the creature with mentor, put a +1/+1 counter on the target creature. If something happened in response to the mentor ability such that the target creature no longer has lesser power, the mentor ability won’t do anything.

Attacking with multiple creatures with mentor may require some coordination to get all the bonuses you want, particularly in digital versions of Magic. For example, let’s say you attack with Hammer Dropper, Barging Sergeant, and a 3/3 creature. Let’s say you want both mentor abilities to target the 3/3, hoping to pump it up to a hefty 5/5. Both mentor abilities trigger at the same time, so you can put them on the stack in either order. But be careful! If you put Barging Sergeant’s ability on the stack first, followed by Hammer Dropper’s, Hammer Dropper’s ability will resolve first. The 3/3 has lesser power than the 5/2 Hammer Dropper, so your 3/3 gets promoted to a 4/4. When Barging Sergeant’s mentor ability tries to resolve, it will see the target now has equal power to it. That makes the 4/4 an illegal target for the mentor ability, and that ability won’t do anything. You’ll be stuck with a 4/4.

That’s not optimal, soldier! By putting Barging Sergeant’s ability on the stack second (so it resolves first), the 3/3 will pass its check first and become a 4/4. That 4/4 will then pass the check of Hammer Dropper’s mentor ability, earning its second +1/+1 counter and graduating as a stellar 5/5. Well done! If the Boros love anything, it’s advantage, so help those beneath you rise up and form an elite squad incapable of failure.


Community and solidarity are everything to the Selesnya. They want nothing more than a unified Ravnica, but in a climate where that seems less and less likely, the Conclave resolves to be prepared for what may come. In this set, they employ a tried-and-true tactic, the returning keyword convoke.

Rosemane Centaur

Convoke allows you to tap your creatures rather than pay for some or all of the mana normally required to cast the spell. Each creature pays for one mana of its color or for one generic mana if it doesn’t match any the spell’s colors. If you tap a multicolored creature, you can choose which cost it’s covering.

For example, you can cast Rosemane Centaur by paying 3GW. Not a bad deal, but nothing to write your home plane about. You could also cast it by tapping a green creature and paying 3W. Or tap a white creature and pay 3G. Or tap three blue creatures and pay GW. Or tap two green creatures and pay 2W. Or tap five creatures, including at least one green creature and one white creature, and pay no mana at all!

Some things to remember: Tapping a creature for convoke doesn’t involve the T symbol, so you can tap creatures with “summoning sickness,” basically ones that just came under your control this turn. Tapping the creatures for convoke happens after you’re done activating mana abilities. This means if you tap a creature for mana, it will be tapped when it comes time to convoke. Essentially, it can’t count twice. Also, using convoke doesn’t change a spell’s mana cost or converted mana cost. Rosemane Centaur has a converted mana cost of 5 no matter how much mana you actually paid.

Convoke is a fantastic way to deploy oversized creatures way ahead of schedule. If the Selesnya love anything, it’s trees. And well-tended gardens. Go figure.


Magic Core 2019 Set

Core sets return with Core 2019 and it seems that the rule of 5’s is firmly in place. Five Planeswalkers and 5 elder dragons bookend a 280 card set that is all about the action.  Dragons, Elves, Zombies, and Nicol Bolas…(wait, is it the planeswalker or elder dragon?  Ah, what the hell…lets make it both!), this set may cover the basics, but basic, it ain’t.   Prerelease the week of July 7th, Release the week after.


About Magic Open House Sun, July 1st

Full Art Promo Guttersnipe
Promo Guttersnipe while supplies last

Magic Open House is mainly about bringing in new players to introduce to the game, and D20 Games is a great place to do it.  On Magic Open House day, Players can stop by  for fun, casual play that includes learn-to-play Magic events, free Welcome Deck tutorials for new players. It is a light and fun event.  And if you are one of those new players, you are super welcome.  Magic is a great game, (there is a reason that it’s stuck around for 25 years.)  It does take a good mind to master, but once you get the basics, it’s all in the cards.  (How to play magic) (More How to Play Magic)

(Depending on who shows up, we’ll do a mini how to play magic class at ~11)

Players who participate in any aspect of the event (bring a friend, play in the tournament, or buy one of the Intro Decks)  receive a promo card, and the new players will receive a Welcome Deck. A casual League-style Standard tournament at 12 noon.  Entry to that event will be $5 and everybody will win a pack, PLUS a bunch of extra promos that I’ll scatter around to reward the brave new folks and thank those experienced players based on how much they are doing to help the new players feel welcome.(Experienced/regular players…this is a chance to pay it forward, and we need ya to help make new players feel invited and welcome.)

Image result for core 2019 intro decks

BONUS—Get a chance to buy one of the new Core 2019 Intro decks two weeks early!  Supplies are limited.  And we’ll throw in an extra booster pack with any other intro or challenger deck bought that day.


Magic Battlebond – Two-Headed Giant Set

Meet Battlebond,

This is a special Magic Set built for our very favorite format, Two-Headed Giant.  Features two new mechanics, Assist that basically lets your partner help with the “rent” (paying for the cost of creature or spell.) and Partner with, a pair of creatures (or planeswalkers) who let either teammate hunt through their deck to find it’s mate and bring it to hand. 


Dominaria-Garfield’s Magic Touch is Back


Buy a box for Dominaria is unique in two ways:

  • First 40 boxes sold include a buy a box promo card that isn’t available in ANY OTHER WAY

Release Weekend Events for Dominaria 4-27 to 29th

Friday Night Magic Draft @ 7pm $15pp

Sat THG @ 4 pm using the Prerelease Packs (6 packs and two foil promo cards per kit)

Sunday 10 am Sealed with Remaining Prerelease kits
: $30 in advance and $35 at the door


Karn, Scion of Urza

(Personal Note…been using Draftsim to do test drafts/sealed’s of Dominara for the last week….this set is a BLAST!!-Ben)  Dominaria, is the homeworld of Magic..the place where it all began, so it’s a special treat that when they decided to return to it for the first time since Urza traipsed around Time Spiral, that they invited a special guest to help with the set Design.  For those who weren’t around when Richard Garfield created Magic, may know him better from the last major time he lent a hand, the deeply beloved original Innistrad block.  Now the legend is back to help with a set that is both literally and looks to become figuratively legendary.

Set info: 

Song of FreyaliseSagas: The new set is all about the Legendary and includes a great new type of card called a Saga.  These are enchantments that tell their own story, by firing off a new “chapter”  over the 3 turns.  These are extremely interesting and pretty damn fun.




The Cards:

The New mechanics:



Fun Changes for Saturday Two Headed Giants

So we are doing something cool with Two-headed Giants at D20.  Two headed giants are one of our favorite Magic events because it gives people a chance to hang out together and share something they really like.  It’s great for buddies, couples and Kid Parent combos.  (The really cool thing is that its like tandem skydiving, as long as one player knows how to pull the cord, the other can come along for the fun, without worrying about making any mistakes…its a great way to share something with someone you care about.)  THG are each Saturday starting at 4 pm (except the First Saturday which is Date Night Magic) The Changes–3 different versions of THG each month (at least) Classic, Plus, and Premium…how does that sound? Every Saturday (except the first Saturday of the month and rare special events) we do two headed Giants as a team event.  The rotating different versions  will be:
  • 2nd Sat-Classic:  4 of the current block (newest packs) ($20pp-4packs each)
  • 3rd Sat-THG Plus = Fat Pack Wars.  Each team has one member reach into the mystery box and pick out a pack that matches a random Fat Pack (or Bundle) from Born of the Gods to the latest.  ($25 pp-6 packs each)
  • 4th Sat: Premium – Master’s Chaos or Mystery box Prerelease kits.  Each month we will switch off between 4 pack per person Chaos (mystery sets that include one of the Masters packs) or a mystery box prerelease kits from as far back as Return to Ravnica/dragons maze-6 packs plus promo cards per person ($30 pp–4 packs with one masters pack, or 6 pack prerelease kits)
  • 5th Saturday-Mystery Box THG—Prerelease (rerelease) kits.  Random Prerelease kit per player..6 packs plus bonus promo card. ($30pp)
**I reserve to motify any of the events in the future, because, well, we came up with a cool idea and wanted to try it out.  The goal is to make it fun!

Hour of Devastation Overview/news

Hour of Devastation scoop, updates, news and other stuff…

The dragon’s plans spanned millennia and his perception straddled centuries, a winding maze of possibility and circumstance and statistics and likelihood. Usually the dragon played the odds when shaping his decisions—but now, to manifest his needs, the dragon would need to be violent in his choices….” Hour of Devastation Prerelease story snippit..WOTC. 

The sands of Amonkhet swirl from the wind of the drumbeat wings as the greatest of dragons battles his fellow gods for the fate of those below, living, dead or something more than both.  At the Hour of Devastation Prerelease…battle with or as those gods to determine who will live, die, or go to Jack in the box later as zombies. (Hey, just ’cause you’re undead doesn’t mean a shake won’t hit the spot. Besides, where else can a zombie go at 3 in the morning when everyone else is sleeping.)   Welcome to the second chapter in the Egyptian-inspired  desert plane,  where life after death is just part of life…

Prerelease When: Events Sat at 10, Sat at 4, Sun at 10 and a two-headed Giant, Sunday at 3 pm.   (Remember to sign up in advance..$30 before the event, $35 the day of the event)  As always, we do competitive and casual side by side to make sure both groups have the fun they are looking for. 

Nicol Bolas, Got Pharoh
Nicol is Back!!

Newest Cards—

About the story-

Official Wizards source of the cards-

New Magic

Samut the Tested


12/29/17  Biggest Sale of the year…Pop up sales event….

  • Pokemon

    • League  on… 11-1 Pokemon League
  • Magic–.
    • Friday
      • Unsatable For FNM!!! @ 7 pm
    • Saturday:
      • 4 pm..Unstable THG-$20 pp
    • Sunday–
      • Open at 10 am.  1 pm Master’s Sealed- $90 $60 (2 Iconic, 3 Modern (2015 & 2017) and 1 Eternal Masters). Requires minimum of 4 players.

Here is a sealed and draft simulator loaded with the new cards…Draftsim



Aether Revolt Tickets

Prerelease for Aether Revolt, set 2 of 2 in the Kaladesh Block….  Prereleases are a great chance to get cards from the newest Magic set a week early and have some fun at the same time…

The story so far:

Things are revolting in Kaladesh….(ok…that was bad) Tezzeret has come to town and turned things into a different kind of party..

What: Sealed Standard event (get 6 packs of the new stuff and build best 40 card deck.)  Play either competitive (at least 4 rounds, with bigger fistfuls of prize packs for the winners, but needing to win at least two rounds to get any prize packs.) or casual (play three rounds, win a round, win a pack). Choose when you sign up.  Sunday at 3 is a Two-headed Giant using the same special prerelease packs.
Ajani Unyielding

Who: Who’s it good for?  Since everyone is starting from scratch from a new set, this is a great event for all players.  We run a very friendly shop, so particularly for the casual events, feel free to ask for and get help in figuring out what to make.  Regardless of what happens, you get to keep all your cards and have a day worth of fun.




Aether Revolt – D20 Set Central

Things are revolting in Kaladesh….(ok…that was bad) Tezzeret has come to town and turned things into a different kind of party.  The second set of the Kaladesh block takes the playful world of Kaladesh and revolutionizes it. (Ah man…the Dad puns are just forcing their way out today..)   Here is a bunch good links to give you the scoop on the new set…

Image result for ticket

Ajani Unyielding
Aether Revolt Story….





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