Win with Grace, Lose with Style, Play for fun…The rules of the store and The Elections… (Or, don’t listen to them, listen to me…)

Win with Grace, Lose with Style, Play for fun…The rules of the store and The Elections… (Or, don’t listen to them, listen to me…)

I can’t believe I need to write this, but clearly I do.  The election is about to happen, and regardless of the outcome, it’s important to know that not only have the people running acted in ways that we shouldn’t emulate, that honestly, if they’d been in the store, we would have had a little private chat about the rules.
pic-of-d20-store-rules(I actually work hard to keep politics out of the store….there are certain issues, particularly those with deeply held personal beliefs, that once you start engaging in, it becomes hard to see someone who disagrees with you as anything beyond someone who is “other”, and this is a place for treating each other with respect so we can have (gasp) fun with each other.  I’m not going to change that policy now.  I have my own preferences, but I won’t push them on anybody.)
    • No Bad Language:   This rule extends beyond just swearing, but to smack talk in general.  Basically anything that is aimed at the purpose of making someone else feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or to attack their self-worth or self-confidence is just not ok. It doesn’t do anything besides make the other person like you less and poisons the ability to talk with each other and have fun.  Sure we compete and do our best to win, but none of that requires or is benefited by being mean.
Given that, I do feel like I need to say something about one aspect of all of this.  The idea of  elections is to choose people, in the case of the legislators (the law makers) who will act on our behalf to make the laws that will allow us to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And in the case of the president, that person is the citizen that we choose to act on our behalf in making sure those laws are enforced, in being our face to the world, to act when disasters happen, and to protect us and those we feel need protecting on our behalf.  They are both part of the check and balance of power on each other, come up with by our founding fathers who saw just what went wrong when all the power was in the hands of one person with the kings that ignored the will of the people, or with the will of the people when the passions of a moment turned them from people to the mob, as happened in France, who’s persecuted turned to persecutors, filling baskets with the remnants of their vengeance.
    • No Roughhousing or unwanted physical contact:  Not a place for grabbing, hitting or physically hurting other people.  (And no, if another player says that they will pay to get you out of trouble if you go and hurt someone that is annoying them, you’ll both get kicked out.)  Hurting someone, or encouraging someone else to hurt someone is utterly unacceptable.
The law makers are supposed to be our avatars….working together on our behalf, and the President should be the best of us, the person who we most trust to do the right thing when the clock is ticking and to lead and inspire us.
    • Good sportsmanship:  If you win or you lose, reach across the table, shake hands and say good game.  Those who do will have fun every-time, not just when they win, and get a chance to learn and get better.  Nobody wants to play or even be around someone who comes up with excuses why they didn’t win, particularly before the match even begins.
There has been behavior that has happened, over and over again in this campaign that, far from inspiring us and giving us things to aspire to, is so bad that if it happened in the store, I’d have to pull someone aside and have a quiet talk about treating each other with respect and trying to work things out.    For my young players, who’ve done so well at bringing out the best in each other, at turning away from teasing, name-calling and bad sportsmanship, know that for many of us adults, we are also looking in disbelief at presidential candidates who act with the language of frustrated little kids.
In terms of our Senators and Congresspeople, if we just wanted to have you vote on party lines, not actually talk with each other about the merits of each law, we can do that.   You guys can sit on the side, writing petitions, and we’ll vote from home.  Or we can just send one of those pecking water bird toys that hits the same button over and over again.
There are a lot of things wrong with the system at this point. Hidden money making it so our representatives need to give access to those with bigger pockets, often over doing the right thing for those of us who elected them. Legislators living in such fear of being singled out and attacked by their own parties, that the idea of reaching out to the other side and talking things through puts them at real risk.  Would any of us act that way?  Do we want those who are acting for us doing that?  (Here is an amazing video about what has happened over the last 50+ years in congress)
But what we have to do is remember that the system was set up by some pretty smart people, (people like us), who tried to figure out the best way to do things and to set up systems of checks and balances that would keep things stable while they were working, but allow for changes (amendments) if something was clearly not working the way that they intended.  If you get frustrated, remember that, and then work to understand why and make things better.
And one final thing.  Every one of you that comes to the store on a regular basis, behaves better then what we are seeing in front of us.  So if that little voice inside says, “this isn’t a good person to try and be like”, pay attention to it.  You’ve been part of creating a good an welcoming place at D20, so as far as I’m concerned. you are doing good so far.
P.S. For those of you who are voting, I won’t suggest who you vote for, but would ask one thing:  None of this is as simplistic as it is portrayed.  Don’t get stubborn in either direction because of what someone else tries to tell you to do.  Take the time to really look at the candidates and decide who you want to represent and act for you for the next 4 years once all the ads are done and it is just working at the highest pressure, most intense job in the country, and who you would least like to see in that role.  We’ve seen from previous elections that they are not all the same and who is there has real and lasting consequences for all of us. And go and vote….


Cool New Games in the store….

Great New Games in the Store…

  • Kill Dr Lucky:  
    The exact opposite of Clue, this stylish classic self describes as “The Family Game of Cold Blooded Murder”  I played it with it’s creator, who had been fighting for years to get it back from a publisher that let it sit unprinted all that time, and it was great fun.  The turns bounce around as players try and put themselves in the right room that the wandering Dr. Lucky will come to when none of the other players have line of sight to see them do the dirty dead. There’s more, and even a variant with Dr. Lucky’s dog(or cat) wandering around to mess things up, but in general…Thumbs up big time for this one.$39.99 and great for the whole family who doesn’t mind getting their hands on the candlestick in odd drawing room. 😉
  • Brix:  The best Tic Tac Toe variant since Niya.   Think Connect 4 with pieces that contain one of each color glued together.  Good two player game…simple to understand…tricky to play.  $19.99
  • Dr. Eureka:  Simple 2-4 player game where pattern matching meets dexterity as you compete to rearrange colored balls in 3 different test tubes to match the next revealed pattern first. Surprisingly addictive and can work with all ages. $19.99
  • Fuse–Ben’s new fav.—A 10 minute high speed coop puzzle game for 1-5 players.  Very, very fun. $29.99
  • Here Kitty Kitty. a 2-4 player game of kitten acquisition from the same couple who created perpetual favorite, Castle Panic. $25.99here kitty kitty game box
  • Star Wars Rebellion-2-4 player game. Basically Star Wars hide and seek with Battle Stars. $99.99. (also very fun.)
  • Halo Fleet Battles–Extremely highly rated miniature battle game great for any serious Halo fan.  We only have two of these in stock. $129.99
  • Firefly Flux….we have special bonus promo cards for the first 10 copies sold.

Shadows over Innistrad


Everything old is, well nice and creepy again.;-)  In Shadows Over Innistrad, we return to the glorious classic horror of Innistrad, a land where Vampires, Zombies and Horrors, try and hunt down humans, who grab their pitchforks and stand side by side with the Hero’s Spirits and Angels who fight on their side.

  • Spoilers Here...Wizards starts leaking cards about 4 weeks before the set comes out…it’s fun to get a sneak peek…

The first Innistrad, ironically enough, was also the first set that came out when I took over the store, so the attachment is beyond how great the set was.  (And it was great…Innistrad was the first set in a long time that Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic, was brought back to have a hand in, and it shows.  Beyond the utter commitment to the storyline-i.e. no elves popping up in Bella Lugosi land, the mechanics of the set had a fun and directness to them that carried over to many of the sets that followed.)  So stop smiling…this is supposed to be horrible (or Horror-ible).  Hey…the puns are in the right Spirit!…Oh, stop barking at me, I know my jokes suck. (Yeah…I have teenagers…I can pull out bad Dad-puns all day long. Bring your groans…they are the music of the children of the night to me….)

Each new set introduces a small number of new abilities and brinks back a few oldies.  Here is a rundown on these new (and some old) mechanics pulled from the wizards of the coast website.


It wouldn’t be Innistrad if horrible things weren’t transforming into other horrible things, so double-faced cards make their return. Each double-faced card has two card faces and no back. Whoa! For the most part, they haven’t changed, although we have made a few rules tweaks that may pop up. If you’re comfortable with double-faced cards, feel go to the Double-Faced Cards Rules Changes section.


As advertised, Innistrad is a bleak world of horror and death, so a focus on the graveyard is to be expected. Delirium is a new ability word that highlights cards that get better if you have four or more card types represented in your graveyard. There are many different kinds of delirium abilities, including activated abilities such as the one found on Reaper of Flight Moonsilver.

The card types that could show up in your graveyard are artifact, creature, enchantment, instant, land, planeswalker, sorcery, and tribal (a card type found on older cards). Don’t count supertypes like basic or legendary, and don’t count subtypes like Vampire or Equipment. The number of cards doesn’t matter, as long as you get four or more card types. An artifact creature, an instant, and a planeswalker will do the trick.


Mysteries permeate Innistrad like strange references permeate my writing. Zoinks! To solve these mysteries, you’ll need to investigate and follow the Clues.

She looks friendly enough. I’m sure she’ll help! Investigate is a new keyword action found in Shadows over Innistrad. It’s pretty straightforward. To investigate, you put a Clue token onto the battlefield. A Clue is a new artifact type. Clues are colorless artifacts (what, you though they’d be blue?), and they each have the ability “{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”

MADNESS (A returning mechanic)

The next stop on our tour of brand new, never-before-seen Shadows over Innistrad abilities is madness, a returning ability you may have seen before. If you discard a card with madness, you exile it instead of putting it into your graveyard. This causes an ability to trigger. When that ability resolves, you can cast the spell for its madness cost. If you don’t cast the spell this way, it’s put into your graveyard. Well, all of that just sounds insane.

Note that the mandatory discard into exile is a small change from previous rules. Before, you could discard a card w
ith madness into your graveyard and skip the whole madness thing. This may be relevant with cards like Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. That dude shows up a lot in this article for a card not in this set.

One cool thing about casting a spell using the madness ability is it doesn’t matter what its card types are. So if you manage to discard a creature card with madness during an opponent’s turn, you can cast that spell and maybe create a surprise blocker. The spell’s mana cost and converted mana cost don’t change. You’re just paying the madness cost instead.


By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Innistrad is a bleak world of…Right, we’ve been over this. For some creatures, being all conspicuous isn’t the best plan. For those creatures, we present a new keyword: skulk. A creature with skulk can’t be blocked by any creature with greater power. Introducing Farbog Revenant.

Aww…it’s totes adorbs, in an inky kind of way. With skulk, you consider the power of potential blockers only as blocks are being declared. If Farbog Revenant gets legally blocked by a 1-power creature, raising the power of the blocker won’t undo the block. But if your opponent has amassed beefy defenses, skulk can be an effective way to sneak damage in.


Order Tickets Here….

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About the Pokemon BreakPoint Set…


The newest set of Pokemon, BreakPoint, releases in February.  The second set in the Break set, it features both Mega Ex’s and the New Break cards that can be played  on top of a Pokemon of the same name to add its abilities.

  • Release Date is Feb 3rd,
  • Prerelease, Jan 30th at 10am and 2 pm.  $30 per player.  Each player gets 6 packs, makes their best deck and plays for 3 rounds.  After having a bit of fun, they turn in their borrowed energy and get two more booster packs and a special promo card.  The 10am event is run by D20 so you CAN register in advance. The 1 pm event is run by the Pokemon League folks and is first come, first served and needs to be paid in cash.

More info about the set below…



XY Series XY-BREAKpoint | Trading Card Game | Pokemon.com

The hour grows desperate, and two worlds stand at the brink! The Pokémon TCG: XY-BREAKpoint expansion reveals the growing rift between the twin worlds, first discovered by Shiny Mega Gyarados-EX. As the rift tears through the skies, more Pokémon are drawn into the struggle, including Greninja BREAK, Luxray BREAK, and Mega Scizor-EX!

BREAKPoint Pokemon Cards

Research, Collect and get Prices on BREAKPoint Pokemon Cards


D20 GamesMagic Countdown to 2016 Septathlon

To ring in the new year, we are doing a different magic event for every day starting the day after x-mas.

The events are.

  1. Chaos Two-Headed Giant -Sat 12/26 @4-$17.50 pp
  2. Standard -Sunday, 12/27 @ 11 am $5 pp
  3. To the Left Drafts–Draft for another player– Monday, 12/28 @ 12 and 6 $15pp
  4. Sealed-Mystery Box-Prerelease kits- Tuesday 12/29 @12 and 6
  5. Zombie Commander, Weds 12/30 4 pm and 6 pm (2 hours each) $5 pp
  6. Modern Tournament: Thursday 12/31 10-3pm $10 pp.
  7. Super FNM Draft Friday 1/1 ….FNM with Lots of extra FNM Promos.  Lottery for extra promos based on tickets earned by participating in every Septathlon event!

Bonus Raffle entry Tix for number of events you attend for the Friday FNM Goodie raffle.  Raffle items will include promo cards, playmats, Modern Masters Packs, a From the Vaults and more stuff.  The more people that come to events, the more we’ll stuff in the give away…

#of Events Bonus Tix
2 1
3 4
4 8
5 15
6 25
7 40


The “Stay Home and Play on Black Friday Sale”

Enough...Thanksgiving is for being with people, not shopping....
Enough…Thanksgiving is for being with people, not shopping….

Ok folks…I’ve had it.  I’m taking a small (and probably spectacularly pointless) stand against the whole idea of getting all all of our families/friends together and actually off work, and then ripping them out of bed (or from going to bed in some cases) to go wait in lines for the chance to get smushed, stressed and utterly exhausted all for a chance to save some money on presents for the very people who we just missed a chance to lounge around with in a comfy robe and furry slippers.

During this week Nov. 21 to 29th

  • Take off an extra 5% from what you are buying (with the exception of sale items) (Always)
  • Get to buy a Modern Masters pack for 1/2 price ($6) for every purchase over $40 (OR)
  • Get a Free Modern Masters 2015 pack for every purchase over $75 (OR)
  • Get a Free Pokemon Pack for every purchase over $40 (OR)
  • Get to pull a Free Mini board game (value between $7-15) for every purchase over $60)

Updated Sale item list:

Item Regular Price Sale Price
BOG Fat packs $39.99 25% off
Khan’s Event decks 25% off
Pokemon Collections

25% off
Magic Gift Boxes
  • Battle for Zendikar—$24.99 PLUS Bonus Free pack
    • Khans-19.99 Plus Bonus free Pack.
    $25.99-21.99 Bonus Free Booster Pack ($3.99 value)
    From the Vault Angels $89.99 $59.99 (first 10 sold)


    Obviously, I a big believer in playing some table top games together as a way of having fun where we even get to look up from screens and actually LOL.  (LOL–yes I’m aware of the irony.)  So here is our solution.  We’re going to have our holiday sale the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We are a local shop, and we do want/need your business so we can afford to keep providing a nice place for people to come and play together so we appreciate when you buy stuff from us very much.  Our idea is to let you pick up gifts for the holidays and while you are here, hopefully pick up something really fun to play over Thanksgiving as well, since having fun with people you love is about the best gift there is.  And I want to keep the game playing to the games and do our best to make it pleasant to shop with us.

    We’ve hand picked a number of great games, and as usual have a great selection of goodies for Magic and Pokemon players.  We’ll be posting our yearly staff gift recommendation list in the next week.  And we’ll be doing a bunch of game reviews to help out.

    Recommendations for great Holiday games (this will be updated regularly)

    • Codenames; Sort of a multi-match team password where the “spymaster” tries to give a clue that will get their team to match the words from a big spread of cards that belong to their team without picking words that belong to the other team.  Very hot game.
    • New York 1901: Think Blockus meets Ticket to Ride.  Pick cards that let you build your collection of skyscrapers on the still flat map of NYC while you still have the space.
    • Coup Rebellion CS4:  This follow on to the very popular ultimate bluffing game Coup can be played in about 20 minutes per round and works for 3-6 players…super, super fun.
    • Dead of Winter: We finally have this impossible to get in zombie tour to force in stock…Everyone who has bought it loves it, so if you are into the living the zombie (or zombie free) life, get a few folks together for this one.
    • Cover Your Assets:  Great game that works equally well for kids and grandparents,and can get ’em to actually play together.
    • High speed fun with no brain required, Loonacy.

      Loonacy:  Perfect for post Turkey brains…not a lot of high level thinking, but a fast paced game with a bunch of goofy laughing.  Now with a cool Mad Men style retro version.

    • Roll For It: A fast paced dice rolling game with simple rules that is fun for all ages…
    • Qwirkle:  Think scrabble meets Bejeweled (shapes and colors instead of words). Grat Family Game
    • Evolution:  This brand new games ia perfect in the spirit of getting stuffed. This 2-6 person game has each player creating their own customized species to vie to see who prospers and who gets eaten.  Big thumbs up on this one for 10 (smart 8) and up.
    • King of Tokyo Fans!!!:  The classic king of the hill monster game hops over the pond with the new King of New York version of the game.  This 2-6 player game is all about light hearted battling of giant monsters to see who can take the biggest bite out of the Big Apple
    • And for those who like their fun Dark and Delicious…two Strong recommendations:
      • Gloom: the Edward Gory/Lemony Snicket game where you lead your dark family to the worst possible life before knocking them off in some poetically tragic way,while your opponents try and give them (gasp) a good day. 😉
      • Betrayal at the House on the Hill, 3-6 players fingernail biting exploration of the wonderfully creepy house. flips in the middle of the game by turning one of the players into the Betrayer who gets secret instructions setting him/her against the rest of the players who have their own secret instructions how they try and survive the night.  This game is easy to get into and virtually impossible not to hvae fun with.

    Happy New Year -2015

    Happy New Year folks…

    Here is the D20 2014 year in review( in rhyme)

    Before we get started, a nod to the camp
    of game day winners, those we call champ…


    January brought us a magic memento
    As many of us hoofed it to Grand Prix Sacremento
    And in Pokemon, to Black & White we said bye
    And usherd in the reign of XY


    Oh, yes, and look what we got
    some great old goodies that we drafted a lot

    And old school find…the whole Zendikar block

    Febuary followed with new magic, enchanting…
    Born of Gods with a Cat King that left us ranting
    But just to show we hadn’t gone wiggy
    our Valentine’s wish came from Kermit and Piggie

    Happy Valantine's Day From D20 Games
    Happy Valantine’s Day From D20 Games

    In March we celebrated a break from the cold
    By drafting some sets that were both cool and old


    Our April’s fool’s joke had some of you paled
    When we declared business plans that we thought we had nailed.
    For Journy to Nyx, Ben beat the odds
    when a prerelase pack contianed nothing but Gods


    In May, we went into space, with a Star Wars type thing
    What was in store was a fight with X-Wing

    X-Wing Store Championship


    June brought something to magic that was a bit daft
    Consparicy was designed to mess with the draft.


    July brought the next Magic core
    which brought us new planeswalkers four

    Sparky McSparkson


    August broght Pokemon players something for their lists
    the new X&Y called Furious Fists


    In September what did appear?
    The swooping hordes brought in Khans of Tarkir


    October brought back from the dead
    the best spooky block…that’s what they all said



    November brought leaves on the lawn
    and the new Phantom set for Pokemon

    Turkey O Doom


    And finally December was one to remember
    for planeswalkers overpowered the new Commanders..


    And one other thing that was not to yucky
    was the pooch that we saved…the store doggie, Lucky

    Lucky shopping

    D20 Holiday Gift List

    Family Games Who is it good for
    Evolution Adults, Families
    Castle Panic Famlies, Kids
    Love Letter Adults, Famlies
    Quirkle All
    Ticket To Ride All
    Swish All
    Carcasonne Famlies
    10 and up
    Adventuretime Card Wars
    Xman Dice Masters
    Smash Up


    On Sale Reg Price Sale Price
    Magic Holiday Gift Boxes $19.99-21.99 15.99!!
    Walking Dead and Halo Bang! $24.99 $19.99
    Marvel Dice Masters $16.99 13.99
    Pokemon Mega Charizard Collections $19.99 15.99
    Love Letter 12.99 8.99



    Out of school today? Open at 12 for a special magic sealed event…

    12/11/14: Hey folks,, I know the kids are out of school today, so we will open up for a special event before normal hours (at noon).  If we have enough players (IE, more then 4) we will do a prerelease rerelease mystery box tournament.  If not, we will do a Zombie Conspiracy  draft.  Hope everyone survived the storm unsoaked and without been blown away in the wind. 😉

    We have a bunch of great goodies in stock for the holidays…more coming.

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