Open late on Tuesday And Weds…

Hey folks…going down to the Makercon for the next couple of days to stoke the old imagination to come  with some ideas on how to expand what we do.  So and tomorrow we will be opening late, between 4-430

We have a bunch of great new events coming up…

Mystrey Box Two Headed Giantstarwars-x-wing-practice

Release Weekend…

Hey folks,
So we have a lot going on this weekend, including the release for Journey Into Nyx, and the  Prerelease for Pokemon XY Flashfire.

Journey Into Nyx on sale Fri, May 2nd (on minute after midnight on Thursday)

And this weekend we will be hosting the Prerelease for the newest set for Pokemon, XY Flashfire….

The Screen Free Week Challenge: And finally…This is a big one for me (and I am a Dad, so I know the struggle). Kids….I have a challenge for you.   Get your family to go screen free for one whole week!   For those who are able to do it, (and get their parents to verify they all did it,) I will be giving away up to 100 free packs for Magic or Pokemon packs (1 per family..two if they do a family game night).

Unplug and rediscover each other….


I know this is super hard, but it It’s amazing what happens when you shut the screens off, let boredom take hold for a little bit and then reach out to see what you can find to fill that void.  I  know I’m the game guy, and I would love to see parents commit to coming home and clearing the space one night next week to do a family game night. But outside of that, just see what it feels like to do some of the things there never seems to be time to do.

To do my part in this…I’m going to have a sheet in the store, and one to print online that is a pledge/verification card that will also include a place to list all the things you got to do during that time, and any family that can make it through the week with no video, computer games, ipad or other non-work related screen time, I will give them a gift of a free pack of either Pokemon or Magic, or a $5 off coupon for any game that is $19.99 or more for the first 100 kids (no more then 1 per family.  If there are more then one…I’ll give the parents a chance to by more at 1/2 off.)    (Parents, I’m counting on you to make this honest.  Parents will need to come in with the kids and the filled out form between May 13th-23rd)


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valantine's Day From D20 Games
Happy Valantine’s Day From D20 Games

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks…go out( or stay in) and play with someone you love.

This weekend we are having our Two-Headed Giant with a special twist.  Any one who comes with a significant other on a Date (kids, this does include moms) can get a one dollar upgrade on our two dollar sleeve special from regular sleeves to our Valentine’s Nyan cat sleeves.love.  😉

Other goodies…we have some great two person(or more) games that are perfect for playing together.   These include Love Letter  (click for our game review) and Hanabi, a cooperative Fireworks game with the twist that everyone can see your cards, but you. 😉

Releases-Born of the Gods and Pokemon XY

OPEN THURS @ 10 for Midnight sales of Born of the Gods….

This week we have major releases for both Pokemon and Magic.

Born of the Gods release events this weekend.  We’ll be open at midnight on Thursday night to sell fat packs, Boxes and Packs.  Friday we will be doing Triple Born of the Gods as the first release event for Friday Night Magic.  This weekend we will do a Two-Headed Giant on Saturday Night,  A Sealed on Sunday at noon, where the 6 packs used can also be the beginning of the new League.  Everyone playing will get the release promo card of Tromokratis for as long as supplies last.

One of the Cool Cards from Pokemon XY-Source Pokebeach.com

For Pokemon, the new XY set just released.  This is the first new set of the XY series after several years of Black & White.  The new boosters, boxes,  and intro packs are on the way to the store as we write this… And we are doing a release event for XY Sat morning, starting at 10:30  Card list for Pokemon X/Y here.

Newish Website, and Fun for this week

bad computer

After weeks and weeks of epic battles with the website…(mostly with me losing)…things are finally looking a bit more like I have a clue!!  Lick the banana, it tastes like banana, lick the snozberrys, they taste like strawberries, and click on an event on the site, and it actually seems to get there.  (I know it seems like it shouldn’t be that hard..that’s what I thought too.)

So the Special Event fun for this week…

  • Pre-release for Pokemon Legendary Treasures on Saturday -register around 3-play at 4 going to 5:30–$30 (Cash) gets 6 packs plus bonus packs
  • Sat. Night at 5:30—First weekend of the month…Date Night Magic for well behaved kids 9-14…$15 per player plus $5 for pizza.
  • Sat. Night Starting at 6:30 (to 7) Ben’s all time fav. set to Draft…Rise of the Eldrazi!!  Join Emerkul and the other Big Dogs of Magic for some great out of print fun…$40 pp and limited to 12.

New in Stock and for sale on Friday...the 2013 Magic Commander decks…  These 100 card special decks feature great classic cards as well as some never seen before cards, including the first ever card with protection, not from another color or creature, but from a player!?!  For the first batches we have, we’ll be selling them for $45 for each (except the Mindseize with that special card which is going for $65).  These are VERY limited, so if you want ’em, grab them fast.  Any player who buys 3 or more will get a Modern Masters Pack as a bonus.  $199 gets a bundle of all 5 and 2 Modern Masters packs.



42—Life, the universe and everything….And Halloween @ D20 Games

42 players for FNM at D20 games…our new record

42 isn’t just the ultimate answer…it’s also the new record for the number of players for Friday Night Magic at D20 Games!! And last weekend, we sold out yet another two-headed Giant.



This saturday night , we will have our tribute to halloween…our Two-headless Giant.  We’re bringing back the best all time halloween block—Innistrad.  This set has gone way up in price as it went out of print, so the price per player will be $33 rather then the usual $17.50, however, to give a chance for a little discount, anyone who comes dressed as any character from Innistrad, Dark Ascension, or Avacyn Restored gets an extra $3 off per person.

Theros Launch Events

Theros Events @ D20

Theros Launch Events

Theros, is the first of the new cycle of Magic cards, set in a world inspired by Greek mythology, and besides looking great, and being designed by one of the best teams at Wizards, features a new bonus set of puzzles and challenges called the Hero’s Path.  The Hero’s Path will start with the Prerelease and go through the Release weekend, and end up (for this first set) during the Theros Game Day.

The Events:

Prerelease Weekend: Sat Sept 21 & Sun. the 22nd.  Main events will be sealed (get 6 packs, make your best 40 card deck.  As usual, we will be doing a competitive (at least 4 rounds, with big handfuls of packs to the top players, but needing to win at least two round to get a single bonus pack.) and casual (3 rounds, win a round-win a pack…much more gentle and aimed for fun.)  Remember, all of us will be playing with the cards for the first time, so don’t worry about knowing what you are doing…just have fun.  Cost is $30 and includes a special box that includes 6 packs and a special Promo card as well as other goodies…  BTW…picking your color makes a difference…in each box, one of the packs is a special “Seed” pack with cards to support the chosen color, as well as a related promo card that you CAN play in the prerelease.

Also, Based on popular demand…we’ll be doing a Two-Headed Giant for that weekend. 😉


Here is info about the hero’s path directly from the Wizards website….

Choose Your Path | Theros Prerelease | September 21-22, 2013


The first step of your journey is beginning to understand yourself and the world around you, and the part you will play in it. This happens at the Theros Prerelease, where you will choose the path you follow as a Hero in the world of Theros. Are you honorable? Ambitious? Reckless? Feckless? Maybe you are all of these and more; at the Prerelease will be your first chance to choose a specific path related to one of the five colors of Magic and begin to “level up” as a Hero.

What do I mean when I say “level up?” I believe the most important factor in a series of individual quests is a sense of progression, and we have tried to capture that in the Hero’s Path in a uniquelyMagic way. In each of the nine quests of the Hero’s Path, you will receive a unique Hero Card. As you collect these, you grow in power and become ever-increasingly more prepared for the epic conflicts at the end of each arc.

Let’s talk about this interesting new item called a Hero Card. It’s a physical card that has Magic-like abilities, but isn’t a Magic card. Hero Cards are not for use at the Prerelease; you collect them to prepare for the battle at the end of the set’s Hero’s Path arc. It is a powerful “buff” for when you battle terrible evil at the end of an arc of the Hero’s Path. There is a specific Hero Card in each of the five Prerelease boxes at the Theros Prerelease. Check them out below!

On the back are a few notes about the quest you just completed (grats!) and a code for a unique achievement (ding!), which you can redeem on PlaneswalkerPoints.com. As you complete more and more quests, you inch ever closer to proving your legend—and those who complete all nine will be included in the Hall of Heroes, a place where we honor the greatest Heroes from the Hero’s Path.

All of that—the Hero Card, the epic conflict at the end of the arc, the Planeswalker Points achievement—that happens after the Prerelease. At the Prerelease, you’ll get a Prerelease pack! It contains a special seed booster with lots of cards in the color you choose. As with the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash Prereleases, you’ll get a *playable* Prerelease promo in this seed booster. There’s an activity inside your box related to exploring the world of Theros, something fun to do in between rounds. Once completed, you are finished with Quest #1 and you’re ready to continue on the Hero’s Path.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This

Once the Hero hears the call and understands that maybe he or she has the power to change the fates of friends and family, the next step is a departure from home. The Hero begins to step into the unknown, into a world of adventure and (generally) epic travel. You will go far, Hero, further than you can imagine, to take on the legendary challenge set before you. Theros is a world where the gods are real—and those gods will grant you a boon at the start of your journey.

Gift from the Gods | Theros Release | September 27-29, 2013


The second step is divining the will of the gods and starting your travels with their blessing. AtTheros Release Weekend, which starts with Friday Night Magic that first evening, you’ll see a unique and mysterious poster emblazoned with the Hero’s Path symbol. This poster is a puzzle sent from the gods as a message to their chosen Hero. There’s plenty of Magic play going on during a launch weekend, so be sure to stop in and get some drafts and/or games in with the new set! In between, the puzzle poster will be there, enticing you with its divine secrets.


When you recognize the hints in the poster and discover the answer, you can collect your next Hero Card. Now, Hero, you have two (or more!) Hero cards and you’re prepared for the battle to defend civilization from a rampaging monster.

Challenge Accepted

The keystone of our Hero’s Path campaign are three “boss” fights at the end of each arc. These have a two-fold purpose. First, as in the journey of the Hero, they represent a threshold and its guardian, and progress to the next tier of legend can be attained only through victory. Second, as in many video games, they provide a solid place to test your skill and progress and receive a reward that can propel you to the next “level.”

Face the Hydra | Theros Game Day | October 19-20, 2013


The third and final step of the Theros arc of the Hero’s Path is taking on a special challenge: can you stop an epic Hydra from ravaging the countryside? At Theros Game Day, in addition to the regular Standard tournament, there will be a unique game-play experience available called a Challenge Deck.

The Face the Hydra Challenge Deck—which represents the “boss fight” for the first arc of the Hero’s Path—consists of two kinds of cards; these are not Magic cards but they have Magic-like abilities. The first is a head card, which represents one of the many Hydra heads bent on devouring you. The second is a sorcery card, which represents some aspect of the fight where the Hydra powers up or makes a special attack on you.


The way you play against the Face the Hydra Challenge Deck is unique—you take your Standard deck and shuffle up, then the Hydra follows a predetermined sequence of casting cards from its shuffled deck and blasting you for damage. The goal is to eliminate all of the Hydra heads before it eats you. But, of course… when you cut one head down, sometimes more regenerate, which can make this a difficult challenge indeed!

D20 update 8-20-13 Closed 24-25th for Grand Prix Oakland.

IMPT…D20 will be closed on Sat Aug. 24th and Sunday the 25th For Grand Prix Oakland. No Pokemon or Vanguard this weekend…back next week.

Friday the 23rd is Ben’s 50th Birthday, and to celebrate he’s going to join the rest of the team to go to the Magic Grand Prix at the Oakland Convention Center this weekend.

A few last minute changes for the events this week:  GP practice moved from Weds to Thursday.

Our New Team D20 Shirts

  • Weds:-NOTE–Closed at 6 except for D&D Encounters Players
    • League from 4:30 to 7 (open short hours this week.)
    • D&D from 6-9-(No D&D on the first week of school….)
  • Thursday–Pick up Team D20 Tee Shirts….Last Practice m14. Sealed  ($20–play at 5:30 pm)
  • Friday: FNM


Sunday: CLOSED


Next weekend–Saturday Night Two Headed Giant.


D20 Weekly Update-8-14-13

IMPT NOTE…D20 will be closed on Sat 24th and Sunday the 25th For Grand Prix Oakland.  We will be creating Team D20 Tee shirts (we went for the better quality shirts…cost is 17.99)…If you want one, contact us before the 15th to guarantee we have one held for you in your size.


Our New Team D20 Shirts
Our New Team D20 Shirts
  • Weds:
    • League from 4:30 to 7 (open short hours this week.)
    • Practice M14 Sealed ($20 entry)-Packs anytime, play at 4
    • D&D from 6-9
  • Thursday, Practice m14. Sealed Tournament ($20–play at 6 pm)
  • Friday: FNM
  • Sat:
    • 11-1 Pokemon League…PLUS
    • 11:00  Plasma Blast Release  (11 to get packs, 12 to play…~ 1 hour for non-competitive, 2 hours for competitive)
      • Sealed deck tournament.  6 packs provided.  Make your best deck and then play.  There will be a choice of two packs per player bonus for non-competitive, or 1 pack plus  an additional pack per round won for the adults or more competitive younger players. (best 2 out of 3)
      • 2 PM for Packs, 3:30 to play…M14 Sealed (grand Prix practice) ($20 entry without prize, $25 with-Must decide before opening packs.  Win a round, win a pack.—6 pack sealed game)
    • 5:30-Date Night Magic  kids 9-14 ($15 to play, + $5 if you want pizza–be here at 5.)  Draft starts at 5:30 so as a curtasy to other kids, please don’t be late
  • Sunday
    • 11:00 Magic Standard Tournament ($5)
    • 3:00 play time—last M14 Practice Sealed before next weekend…


  • Sat
    • 11-1 Pokemon League ($5–includes pack)
    • Aug 17th…11:00  Plasma Blast Release  (11 to get packs, 12 to play…~ 1 hour for non-competitive, 2 hours for competitive)
      • Sealed deck tournament.  6 packs provided.  Make your best deck and then play.  There will be a choice of two packs per player bonus for non-competitive, or 1 pack plus  an additional pack per round won for the adults or more competitive younger players. (best 2 out of 3)


  •   Sunday at 2 for our regular event.

D20 Update- 8-6-13

Hey folks…
Buy Tix here for 2-Headed Giant-8-10-13




  • Tuesday @5:45:   Modern Tournaments $5 entry.  100% into prize.
  • Weds:
    • League from 4:30 to 7 (open short hours this week.)
    • D&D from 6-9
  • Thursday, Practice m14. Sealed Tournament ($20–play at 6 pm)
  • Friday: FNM
  • Sat:
    • 10 am…Magic Game Day!
    • Two-Headed Giant–4 pm for packs-5:30 to play!!!
  • Sunday


  • Sat
    • 11-1 Pokemon League ($5–includes pack)
    • Next week….Aug 17th…11:00  Plasma Blast Release  (11 to get packs, 12 to play…~ 1 hour for non-competitive, 2 hours for competitive)
      • Sealed deck tournament.  6 packs provided.  Make your best deck and then play.  There will be a choice of two packs per player bonus for non-competitive, or 1 pack plus  an additional pack per round won for the adults or more competitive younger players. (best 2 out of 3)


  •   Sunday at 2 for our regular event.
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