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The Scoop on the Magic 2015 Core Set, M15 Rocks

The Scoop on the Magic 2015 Core Set, M15 Rocks
Magic sets come out every 3 months, and this time each year in July, we get the next  Core Set.  This year, in addition to the normal bucket of old classic cards, the Magic 2015 Core set  is overstuffed with goodies, both great individual cards, and a collection of mini-themes, some of which lay some big hints about...

Screen Free Week-May 5th-11th

  The Screen Free Week Challenge: Get your family to go the week without (non-work) screen-time get a FREE magic or Pokemon Pack (Max 2 per family)–Have a family game night and get 2!! The Challenge:  Get your family to go one full  full week screen free!  (no videos, video games or computers except for work/homework, or…

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks…go out( or stay in) and play with someone you love. This weekend we are having our Two-Headed Giant with a special twist.  Any one who comes with a significant other on a Date (kids, this does include moms) can get a one dollar upgrade on our two dollar sleeve special from…

Theros Events @ D20

Theros Events @ D20

Theros, is the first of the new cycle of Magic cards, set in a world inspired by Greek mythology, and besides looking great, and being designed by one of the best teams at Wizards, features a new bonus set of puzzles and challenges called the Hero’s Path.  The Hero’s Path will start with the Prerelease…

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9/10-…Good Bye to M14…Battle of the Core set Two-headed Giant… Kahn’s of Tarkir Coming in Late Sept….

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