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Alameda, CA 94501

Tues-Fri.  3:30 to 7:00
Saturday 11 to 6
Sunday 11 to 6
Mondays Closed
Often open later for events


    5/17/17  We are in the new store!!!  Soft Open (read open during construction)Back to Regular Schedule….

    Sat and Sunday…Amonkhet Game Day tourament starting at 10…no Standard and  limited tables for Pokemon.

    Star Wars Destiney Spirit of Rebellion Boosters

    D&D-Off this week

    • Pokemon

      • Limited tabler Pokemon League
    • Magic–
      • Friday
        Friday Night Magic @ 7PM  Amonkhet Release Drafting
      • Saturday:
        • Pokemon League 11-1
        • 4pm Two Headed Giant-
      • Sunday-Standard Plus Star Wars Destiny
        • 11 am Sunday Standard. (Will Change to 10 in June)







    Aether Revolt – D20 Set Central

    Things are revolting in Kaladesh….(ok…that was bad) Tezzeret has come to town and turned things into a different kind of party.  The second set of the Kaladesh block takes the playful world of Kaladesh and revolutionizes it. (Ah man…the Dad puns are just forcing their way out today..)   Here is a bunch good links to give you the scoop on the new set…

    Image result for ticket

    Ajani Unyielding
    Aether Revolt Story….






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D20 Featured Posts

Special Magic Revised Box Draft at D20 Games Alameda

Ok…clearly we are out of our minds.  ;-). UPDATE:  Date has been changed to June 29th (Sat).  We will close the store for the evening…only open to the players. (each player can invite a limted number of guests.)   BONUS… Beta card draft based on who signs up first—-Beta Lands and Beta cards—We will put…

No more Adult Yugioh Tournaments or play at D20?!? Why…

Important announcement: No more Adult Yugioh @ D20  We sincerely apologize to the majorly of Yugioh players who are lovely and respectful people that the continued tone set by the rest have forced  us to this  decision, but the persistent problems created by bad apples in the group (language, aggression, unfair trading, shoplifting) have reached…

D20 Trading Card Gift guide/advice

D20 Holiday Gift Guide-Trading Card Games This guide is our best, most honest recommendations for gifts for the Magic or Pokemon player in your life; based on interest, experience level/age (and budget). Parents cheat sheet: TCG or CCG (Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games) Magic, Pokémon, Kaijudo, Cardfight! and Yugioh are all  are what are known as collectible card…

Turning Bad into something good…D20 Holiday break-in…

So for those who have already heard, it is true that we were broken into Thursday morning by people who were clearly regular customers of the store.  They tried to break into the back and then went around front, crowbarred the door, and went in straight for all of our high value binders, the high value cards…

Cover Your Assets Review, D20 Games Alameda

Cover Your Assets Review, D20 Games Alameda

Cover Your Assets by Grampa Beck Games.. Ben’s Review:  (Store owner Guy) Summery:  Deceptively great game in a goofy box.  Great for virtually all player levels, and good social fun.  Best played with 3-6 players.  Extremely easy to learn, but stays fun for a long time.  Play time, 20-30 minutes a round, usually needs two rounds…

New D20 Games 1 year old this August…Birthday Celebrations…

This month will be one year of the new D20 (our beta year).  It was one year ago in July that I went to Games of Berkeley for their Saturday afternoon draft, and started chatting with another player who also happened to be from Alameda, I was grousing about why couldn’t we have drafts at the local store, and…

Parties at D20 Alameda

Birthday Parties at D20 Yes we do birthday (and other private) Parties at D20. We have two primary options:  Table reservations during regular hours, and private events either before or after closing. We also have options to add to the parties for both events and party favors. You may bring in external food but will…