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  • Sat 25

    Pokemon League 11am

    February 25 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Sat 25

    Aether Revolt Two-Headed Giant

    February 25 @ 4:00 pm - 8:30 pm
    Mar 03

    Friday Night Magic

    March 3 @ 6:45 pm - 10:30 pm


    Back in stock…Pokemon Roaring Skies for a limited rerelease plus we now Have Sun and Moon in stock, Sun & Moon in stock.

    D&D is back on this week.

    Check out our holiday hot games list. 

    • Pokemon

      • Regular Pokemon League
    • Magic–
      • Friday
        Friday Night Magic @ 7PM  Aether Revolt X2, +1 Kaladesh
      • Saturday:
        • 4 pm Aether Revolt THG $17.50 pp
      • Sunday-Standard 
        • 11 am start time, $5pp







    Aether Revolt – D20 Set Central

    Things are revolting in Kaladesh….(ok…that was bad) Tezzeret has come to town and turned things into a different kind of party.  The second set of the Kaladesh block takes the playful world of Kaladesh and revolutionizes it. (Ah man…the Dad puns are just forcing their way out today..)   Here is a bunch good links to give you the scoop on the new set…

    Image result for ticket

    Ajani Unyielding
    Aether Revolt Story….






Upcoming Events

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So for those who have already heard, it is true that we were broken into Thursday morning by people who were clearly regular customers of the store.  They tried to break into the back and then went around front, crowbarred the door, and went in straight for all of our high value binders, the high value cards…

Cover Your Assets Review, D20 Games Alameda

Cover Your Assets Review, D20 Games Alameda

Cover Your Assets by Grampa Beck Games.. Ben’s Review:  (Store owner Guy) Summery:  Deceptively great game in a goofy box.  Great for virtually all player levels, and good social fun.  Best played with 3-6 players.  Extremely easy to learn, but stays fun for a long time.  Play time, 20-30 minutes a round, usually needs two rounds…

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This month will be one year of the new D20 (our beta year).  It was one year ago in July that I went to Games of Berkeley for their Saturday afternoon draft, and started chatting with another player who also happened to be from Alameda, I was grousing about why couldn’t we have drafts at the local store, and…

Parties at D20 Alameda

Birthday Parties at D20 Yes we do birthday (and other private) Parties at D20. We have two primary options:  Table reservations during regular hours, and private events either before or after closing. We also have options to add to the parties for both events and party favors. You may bring in external food but will…