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D20 Games-Intro to D&D for Parents (and others)

So what the heck is D&D anyway? This is our guide to the grandfather of role playing games written so it could be understood by, well, a grandfather. (Although, who says he didn't play when he was a kid?)

So I shoplifted as a kid. An open letter to my D20 kids...

"I couldn't understand how I went from feeling such a good feeling of being clever and getting away with being better then the system to having what felt like a physical pit in my stomach and a flush of shame that I was convinced would never, ever go away..."

Win with Grace, Lose with Style, Play for fun…The rules of the store and...

Message to the kids a the store, don't behave like these guys (you know way better then they seem to.)

The Secret Life of Adults (and other kids)-The “right thing” if someone dies

Secret Guide to Adults (& Kids). What to say when someone you care about loses somebody.