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Oath of The Gatewatch

Here comes the newest set for Magic…Oath of the Gatewatch…the second set of 2 in the Battle for Zendikar block.  This set features a new set of mechanics that really favor playing with buddies (two-headed giants and such) as well as the first new land type in, well, ever. (Really just turning colorless mana into it’s own thing, but cool none the less)

[from the Wizards Site]
Kozilek, the Great Distortion

The battle to save the plane of Zendikar rages on.

Confronted with overwhelming odds, the Planeswalkers face a dire choice: Retreat away to safety and leave the world to oblivion, or stay at great personal risk and fight for Zendikar.

Will you stay and fight?

Oath-of-the-Gatewatch-Prerelease-BannerPrerelease the weekend of 1/16-1/17–4 events (Sat 10 and 5, Sunday at 10 and 2hg at 3…$30 pp…good for all levels of players.)


Oath of the Gatewatch home

Homepage for Magic: The Gathering’s Oath of the Gatewatch. Shows news, story, and reveals cards for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering card game set.



Oath of the Gatewatch Mechanics

By Matt Tabak The battle for Zendikar… well, could have gone better, in all honesty. What was one massive Eldrazi titan destroying everything is now two. Hi, Kozilek. Long time, no see. Ob Nixilis has his spark back and isn’t happy. It’s time to regroup and take a stand.


MTG Mirror – Oath of the Gatewatch Draft and Sealed Simulator

MTG Draft Simulator and Sealed Simulator


Buy Advance Tickets Here:

Dragon Throne, Khans Release Promo Card

Kahns Release Weekend Events


So here is the dealeo with Events for the Khans Release weekend for Khans.

(Kahn’s online Practice Drafter)

  1. Thursday at OPEN at Midnight to buy first boxes (12:01 actually…since the release is Friday Sept. 26th.
    Dragon Throne, Khans Release Promo Card
    Khans Release Promo card

    We will open at ~10 pm for a little pre-midnight Zombie Conspiracy.

  2. Friday:
    1. Release day: Boxes ($119.99, Boosters 3.99 per pack, buy 6 get one free), Intros decks ($15.99-17.99), and Fatpacks ($39.99-one bonus pack) .
    2. 7 p.m. Friday Night Magic.
  3. Saturday
    1. 1 pm…Kid’s Draft (and Non kids draft depending on signups)
    2. 4 pm...Two-Headed Giant ($17.50 pp)
  4. Sunday
    1. 11 am-Kahns Sealed tournament ($25 pp)

After it dying out for a while, interest in the league has popped back up because of how much people are enjoying Khans.  Stay tuned…

Summer Starts….

Going on vacation…store will still be open

UPDATE…Back from Italy…

Magic Two-headed Giant Conspiracy tonight-sat 28th.  Price is $23 instead of $30…(we were able tyo get more boxes…) .(sorry it took  I’m taking the next couple of weeks off (imagine that) but leaving the store in the capable hands of the affable Ryan and the irascible Thomas. 😉    So a few things:

  • The store will be running the usual events, including Pokemon, Friday Night Magic, Magic Two-headed Giants, and the Standard events.
  • We are adding a few extra goodies, including 2 Conspiracy draft times (Tue @ 6 and Sun @ 3).  We are also bidding a fun ending to Theros with a Block Constructed Tournament on Thursdays. ($5)
  • We will be doing less buying of cards while I’m gone, start again after the 28th. (Also, we will be offering a bit less for Ravnica Block cards since the block goes from standard to Modern in October.)  Thomas or Ryan will do their best, but if the store is busy, be patient and prepared to wait until another time.
We have LOTS of cool things for filling up the summer with fun stuff that doesn’t go beep, and that might actually have a little bit of smiling at each other…
Some summer Fun Recommendations:   
  • Boss Monster…(Back in Stock…players are the “boss Monster” setting up Dungeons to defeat the heros, with a distinctly 8-bit flavor full of references from everything from Harry Potter to old school Nintendo.)
  • Love Letter—an amazing game played with only 15 cards…easy to pick up and surprisingly subtle. (works for from 2-6)
    Back in stock…Floop that pig! 😉
  • Adventuretime Card they made a (great) game out of a historical lampooning game in an episode of the Adventuretime cartoon that went straight after Magic/Pokemon/etc…  The game has been in VERY short supply, but we got a batch in for now.
  • Also…coming up in July…”Starter boxes for the (finally) new version of D&D.
  • And don’t forget how much fun the Magic Two-headed Giant’s are…a chance to play with someone that you really like…great for buddies, sweeties and a great parent-kid date..
Have a lovely beginning of summer…see you in a couple of weeks.—More to come when we get back…


Releases-Born of the Gods and Pokemon XY

OPEN THURS @ 10 for Midnight sales of Born of the Gods….

This week we have major releases for both Pokemon and Magic.

Born of the Gods release events this weekend.  We’ll be open at midnight on Thursday night to sell fat packs, Boxes and Packs.  Friday we will be doing Triple Born of the Gods as the first release event for Friday Night Magic.  This weekend we will do a Two-Headed Giant on Saturday Night,  A Sealed on Sunday at noon, where the 6 packs used can also be the beginning of the new League.  Everyone playing will get the release promo card of Tromokratis for as long as supplies last.

One of the Cool Cards from Pokemon XY-Source

For Pokemon, the new XY set just released.  This is the first new set of the XY series after several years of Black & White.  The new boosters, boxes,  and intro packs are on the way to the store as we write this… And we are doing a release event for XY Sat morning, starting at 10:30  Card list for Pokemon X/Y here.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Fun, Turkey and Black Friday Sales (as well as Small Business Saturday)

Turkey O DoomHappy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!  Make sure to do some random act of kindness!! 😉  As always, thanks so much for the business, and more importantly, the intensely cool community.  I can’t tell you guys how thankful I am for that.
If you aren’t on the road already, swing on by and pick up a good game for either keeping kids happy in the car or good family fun that doesn’t go beep, beep. 😉  We have a bunch of stuff we can recommend (although, the beloved Cover Your Assets is ALWAYs a great family pick….just trust us on this one.)  We will be closed on Thursday because, well, we should be…we’ll be hanging and playing with our family and hope you will be as well.
We WILL be doing a Black Friday Sale (starting at 10) and Small Business Saturday Sale….very good stuff, good prizes and the return of our bonus stocking stuffer (or menorah sitter) freebies.
  • Monday:  Special how to Play Magic class at the Lib @ 1.
  • Tuesday Night–Modern Masters Draft!!! $40—no,wait…make it $33 this one time!!! (Regular packs as prizes)
  • Weds, Double prize League tournament starting at 4:30–Maybe Daytime Draft??!!
  • Thursday…closed for T-day
  • Friday—BIG Black Friday sale
  • Saturday–Small Business Sat sales and Two headed Mystery box tournament
  • Sunday 10AM Start for a $10 Magic Standard with some free Star City Goodies in the mix…!
We had a second record breaking FNM in a month on Friday before last Friday…went from 42 up to 44!!  It was VERY good we had the secret clubhouse next door to be able to use for more play space so we aren’t quiet so squished when we get full.

The Good, The Bad, and the Peter (Mohrbacher)….

The Magic cards of Peter Morbacher
The Magic cards of Peter Morbacher

Two bits of news regarding store Friend, Peter Mohrbacher.  For those of you who don’t know, Peter is one of the better Magic artists who happens to live in Alameda.  He has done a ton of cool cards, including Erebos, God of the Dead, the much maligned (only for abilities, not for lack of great art) and the ever amusing Grimgrin.  Some folks have been lucky enough to get one of the custom matts that he has done and brought by the store, and he is always happy to chat and sign cards whenever he comes in.  He moved into Alameda a couple of years ago, with a brand new baby in tow, and to no one’s surprise, only popped in a few times for the next number of months.  But since then he’s come in a bunch of times, sometimes bringing his increasingly beautiful daughter in tow.

The sad news is that he is leaving town in the beginning of Dec. to move back to his home town of Chicago to bring his daughter to be near her grandparents.  Partially this is enabled by the fact that he has left his current full time (non-magic) gig to pursue projects based on his art full time.  As sad as we are to see him go, we love his work (and like him) so we’re very excited for him.  As part of that, he has started a Kickstarter project for a special collection of his work, both playmats and full art prints, including some amazing canvas style limited framed pieces.  In two days he’s at about 40% of what he is looking for, so this is very very cool.  He will also leave us with a small gallery worth of stuff for us to sell in the store.

To celebrate having him around, we will be doing a going away party for him on Thursday, Nov. 21st, starting at ~5. He will be here to sign stuff, and we will be doing Pack Wars/Mini Masters using sets that have his work in them (Innistrad block on). Pack wars will just be for fun, and the Mini-masters will be 6 for the current block and 8 for the Innistrad block. But most important is that we have fun and get a chance to give Peter a proper send-off.

42—Life, the universe and everything….And Halloween @ D20 Games

42 players for FNM at D20 games…our new record

42 isn’t just the ultimate answer…it’s also the new record for the number of players for Friday Night Magic at D20 Games!! And last weekend, we sold out yet another two-headed Giant.



This saturday night , we will have our tribute to halloween…our Two-headless Giant.  We’re bringing back the best all time halloween block—Innistrad.  This set has gone way up in price as it went out of print, so the price per player will be $33 rather then the usual $17.50, however, to give a chance for a little discount, anyone who comes dressed as any character from Innistrad, Dark Ascension, or Avacyn Restored gets an extra $3 off per person.

D20 update 8-20-13 Closed 24-25th for Grand Prix Oakland.

IMPT…D20 will be closed on Sat Aug. 24th and Sunday the 25th For Grand Prix Oakland. No Pokemon or Vanguard this weekend…back next week.

Friday the 23rd is Ben’s 50th Birthday, and to celebrate he’s going to join the rest of the team to go to the Magic Grand Prix at the Oakland Convention Center this weekend.

A few last minute changes for the events this week:  GP practice moved from Weds to Thursday.

Our New Team D20 Shirts

  • Weds:-NOTE–Closed at 6 except for D&D Encounters Players
    • League from 4:30 to 7 (open short hours this week.)
    • D&D from 6-9-(No D&D on the first week of school….)
  • Thursday–Pick up Team D20 Tee Shirts….Last Practice m14. Sealed  ($20–play at 5:30 pm)
  • Friday: FNM


Sunday: CLOSED


Next weekend–Saturday Night Two Headed Giant.


D20 Update–Happy 4th–(Closed for the on the 5th..)


IMPT:::Closed on the 4th…(gonna take a day off and hang with the kidlets)


HOWEVER…we will be open on Friday for FNM for the second to last Return to Ravnica Block event before we start with Magic M14

  • The week of the 4th we will be Pokemon and Vanguard as usual, but NEXT week (the 13th and 14th) we will be totally dedicated to the Magic M14 Pre-release with events on Sat at 10 and 4 and Sunday at 11 and 3.
  • This Saturday (the 6th) we will have Date Night Magic if we have enough kids in town to do it…please call or email to hold spots and we’ll let you know if it is a go…However…we are also doing a very special event that night that the kids are welcome to join (though it is more $$ then standard Date Night Magic…
  • Speaking of which…. on Sat. night…first 2-headed Giant with Modern Masters.

Modern Masters Packs are in very short supply and therefore very expensive.  We’ve been doing a discount for the events to reward people who are playing.  But even that can be too much for some budgets, so we’ve decided to do something unusual to create a more (relatively speaking) budget option.

Standard  :  $50 pp, with each player getting 4 Modern Masters Packs (Normally $15 each)

Budget :  $25 PP, for 2 Modern Masters Packs, and 2 Modern Masters Repacks. (these will not have any $$ cards in them, but will have great cards to use to build decks.)

  • Sunday…Standard at  11:30 and Modern Masters Draft ($40) at 3
  • Next weekend (13-14th) Pre-release for M14…the return of the Slivers!!  Prerelease’s are great fun…get 6 packs of the new stuff (and a bonus special promo card, and
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