Happy Thanksgiving!!! Fun, Turkey and Black Friday Sales (as well as Small Business Saturday)

Turkey O DoomHappy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!  Make sure to do some random act of kindness!! 😉  As always, thanks so much for the business, and more importantly, the intensely cool community.  I can’t tell you guys how thankful I am for that.
If you aren’t on the road already, swing on by and pick up a good game for either keeping kids happy in the car or good family fun that doesn’t go beep, beep. 😉  We have a bunch of stuff we can recommend (although, the beloved Cover Your Assets is ALWAYs a great family pick….just trust us on this one.)  We will be closed on Thursday because, well, we should be…we’ll be hanging and playing with our family and hope you will be as well.
We WILL be doing a Black Friday Sale (starting at 10) and Small Business Saturday Sale….very good stuff, good prizes and the return of our bonus stocking stuffer (or menorah sitter) freebies.
  • Monday:  Special how to Play Magic class at the Lib @ 1.
  • Tuesday Night–Modern Masters Draft!!! $40—no,wait…make it $33 this one time!!! (Regular packs as prizes)
  • Weds, Double prize League tournament starting at 4:30–Maybe Daytime Draft??!!
  • Thursday…closed for T-day
  • Friday—BIG Black Friday sale
  • Saturday–Small Business Sat sales and Two headed Mystery box tournament
  • Sunday 10AM Start for a $10 Magic Standard with some free Star City Goodies in the mix…!
We had a second record breaking FNM in a month on Friday before last Friday…went from 42 up to 44!!  It was VERY good we had the secret clubhouse next door to be able to use for more play space so we aren’t quiet so squished when we get full.

D20 Weekly updates-11/7/13

  • Recommendations for Thanksgiving family games comingmeloetta-ex
  • Black Friday sale, starting at 10
  • Two-Headed Giants now EVERY Sat. (except the first of the month–date night)
  • New Pokemon–Legendary Treasures, out on Friday…
  • How to Play Magic at the Lib. on Monday the 25th @ 1 pm
Recommendations for Thanksgiving Family Games…So as Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve started laying in our recommendations for great family games that work for different groups.  We will be putting it up shortly, but no question that Cover Your Assets is at the top of that list. We will also put out a collection of Pre-owned games that we have been building up for just such a purpose.
Black Friday Sale starting at 10am...We will also be doing a serious Black Friday Sale, so come and support your friendly neighborhood businesses, and we’ll try and blend some great sales with love and care and see if we can’t help people feel good about shopping local. 😉
Two-Headed Giants Now every Saturday (except the first):  Bowing to popular demand we are going to be doing the exceedingly popular Two-headed Giants every week, instead of a couple of times a month.  The only exception will be the first Saturday of the month that is dedicated to Date Night Magic (plus other special events when we can).  $17.50 pp (4 packs) unless it is a special event with older, more valuable sets.   We will be bringing back the mystery box for the two headed Giant on the weekend of Thanksgiving…each player reaches into the box for a surprise intro pack (intro deck plus two packs from that set).  The two players blend the two intros together to make their decks…last time we did this it was a TON of fun.
New Pokemon set, Legendary Treasures comes out on Friday.  This set has a ton of great cards in it and people were really loving it.  Packs are $4 each (buy 6 get one free) or $119 for a box of 36 (a $25 savings).
How to Play Magic Class at the Lib.  On Mon. the 25th (first day of Thanksgiving Vacation for most kids) the Main Lib. is hosting a How to Play Magic that is being run by yours truly.  We will provide the decks to use, and this is a great way to get to figure things out without any pressure. The ages for this are ~10-14, though parents who want to come along are welcome to join in.
Come on Over to Play,

Newish Website, and Fun for this week

bad computer

After weeks and weeks of epic battles with the website…(mostly with me losing)…things are finally looking a bit more like I have a clue!!  Lick the banana, it tastes like banana, lick the snozberrys, they taste like strawberries, and click on an event on the site, and it actually seems to get there.  (I know it seems like it shouldn’t be that hard..that’s what I thought too.)

So the Special Event fun for this week…

  • Pre-release for Pokemon Legendary Treasures on Saturday -register around 3-play at 4 going to 5:30–$30 (Cash) gets 6 packs plus bonus packs
  • Sat. Night at 5:30—First weekend of the month…Date Night Magic for well behaved kids 9-14…$15 per player plus $5 for pizza.
  • Sat. Night Starting at 6:30 (to 7) Ben’s all time fav. set to Draft…Rise of the Eldrazi!!  Join Emerkul and the other Big Dogs of Magic for some great out of print fun…$40 pp and limited to 12.

New in Stock and for sale on Friday...the 2013 Magic Commander decks…  These 100 card special decks feature great classic cards as well as some never seen before cards, including the first ever card with protection, not from another color or creature, but from a player!?!  For the first batches we have, we’ll be selling them for $45 for each (except the Mindseize with that special card which is going for $65).  These are VERY limited, so if you want ’em, grab them fast.  Any player who buys 3 or more will get a Modern Masters Pack as a bonus.  $199 gets a bundle of all 5 and 2 Modern Masters packs.



D20 update 8-20-13 Closed 24-25th for Grand Prix Oakland.

IMPT…D20 will be closed on Sat Aug. 24th and Sunday the 25th For Grand Prix Oakland. No Pokemon or Vanguard this weekend…back next week.

Friday the 23rd is Ben’s 50th Birthday, and to celebrate he’s going to join the rest of the team to go to the Magic Grand Prix at the Oakland Convention Center this weekend.

A few last minute changes for the events this week:  GP practice moved from Weds to Thursday.

Our New Team D20 Shirts

  • Weds:-NOTE–Closed at 6 except for D&D Encounters Players
    • League from 4:30 to 7 (open short hours this week.)
    • D&D from 6-9-(No D&D on the first week of school….)
  • Thursday–Pick up Team D20 Tee Shirts….Last Practice m14. Sealed  ($20–play at 5:30 pm)
  • Friday: FNM


Sunday: CLOSED


Next weekend–Saturday Night Two Headed Giant.


D20 Update-7-29

Event list is out of date…problems with the system…sorry


Thursday…great special treat….  The creators of one of our favorite games, Castle Panic, are coming to visit the store and play.  For those who don’t know the game, it a wonderful game for both kids and adults, and because it is everyone against the game, is particularly wonderful for siblings (action without frustration), or only kids (great to play with buds, but also one of the few games that can be played solo, since it is the player against the game.)  For fans, get to meet the creators and bring in your game to have them sign them…for parents, it is very, very cool for kids to see that things like this are created by real people…very inspiring for what they can do.

Grand Prix Oakland M14 Sealed Practice times: (ok to get packs ahead of time and to come late w/game loss…just call and let us know)

  • Mon. 7/29 @ Noon (11 am deck building)
  • Weds. 7/31 @ 5:00 (Ok to mix with League decks if you don’t add new pack before event)
  • Thurs: 8/1 @ 5:30 (limed to 8)
  • Sat: 8/3 @ 6 pm
  • Sunday 8/4 @ 3 pm

The week that was and will be…


  • Tuesday @5:45: Modern Masters Modern Tournaments $5 entry.  100% into prize.  For first event…guaranteed extra Modern Masters Pack added to prize pool and second pack for random giveaway.
  • Weds:
    • League from 4 on…League tournament at 5:30 (don’t add extra pack so we can blend this with…)
    • 5:30, M14 Sealed Practice
  • Friday: FNM
  • Sat:
    • 5:30, Date Night Magic ($15 plus $5 for pizza)
    • 6:00 (Packs at 4): Practice M14 Sealed
  • Sunday
    • 11:30 Magic Standard ($5)
    • 3:00 (packs anytime) Practice M14 Sealed


  • Sat
    • 11-1 Pokemon League ($5–includes pack)
    • WRONG DATE–This will be on Aug 17th…11:00  Plasma Blast Release  (11 to get packs, 12 to play…~ 1 hour for non-competitive, 2 hours for competitive)
      • Sealed deck tournament.  6 packs provided.  Make your best deck and then play.  There will be a choice of two packs per player bonus for non-competitive, or 1 pack plus  an additional pack per round won for the adults or more competitive younger players. (best 2 out of 3)


  •   Sunday at 2 for our regular event.

D20 Weekly Update-7-24-13

Earned my Old Man Pic. 😉 -Ben

NOTE…the event system is $@%@ (causing me a bit of bother at the moment).  So I’m going to update here for now.

Adding to below…We are starting to do cheap ($20) 6 pack M14 Magic Sealed events to get in practice for Grand Prix Oakland.  We are slotting these in whenever we can.  They will be for practice, not for prize, so people can pick up packs before hand and join events in progress if they can’t make it when they start (they will get a game loss for the rounds we play, but will still get the points and practice for what they do play.)  People are big time encouraged to help each other out after the games to figure out how to get much better.  GO TEAM D20!!!

The week that was and will be…


  • So we had 26 for our Grand Prix qualifier on Sunday….since I was the organizer, I had to sit and watch instead of playing (grr)…but got in the action for a Modern Masters Draft after it was all done…  Since many of us are getting ready for the Grand Prix in Oakland Aug 23-25th, every event counts these days.  
  • We also had a bunch of fun with the Magic Two-headed Giant on Saturday.  IT DID sell out again, so make sure if you want to join us for the next one to sign up in advance.
  • Modern Masters league had their last event on Tuesday before the big transition to our new regular Tuesday Modern Tournaments
  • Coming up….
    • Magic League starts on weds.  We’re going to be doing big changes in the league, including having the Weds events as real tournaments (4pm for kids-or 5:30 for adults–kids can join if they want to).   For today, we will be doing it the same as a standard sealed.  For the future, players will be able to join late and just take game losses for that round, but get points for what they play(and win) for the league overall.  Each event will get a booster pack for the winner and mystery packs for 2nd and third.  (Sometimes there will be secret bonus prizes. )
    • NEW....$20 Sealed events until Aug 11th…Getting Ready for Oakland Grand Prix we will be doing special $20 M14 sealed events.  These will be for practice, so there will not be any prize support (cause they are cheap). We will charge $25 for the event, with a $5 credit toward the next one to make sure people aren’t just doing it for the packs.  We will also let people get packs at the end of one event to build overnight so they can do the next event right after work.  We will do one on Thursday, Friday at 4 if we get enough, and Sat at 11.  Many more times to come
      • Sat: Packs before…play at 1 or as soon as we have 8.
      • Sun.  Packs early, play at 3…We want to do a Clinic with the better players so we can all get better for this one
      • MONDAY–Day time (kid friendly as well)…Packs at 10, play at 11:30
    • FNM–M14…Sunday Standard and Modern Masters.


  • Sat at 3:30 (to 6) Plasma Blast Prerelease!!  Limited to 36 players-$30 gets 6 packs to make your best deck and play, and 2 packs when you turn in your energy at the end.  In addition, player will get a promo card and a deck box.  We will be able to take limited sign-ups in the morning and then will be able to take more around 12.  Players will need to be in the store with $ in hand at 3:15 and we will go down the list and enter those who are present.


  • We had the prerelease last weekend and will have the new extra deck packs for sale this week.  Sunday at 2 for our regular event.

D20 Games Weekly Update 7-16-13


—-Coming Thursday August 1st…IN STORE VISIT BY THE CREATORS OF CASTLE PANIC!!  😉 ———-

Special announcement about From the Vault at the bottom of is post…

This weekend–Pokemon and Vanguard Back to Normal, Release Events for M14 (including 2-headed Giant) and Oakland Grand Prix Qualifier on Sunday!

Had a great set of Prerelease events for Magic M14.  Some interesting highlights…

Most Busted cards in the set so far….Kalonian Hydra…Comes into play with 4 counters and doubles ALL counters on All your creatures when it attacks!  Oh, and did I mention the trample.  Remove it in the next 2 turns or that’s game….sheesh.  (Found out about this by being on the wrong side of the card…)

Winner–most Busted Card in M14

Magic M14 is Here!!!  This week—M14 release events….

  • Tuesday–Last Modern Masters League Pack week…Come in and find your partner for next week’s  League Two-headed Giant!!–Special Bonus Prize cards and goodies for the regular players tonight…We will Draft at 6 if we get 8 (again..) (and full participation credit for league members who show up and don’t wish to draft.)
  • Weds–Last Dragon’s Maze League before we start M14–come in for special tolkens and other prizes,  Also D&D Encounters ($5 fee) LOOKING for another good DM to help run a table…will be compensated in store credit, but must be good enough to represent the store…
  • Thursday at Midnight…We will open special to sell M14 Boxes and Fat Packs (.. Click here for a draft simulator.  Or here to see all the new cards…)
  • Sat. the 20th
    • we will be doing Pokemon again in the morning
    • Magic M14 Sealed at 12
    • Two-headed Giant at 5:30 (4pm for packs)
  • Sunday the 21st
    • Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Oakland!!!  Reg at 10 but start will be 11 am on time.  Since the packs need to be opened and registered by other players, there will be no ability to show up late for this one.  This will be a $35 sealed event using M14 (the same format that the Grand Prix will be)  This will be a competitive level event…so much more strict on the rules, though we still aim to keep the D20 Good spirit in place. 😉
    • Draft at 3 for those who want to redeem their pride (or luck)

From the Vault Twenty will be coming out on my Birthday, Aug 23rd, and as usual there will be very limited numbers.  We will start two sign up lists.  The first will be for 6 guaranteed copies at $150 each.  The second will be for a price TBD once we see what’s in the thing, but will be about 10% below what the going ebay sold rate is.  This will be a lottery, with the entries based on the two things I want to most reward, participation in store events and money spent in the store over ehe last few months.  (This year, I’m going to do estimates for both of these so I don’t spend 3 days looking through wizard’s event reporter).  ONE BIG CHANGE…

  • I will be adding extra bonus entries for the following:
    • One extra entry for every event participated in from now until the release on the 23rd
    • Bonus entry for People who attend more then 2 events a week
    • Double entries for people attending Leagues, including participating in M14 league
    • 3 Bonus Entries for people who bring in a player to an event who as not ever played with us before
    • And I reserve the right to give out extra entries (at my discretion) for players who help teach a new player how to play, or who in general are showing above and beyond kindness and support to new or intimidated/nervous players, or general good Duckishness…


D20 Weekly Update-6-24-13

New Fav Game at D20

This is the big week!!! Saturday the 29th we will close the store at 5:30 for the Mighty Draft!!!  Limited to 12 players, and priced at $150, this is our ultimate “find an old box and draft it” event by drafting a factory sealed box of Revised (~$1800 a box).  This is box with packs that haven’t seen fresh air in 19 years, and we are going to make an evening of it, with old-school rules and good cheer and fun competition.  If the event does not fill up, we will take a list before-hand of people that want packs at $50 each.

Revised Edition Booster Box

Congratulations to Marcus for “Clocking” everyone else and winning the ultimate Guild wars Competition Saturday night.  We had over 20 players (more than we expected) but got the message loud and clear that people REALLY wanted more two-headed Giants.  The pitch has become reality (or the other way around) and we have couple, buddies and a bunch of parent/kid combos who all have a blast at these events.  I give..we’ll do more of these.  As a direct result, I’m going to add an extra one in two weeks, side by side with the kid magic.  This will be for a limited number of teams and will be the first (and possibly only) Modern Masters Two headed Giant.  To keep the price down a little bit, we’ll be offering two options, either $50 per player for 4 regular packs, or $25 with two regular modern masters packs, & 2 repacks.)

Also–The week right after 4th of July, we will be doing the Prerelease for Magic M14.  We will have events on the 13th and 14th.  Entry is 25 and will include 6 packs of Slivery fun…

What’s happening @ D20 6-11-13

  • Still looking for a few more good DM’sSat June 15th is Free RPG day at the store,  in addition to giving out a bunch of free RPG goodies, we will be Running D& to a 3-8 table joint adventure…but we need some good DM’s to help us out—So far we can run 3 tables but we’re looking for a few more.
  • Modern Masters has been SO FUN!!!  The drafts are expensive (Going to $38) but it has been a blast to draft, even for those of us who didn’t know the cards.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT-Introducing Modern Masters Peasant Cube!?!?! We were struggling with a way to let the kids and those of less means to get in on the fun and came up with a great idea.  We’re going to start doing a “Peasant” Cube with prizes.  This is a draft where you don’t keep the cards, but can win prize packs for $6! (win a round win a regular pack.)
  • Taking reservations for the first (and only) Revised Box Draft –Yep…we are doing the most over the top draft ever…a factory sealed box of Revised.  Cost is $150 per person to open packs that haven’t seen fresh air in 19 years. 😉  (NOTE–New date for this…June 29th!!!)
  • Tuesdays starting June 11th… Modern Masters League.  Register here…  ($100 for 6 starter packs plus 5 weekly packs…more then half sold out so far..)These packs will be cool but in very limited supply.  Packs look like they will be between $13-15 per and are FULL of amazing stuff for Magic Modern.
  • Wednesdays…we are doing D&D encounters from 6-9.  NEED A SECOND DM!!!We’ve pretty much got the first table either filled or close each week, so we’re looking for a couple more people to DM for us.  Check out my newly written Intro to D&D blog post for parents and other curious types.

This weekend we had a Massive number of Events at the store (I’m still exhausted)

In 3 days we ran something like 10 events, including two that went until 1:30 or later in the morning.

For the opening weekend of Modern Masters, we started the league (I pulled a Tarmogoyf–a $120, card that in it’s foil version is the most expensive card in a new set in our memory at $450!!)  I still proceeded to get beat into dust by Don’s flyer deck…ah well, live and learn).  On Friday, we ran 3 Friday Night Magic Drafts, two of which were the Modern Masters. The more I played, the more I realized how much the tribal stuff was great.

Saturday’s Pokemon Battle Roads was great, although I may have done a bit to good a job at warning off the little kids.  Next time around, if they want to try their deck out in a tournament, let’s bring a few more of them by.  Saturday night’s two-headed giant contained to be lovely fun, with some new players joining the building crew of regulars.  Once again, the Better Days were a force to be reckoned with that were just so darned gracious that they were hard to get mad at, even as they continued to rack up the wins.  One more Modern Masters draft that (this time) actually started at nine, and the evening was wrapped.  (Ok…9 is too late to start a draft…we get that now..).

Sunday’s standard was a bit light with many of the regulars having trouble crawling out of bed after the previous night’s fun.  But many were back for the last Modern Masters draft of the weekend.  The truth is that many of us were a bit mad at Wizards about Modern Masters.  Why would they short print a set and make it SOO much fun to play.  I also am very frustrated that it is really too expensive for the kids to play.  As a result, we decided to create a special redraftable set called a cube with just the common and uncommon (not money) cards that we can use to play for fun without the bucks.  We’ll do these as $6 drafts where you don’t get the cards to keep, and all the $ goes into the prizes (1 regular pack per win).

Older news—

No more Adult Yugioh @ D20  for the whole story  click here.
Thanks to everyone for the post break in support..we’re doing much better..   Click here  for the story.


Pokemon Elite Box Tournament

Pokemon Elite Trainer box Tournament

Return of the Pokemon Elite Tournament….New date…4-20-13

Event: Sealed deck Pokemon Tournament

When: 4-20-13 at 11am

Cost: $40-includes Plasma Storm Elite Trainer Box

What:  Sealed Deck (Use the 7 packs included in the Elite Trainer box to build your best Pokemon Deck (40 card minimum)   One hour to build decks,  3 rounds of play and prizes for winning rounds.

Great for beginners and advanced players alike.  Limited to 34 players.

[iframe src=”http://www.eventbrite.com/tickets-external?eid=6160571435&ref=etckt&v=2″ frameborder=”0″ height=”214″ width=”100%” vspace=”0″ hspace=”0″ marginheight=”5″ marginwidth=”5″ scrolling=”auto” allowtransparency=”true”>

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