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Ben is the owner of D20 Games.

Yugioh Tournament September 11, 2011

Attention Yugioh players the main tournament will start at 1PM the entry fee is $5, this is also one of

your last chances to practice and get your decks ready for the upcoming Regional Qualifiers on the 17th of this month.

Also the 12 and under tournament will start at 2PM and is a free tournament to enter. For the main tournament and the 12 and under it will be the current ban list, if you are not sure as to what is on the list you can find it using this link. the prize for 1st in the main tournament will be a Yugioh 2011 mat,if there is at least 10 people to enter, but the entry fee will b

e $10.

This Week At the Store—Events and New in stock…


Hi Folks, Here is the haps this week at D20 Games:

  • Friday:  Date Night Magic-Kids 9-14.  Starts at 5:30 for the tournament, 5 if you want Pizza first. ($15 for tournament only, $20 with food.  PLEASE RSVP to to let us know if the kids will be joining for pizza)
  • Friday: Adult Magic Draft: 6:15-6:30 start ($15, and includes free pack of sleeves)
  • Saturday:  Big Parent kid Two-headed Giant: 1:00 p.m. 
  • Sunday:  1:00  Getting Ready For Yugioh Regionals Challenge.  ($5 entry fee is free with each purchase of $20 or more)  Prize TBD…if enough players want to, we will raise the entry to $10, include a pack of sleeves, and have top prize be 3 2011 Wave 1 collection tins) email if interested.
    2:30-Dragon Duel (kids 12 and under tournament) No entry fee
In stock this week:
2011 Wave 1 Yugioh Collectors Tins
29.99 each or 3 for 79.99
Back in stock in limited quantities. 29.99 each or 3 for 79.99

And on the Magic Side, we just got in the Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas Duel decks..On sale for 17.99 (add in a box, pack or sleeves and get a $5 credit for your next event entry fee)

Just in and on sale for $17.99

WeeklyClosed for Labor Day…Next Saturday @ 1 Save the Date..Kid-Parent Magic-Tournament

Yeh, I know it would be a great day to play and have the store open, but since it’s my anniversary, this is always going to be a day I spend with my gal instead. 😉

Yugioh players…we will be getting the 2011 Wave 1 Collection tins back in for a limited quantity on Weds or Thursday.  $29.99 each or $80 for 3. (One $5 Tournament entry fee for free with when you buy one, 2 if you buy 3).

This weekend, Magic kids/parents (or much bigger brothers/sisters) make sure to save the date/time for our first Kid/Parent two-headed giant magic events.  Parents, this is the big, easy and fun way to figure out what your kids are doing with this game. Because of the way this version is played, the experienced player (most often the kids, though there are a few the other way around…I’m going to be playing with my daughter for her very first game for example) collaborates with the other player, so it really is no experience necessary.

There is also no need to worry about bring cards or figuring out how to make decks.  Each team gets 7 new packs that they use to build their two decks with at the beginning of the event. (Mom’s, big sisters, or daughters get a bonus pack, so get those dishes put away and rooms cleaned up so Mom can come and be your partner.)

Cost of the event is $17 per player ($20 with sleeves and a deckbox!), and remember, any purchase of over $20 gets a $5 off coupon for any of our Magic or Yugioh events.



Weekly Update: New Official hours, Friday, Sat and Sunday events.

Hi Folks,

A few Quick Updates for the week:
  1. Open today for Early dismissal (2:30), and new hours:  Our Hours have been updated for the school year, and pretty much match the schedule for after school (Family run business and I need to get my kids after school too).  We are going to be running a quick tournament on Wednesdays to give the after school kids something to do.  Format will be Modern and we will play around for a little bit with it.  (I am also going to work on setting up a system so you can register your kid and let me know if I need to see completed homework before they can get started.  I won’t be able to do more then a glance to see completed pages, but I’d be willing to give it a try.) Regular hours are on the site, but they are basically 3:30-8 weekdays, closed Tuesday, early weds, and open late on Friday.  Sat will be 12:30
  2. Friday, Date Night Magic continues at 5:30 (5 for food).  PLEASE RSVP if you want your lads or lasses to have Pizza and a drink at 5.  We had no rsvp’s and then a huge last minute rush, so we didn’t have the pizza.  Also, let me know who is interested in Sat. Date night magic?  We’ve had a fair amount of interest, and if I get enough, we’ll start running it.  (I know the store hours say that we close at 7 that night, but that’s just when we stop letting new people come in.  ADULT DRAFT AT 6-6:30…trying to get it going early so the parents who also play can do so at mostly the same time as the kids.
  3. Saturday Magic:  1 p.m.  Legacy Tournament ($5 entry fee)  AND 5:30, Ben’s Special Birthday Draft: All Foil Alara $22 entry fee ($24 with sleeves).  These packs retail for $11.99 each, so getting three plus possible prize packs is a heck of a deal.  I’m playing in this one.
  4. Sunday Yugioh:  Regular tournament at 1, $5 entry.  Top prize: Wave 1 2011 Collectors Tin., Jr. (13 and under) at 2:30, no fee. (buy $20 worth of Yugioh stuff, and the entry fee is on me.)
Oh, and for the Yugioh players, we have a limited number of the 2011 Wave 1 collectors tins.  They are $29.99 each or both for $53.99

Weekly update–What’s going on…

Ben’s Birthday Specials Week. 😉
Buy 4 packs of any cards, get a 5th on me. 😉
  • Date Night Magic as always: Friday: 5 pm with pizza and drink ($20 with the draft and free card sleeves), 5:30 for just the draft.  Please RSVP if you are going to do the food so I can make sure to get the right amount. (I don’t want anyone to go hungry, but I end up losing most of my profit if I over order.  Pizza is currently from Bowsers.)  Let me know if anyone is going to be later then 5:30.  I’m trying to get the kids through all the rounds, but the closer we get to starting at 5:30, the better for everybody.   BTW…I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a Saturday Date night, and I’m thinking about it seriously.  Let me know if you are interested.
  • Friday Night Magic Drafts: 6:30; These are slow to get started, but I’m going to continue to do the Play or Pack guarantee for  those who show up if we don’t have enough to get the game on.
  • Saturday Magic Tournament: 1 p.m.  Format is Legacy, so any legal deck is fine.  In the future these will have a $5 entry fee, but for the first few, they will be on the house. (entry fee will help to cover cost of prizes).
  • Saturday Evening Draft:  I’m doing a draft this Saturday and next for pure fun, and to build up our status with the Magic folks.  Special discounted price…$12 without sleeves, $14 with.  next weekend I will be doing my special Shards of Alara All Foil draft.  That will be $20 instead of the normal $25, and will be my Birthday Draft. 😉
  • Sunday Yu-gi-oh!:  13 and under Tournament at 2:30.  We will be moving these to 2:00.
    Prize Tournament also at 2:30.  We will be moving this to 12 next week.  Entry fee is $5. And the top prize is an Orient Dragon card (value ~$50).
Next week we will start our regular school year hours.
Monday-Thursday 3:30 to 8. (Closed Tuesdays)
Friday 3:30 to 10
Saturday 12-8
Sunday 11-6

Thanks for all the patronage.  So far I’ve had to have a few quiet chats about language with the older kids and good sportsmanship with the younger (including my own), but in general the kids have been just great.  I’ve been able to steer a bunch of the kids who know the games better to help out the kids who didn’t, and it has been great to see.  We try and make connections with people who come in and are feeling shy about jumping in and introducing themselves, and I’m already seeing friendships develop that cross school, age and gender lines.

Oh yes…two more weeks until the Great Parent/Kid Two headed Giant Event.  Great chance to find out what the kids are really doing, without really needing to know how to play, since the kids get to play with you at the same time.  It will be on the Second Saturday after school starts.  Part of our big opening weekends.   One adult to each kid…and, oh yeah…kids, if your Mom is the one that comes, she gets a bonus pack for the team. 😉

GRRR-Website Problems–Date Night Magic Friday 5-5:30, Friday Draft 6:30, Yu-gi-oh! turny Sunday at 3

Much more details coming as I rewrite EVERYTHING from the last week.

Date Night Magic for kids 9-14, starting at 5;30 w/o food and 5 with (pizza and a drink).  RSVP to  $15 for draft (free sleeves and 3 packs plus prizes) $20 with pizza. 3 rounds of play and the event end at a little before 9.

6:30 Friday Magic Draft for the bigger guys.  Play or pack guarantee.  (if we don’t have 6 by 7pm, everyone who shows up gets a free latest magic pack.)


Yu-gi-oh! players… Tournaments return next Sunday, causal today and new stock…

Yu-gi-oh! players…thanks for all the feedback on what to stock and how to do the tournaments.  Come on in today (actually, you are welcome anytime) to find folks for casual play.  Next week, (the 22nd) we are going to run our first “getting our feet wet” tournament at 2:30.    After that we’re going to start running two tournaments, one for the more serious players, that will have a $5 entry fee and a good prize pool, the second for more casual players that will be free, but have more limited, fun prizes.  We will probably be running those on different days so each has enough room in the store to spread out.

We have started to build back our Yu-gi-oh! stock with some of the XYZ Lost Sanctuary Structure decks, Hidden Arsenal SE packs, Hidden Arsenal 2 packs, Crow Duelist Packs, and Yu-gi-oh! sized sleeves.

In about 2-3 weeks we will also start selling (and buying) Yu-gi-oh! singles.

That’s all the news for now…see you at the store. 😉


Friday Night Magic Drafts Starting this week-6:30 start time

Come on in for Friday Night Magic Draft Starting this week.   Sign up and be ready to go for a 6:30 start.

For now, drafts cost $15 and come with a free set of Ultra-Pro sleeves (normally $3).

Since we’re just getting going, we’re going to try and crack the chicken and egg problem by instituting  our One Pack Draft Guarantee.  If you sign up and we don’t get at least 6 players by 7, you get a free pack of the latest set of Magic cards we have in stock to make sure it was worth your time.  🙂  Come on in and play.

Pre-Opening August 5th…

Reopening (actually preopening) Friday Aug. 5th under new management.  Featuring our first Date Night Draft at 5:30 and our first regular Friday Night Magic for adults starting at 6:30.  We’ll also crack open a few boxes of M12, and everyone who comes in the door gets a free card, with an equal chance for a free Mythic in the bunch.

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