GRRR-Website Problems–Date Night Magic Friday 5-5:30, Friday Draft 6:30, Yu-gi-oh! turny Sunday at 3

Much more details coming as I rewrite EVERYTHING from the last week.

Date Night Magic for kids 9-14, starting at 5;30 w/o food and 5 with (pizza and a drink).  RSVP to  $15 for draft (free sleeves and 3 packs plus prizes) $20 with pizza. 3 rounds of play and the event end at a little before 9.

6:30 Friday Magic Draft for the bigger guys.  Play or pack guarantee.  (if we don’t have 6 by 7pm, everyone who shows up gets a free latest magic pack.)


Friday Night Magic Drafts Starting this week-6:30 start time

Come on in for Friday Night Magic Draft Starting this week.   Sign up and be ready to go for a 6:30 start.

For now, drafts cost $15 and come with a free set of Ultra-Pro sleeves (normally $3).

Since we’re just getting going, we’re going to try and crack the chicken and egg problem by instituting  our One Pack Draft Guarantee.  If you sign up and we don’t get at least 6 players by 7, you get a free pack of the latest set of Magic cards we have in stock to make sure it was worth your time.  🙂  Come on in and play.

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