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Yu-gi-oh! players… Tournaments return next Sunday, causal today and new stock…

Yu-gi-oh! players…thanks for all the feedback on what to stock and how to do the tournaments.  Come on in today (actually, you are welcome anytime) to find folks for casual play.  Next week, (the 22nd) we are going to run our first “getting our feet wet” tournament at 2:30.    After that we’re going to start running two tournaments, one for the more serious players, that will have a $5 entry fee and a good prize pool, the second for more casual players that will be free, but have more limited, fun prizes.  We will probably be running those on different days so each has enough room in the store to spread out.

We have started to build back our Yu-gi-oh! stock with some of the XYZ Lost Sanctuary Structure decks, Hidden Arsenal SE packs, Hidden Arsenal 2 packs, Crow Duelist Packs, and Yu-gi-oh! sized sleeves.

In about 2-3 weeks we will also start selling (and buying) Yu-gi-oh! singles.

That’s all the news for now…see you at the store. 😉


Friday Night Magic Drafts Starting this week-6:30 start time

Come on in for Friday Night Magic Draft Starting this week.   Sign up and be ready to go for a 6:30 start.

For now, drafts cost $15 and come with a free set of Ultra-Pro sleeves (normally $3).

Since we’re just getting going, we’re going to try and crack the chicken and egg problem by instituting  our One Pack Draft Guarantee.  If you sign up and we don’t get at least 6 players by 7, you get a free pack of the latest set of Magic cards we have in stock to make sure it was worth your time.  🙂  Come on in and play.

Friday Night Magic


Cost is $15 and comes with an optional pack of $3.50 ultra pro sleeves for only $2 extra. Format is casual, playing 3 rounds, with a pack for a prize for the winner of each round. Current Drafts will be 1 Born of the Gods and 2 Theros packs.

BTW…GREAT Draft Practice sites

Come on in.  Drafts are a great way for everybody to start out on the same footing and have an equal chance to win and an guaranteed chance to have fun. While we have some great competitive players, we take great pride in remembering that playing games is supposed to be fun and focusing on helping everybody have a great time.

Players should know how to play the game, but players who have never tried drafting, new players, and players who haven’t played for a long time will find us a warm and welcoming group, who will help them to get comfortable so we can add new people to our mix.If you want help in getting more comfortable before hand, come on in and we’ll hook you up with one of our regulars to help out.  Being a comfortable and fun place to play is our specialty.

We also run kid specific drafts on the first and third Saturday of each month. These alternate between booster drafts and two-headed giant events and start and end earlier to accommodate the kids.

www.alameda.com 510-522-2109.

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