No more Adult Yugioh Tournaments or play at D20?!? Why…


Important announcement:
No more Adult Yugioh @ D20

 We sincerely apologize to the majorly of Yugioh players who are lovely and respectful people that the continued tone set by the rest have forced  us to this  decision, but the persistent problems created by bad apples in the group (language, aggression, unfair trading, shoplifting) have reached a point to force us to decide to ban all adult Yugioh play at the store.  We will continue to allow kid play only on Saturday from 1-4 for now and evaluate this as time goes on.

Why Yugioh and not any of the other games?  This has been puzzling us as well.  While we have had a few incidents with other groups, about 95% of the issues at the store have come from the Yugioh days.  This has been an issues with many of the other stores in the area, about half of which (such as Games of Berkeley  have come to the same choice. While the majority of people who play any game are lovely, there were enough people who set the tone of the group in the wrong direction that in spite of a year and a half of gentle to more serious talks, and banning of several people, we were unable to get the group as a whole to understand that we are very serious about the store as family friendly and a “Safe” zone.

  • No swearing, aggressive or threatening comments
  • No anti-gay, racist, sexist or sexual inappropriate comments
  • No intimidating or shaming others

We have been successful at creating that in every other community, but a year+ of working  between gentle and firm with the adult  Yugioh community has been ultimately incompatible with what we are trying to have as the safe comfortable store we are working to create.  A few weeks ago we installed some new security cameras and discovered a large amount of shoplifting happening within that group, much of it being observed by other members of the group.  

Can Yugioh players come for other events or days?

Players are welcome to join the other communities of players, but there will be zero tolerance for the attitudes and behaviors that caused this problem.

We will be closed for free play on Sunday and Tuesday, and will restart with different tournament play in s (including Cardfight! and potentially Pokémon, Magic and/or chess and other game tournaments).  Pack purchase will be required to be in the store on those days and there will be no Yugioh play or trading allowed in the store with the exception of those 14 and younger on Saturday’s between 2-4 for now..and hopefully in that group the good behaving kids can keep anyone who heads in the other direction in check so we don’t have to do the same thing for the kids.




  1. I would like to say this is unfair, but on the other hand, what else can you do? If this had been going on that long, I find it hard to find another answer as well.

    Shame it had to come to that.

    • It really made me sad to do it. There are lots of great folks in that community, and it is unfair to them. But it just became too much, and for a lot of the players, the family friendly rules that I have for the store felt too limiting for them, and they are happier being in places where that is not as much of an issue. I hope the community is able to do a little more taking care of itself…the elements who are stealing, both from other players and the stores, who are causing damage, and who are even just treating the stores like giant trash buckets are the ones who have been forcing stores like us and Games of Berkeley and others to these kinds of choices.

      We have found that getting rid of a certain level of the bad language, smack talk and frankly shaming of other players in the other games, while making a few people unhappy, actually comes as a huge relief to the rest of the players, and makes it feel like a safe and fun place to be.

      Any player who finds that is what they want, is welcome to come back and learn any of the other games and play here. However, I will come down hard on any of the behaviors and attitudes that caused this issue in the first place.

    • You can buy packs, but we’re just going through the product we have…in fact, we’re giving deals on a fair amount of it. Trading still ok during 2-4 on saturdays for the next month or so until we are out of product.

  2. Hi Ben, I appreciate the that you are holding the line for safety and fair play at the store. That is the reason why I allow my 10 year old to play there on his own. I trust that you will be in charge of creating a safe and fair space while modeling the values that I would like him to have as he progresses to adulthood. I feel that shutting down the play is reasonable, also prosecution for the theft would be a reasonable response as well. These are adults who are perfectly able to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. I tell my son that he is lucky to have a store like D20 in the neighborhood and that he should make sure that you know that you are appreciated for creating this safe, fun and thriving space. Your business is clearly a labor of love. Alameda is lucky to have you.

  3. Guys, Games of Berkeley had a problem with some of its Yugioh players after the tournament last Saturday (5/4). Some of them stayed afterwards and at some point, tried to break into the large, reinforced closet where we keep our CCG backstock. The first time they did this a few months ago, we suspended Yugioh events and only began them again when we found a responsible player to be responsible for the activities there. This second attempt apparently happened after our responsible guy had left for the day after the tournament was over. The reason they couldn’t get in by ripping the door out of the jamb is because, after the first attempt, I had installed a new, longer deadbolt on the door and it held long enough that they gave up. They ruined the door in the process and we’re having a carpenter in to replace the jamb. We have also cancelled every Yugioh event we had on the schedule and have no plans to give these thugs a third chance in the future. I thought I would send you this note as fair warning. I don’t care if they badmouth us, I just don’t want them back.

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