Parties at D20 Alameda

Parties at D20

Yes we do birthday (and other private) Parties at D20.

We have two primary options:  Table reservations during regular hours, and private events either before or after closing. We also have options to add to the parties for both events and party favors. You may bring in external food but will be responsible for clean up or we can order pizza to have brought in for an additional charge. Best time for parties currently is Sundays, Sat between 1-4, Tuesdays/Thursdays between 4 and 7.  Parties can be done before or after standard hours at an additional fee.

Hours available need to be discussed with staff at [email protected]

Item Unit Price
Space Rental  
Before or After hours (Per hour, 2 hour minimum) $125
Reserved table (Per hour, 2 hour minimum, up to 8 people) $50
Custom Events:
Standard Magic Draft, or Conspiracy group draft(per Person-three packs per player provided) $15
Two-headed Giant (4 packs per person) (8 person person table can be reserved during standard 2HG nights for an extra $5 per player.  No extra services provided and must be full 8 people.  Exception can be made to rent a table for 1 hour at 3-4 pm before event to do cake, etc. ) $20
Sealed Deck (Per Person-6 packs per person provided) $25
Learn to Play Magic (Loaner decks provided) (per person-$50 minimum) $7
Learn to Play Magic (Mini Decks** and booster pack per person to keep provided) per player $12
Learn to Play Magic (Full Intro Decks including 2 booster packs provided.) per player $18
Learn to play Pokemon(Includes Intro Decks.) Per Player-6 player minimum $18
D&D Special Event.  4-7 players.  Min 3 hours.  With table rental-$380-440 $150+ $20 pp
Party Favors
Deck Boxes (Varies by style) $3-4
Sleeves (Varies by style) $3.5-5
Standard Deck box/sleeves combo $8-10
Extra Cool Custom Party Favors $8
Custom Magic Cards of Each Player (per Card) $20*
Customized Poster of player as their favorite Planeswalker-13” x 19” $75*


*Custom printed Magic Card items require a digital face on photo of each person.  They take between 5-7 business days to complete so are usually best send out with thank you notes afterwards.  Planeswalker posters require finding out the birthday person’s favorite planeswalker and providing photos at least a week in advance.  If possible, we will also acquire the original card for you to purchase to give with the poster.  These are great items and the kids put them on their walls and adore them.

**These are from the learn to play intro decks.


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  1. Hi Ben!

    Trying to figure out if there is a good couple of hours I can rent a table for Ian on Easter weekend. He wants a couple friends from d20 too, but I’m not sure they would be there that Sunday. Maybe Sat. is better? Trying to coordinate everything..ugh. Also wondering if it’s ok to have cupcakes or (a healthy treat?) for everyone who is present in the store at the time. Ian and I are really into inclusion. Any advice is welcome. 🙂 – Justine (Ian’s Mom)

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