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Our standard line at D20 is that our collection of games is not encyclopedic , but carefully selected.  That means that while there are a bunch of great games out there we don’t yet know about, we’ve been spending a fair amount of time picking out ones that we know we can recommend as good stuff.   The owner (me) is also a dad, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of what games are good for kids, including ones that siblings can play without fighting or kids who don’t always have someone in the house to play with can play without needing anyone else.   We have good games for a group of friends getting together to laugh, and good games for sophisticated gamers who like to really get into it.

We do a bunch of our own games reviews, and are also huge fan’s of the Youtube series, Tabletop, where ex-kid actor and current uber-game geek boy Wil Wheaton gets together with his hollywood and gamer buddies and review/plays great board games.

Any game we have that is open, people are welcome to come in and try out.  We even do game rentals. (10% per night, two night minimum on unopened games. Basically, we charge you for the game and refund it when you get back less the rental fee.  That way, if you love the game, you are good to go. If not, you come on back without having wasted your $$ on something that didn’t feel fun to you.)

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