Holiday Events/Sales

This is gonna be our bulletin board for updating sales and events for the holidays.  But before I do that and smile and remind you that us local businesses need you guys big time to stay alive, I’m gonna get on my usual soapbox about Black Friday Sales. Don’t let big retail (or even me) force you to give up time with yer loved ones, or a rare and well deserved sleep in, just to get out in a crowd, or stuck to a screen to buy stuff!  We will have sales, but they will last into the week after, so you can come in at your leisure.  We will be open extra hours and running extra events during thanksgiving, so feel free to come in.  We’re just not gonna stand outside your door, screaming for attention. Speaking of the events and stuff…here is the first installment on what is going on:   A couple of special things this week  Magic Brother’s War Release weekend events all weekend, including Two Headed Giants Sat and Sun-using prerelease kits for extra fun D&D…special Events For

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