Big Move update…-old store extended through the weekend.

Hi folks…. Events this weekend.  (2-9-24) Murders at Karlov Manor Release events (Friday, Sat, Sun) Friday Sealed and Sat sealed and THG at the original store.  Sunday at the new store. D&D will be in the D&D rooms at the new store on both Sat and Sunday. For those who don’t know yet…we are in the middle of a big (really, really) big move down the street to 1502 Park Street.  (Check out D20gamesalameda on instagram for updates to the work as I look up enough to realize I should be taking pics. ) We keep threatening to get the next events at the new store, even under construction, but so far that has been limited to the D&D rooms.  The rest have been at the existing store (though it is getting more and more spacious as things get moved out. To give us a chance to do the build and move thing…we will have Release events for the new Magic set at the old store on Friday and Sat, and in the new store on Sunday. We may press people into service

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