Yu-gi-oh! players… Tournaments return next Sunday, causal today and new stock…

Yu-gi-oh! players…thanks for all the feedback on what to stock and how to do the tournaments.  Come on in today (actually, you are welcome anytime) to find folks for casual play.  Next week, (the 22nd) we are going to run our first “getting our feet wet” tournament at 2:30.    After that we’re going to start running two tournaments, one for the more serious players, that will have a $5 entry fee and a good prize pool, the second for more casual players that will be free, but have more limited, fun prizes.  We will probably be running those on different days so each has enough room in the store to spread out.

We have started to build back our Yu-gi-oh! stock with some of the XYZ Lost Sanctuary Structure decks, Hidden Arsenal SE packs, Hidden Arsenal 2 packs, Crow Duelist Packs, and Yu-gi-oh! sized sleeves.

In about 2-3 weeks we will also start selling (and buying) Yu-gi-oh! singles.

That’s all the news for now…see you at the store. 😉


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