WeeklyClosed for Labor Day…Next Saturday @ 1 Save the Date..Kid-Parent Magic-Tournament

Yeh, I know it would be a great day to play and have the store open, but since it’s my anniversary, this is always going to be a day I spend with my gal instead. 😉

Yugioh players…we will be getting the 2011 Wave 1 Collection tins back in for a limited quantity on Weds or Thursday.  $29.99 each or $80 for 3. (One $5 Tournament entry fee for free with when you buy one, 2 if you buy 3).

This weekend, Magic kids/parents (or much bigger brothers/sisters) make sure to save the date/time for our first Kid/Parent two-headed giant magic events.  Parents, this is the big, easy and fun way to figure out what your kids are doing with this game. Because of the way this version is played, the experienced player (most often the kids, though there are a few the other way around…I’m going to be playing with my daughter for her very first game for example) collaborates with the other player, so it really is no experience necessary.

There is also no need to worry about bring cards or figuring out how to make decks.  Each team gets 7 new packs that they use to build their two decks with at the beginning of the event. (Mom’s, big sisters, or daughters get a bonus pack, so get those dishes put away and rooms cleaned up so Mom can come and be your partner.)

Cost of the event is $17 per player ($20 with sleeves and a deckbox!), and remember, any purchase of over $20 gets a $5 off coupon for any of our Magic or Yugioh events.



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