Monday Special Draft!! Worldwake! Holiday Hours…

Get yer Jace on!  Second of our Premium Draft series–Worldwake!

We did an after hours draft of the first batch last week and realized that we’d forgotten how much fun this set was.  Beyond the possibility of  pulling the card that was so good it almost broke Magic completely, the set features a bunch of extremely fun aspects, including kickers, landfall and allies.  Lots of different and fun ways to play in this set.  It also includes the extremely cool Zendikar lands.  These packs normally go for $10 each these days, so even at the premiere price of $25, this is a lot of fun for the $$.  Limited to the first 12 players to sign up, so come in (or call in) early.

When: 6:00

Cost: $25/pp (includes 3 packs of Worldwake.)  Prizes of VERY cool Worldwake Mat and the lands that match them for the top players. (but since it is $30 worth of Worldwake for $25, everybody wins. 😉 )  Sleeves are available for special discount of $2 with the draft.

Monday Draft of one of the most fun sets ever