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Ben is the owner of D20 Games.

Double Masters 2022 Events

Double Masters 2022 is the 2nd masters set with all the old school goodies at twice the rares per pack.  The set is chock full of over the top goodness, and we’re gonna do draft and sealed events with it before the price follows the other Master’s sets and makes it too much. 










Streets of New Capenna: Where Family Means Business

Wealth. Power. Prestige. Offers you can’t refuse. You can find it all on the streets of New Capenna – as long as you watch your back.  The latest Magic set, Streets of New Capenna, is filled with 3-color goodness (or badness in this case) in the form of five feuding crime families:

  • THE OBSCURA (WHITE-BLUE-BLACK)  “Information is Power”
  • THE MAESTROS (BLUE-BLACK-RED) “Crime is an Art Form”
  • THE RIVETEERS (BLACK-RED-GREEN) “Always Finish the Job”
  • THE BROKERS (GREEN-WHITE-BLUE) “Read the Fine Print”

Each of these five families is headed by a powerful demon lord, offering you power in exchange for your loyalty. But beware: there is always a price to pay in the Gilded Age-inspired city of New Capenna. Each family offers its own unique and powerful mechanic. The question is – whose side will you choose?

Upcoming Events:

This weekend and next, we have a plethora of sealed events using the prerelease kits from the new set. Players can get their boxes of 6 packs to open and get to build their decks starting 1 hour before each event.  New Capenna is a faction set, so you will get one of the five faction kits. Faction kits have 5 normal 15-card packs, 1 random exclusive promo foil rare or mythic rare from the set, and a special 15-card faction pack which you can only get in the prerelease kits. We provide the basic lands, so you don’t need anything more to play.  We pride ourselves that  no one here will make you feel anything but welcome (we all started from scratch at some point).  

All events are sealed using the prerelease kits.  Make your best decks and win a pack, win a round.   If we have enough players to accommodate both, we will also have competitive prize pools for the 10AM sealed events. (Competitive prize pools mean more chance to win lots of packs if you do very well, but more rounds and the chance to win no prize packs if you don’t. Better for more expert players.)

The prerelease and release events are great chances for players who haven’t gotten a chance to play in person to come to a friendly, fun event where everyone is starting from scratch and no one knows much more than anyone else yet.  We recommend if you are new, or you have a friend who is new, to play in the Two-Headed Giant events, which are two-person team events. So long as one person in the team knows how to play, you can both have fun without any pressure to know the rules right away.

Masks and vaccination cards are required. Players must be 12 or older.


Ledger Shredder ConnivesConniving Ledger Shredder

Streets of New Capenna’s five crime families each come with their own unique mechanic, which reflects their theme and fantasy:

  • The creatures of the devious Obscura can connive, which allows you to draw, then discard cards and grow their creatures to put yourself in a more advantageous position (plus putting on a + counter).
  • Discerning Maestros spells can have an optional casualty cost, which allows you to sacrifice your underlings – sorry, your loyal creatures to copy the spell a second time.
  • In with a blaze and out with a crash with the Blitz
    In with a blaze and out with a crash with the Blitz

    Rough-and-tumble Riveteers creatures get the job done quick and dirty with their blitz costs, which gives them haste and lets you draw a card when they die, but requires you to sacrifice them at the end of the turn.

  • The sociable Cabaretti trigger their alliance effects whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control.
  • Finally, the disciplined Brokers offer your permanence shield counters – counters which prevent one instance of damage or destruction, and are then removed.
    Disciplined Duelist is protected by the Shield Mechanic
    The shield always takes the first hit

Streets of New Capenna comes with a host of new and decadent variants to bring a gilded feel to your collection. The full list of variant cards is available here. The full list of all cards is available here. The set also comes with a number of special, exclusive new legendary creatures available only in set and collector boosters, themed in the popular Innistrad plane. A full product overview of the set is available here.

Set booster boxes are $139.99. They contain 30 set boosters and one exclusive premium full-art box topper. We will take $20 off for preorders ($119.99). Only events and preorders are available until Friday 4/29, when all Streets of New Capenna products will be available.

Finally, for you Commander players out there, there are five new Commander preconstructed decks that have been released alongside the set. each representing one of the five crime families. Their full decklists can be found here.

We hope to see you soon for the release of Streets of New Capenna. If you have what it takes, I’m sure  me and the boys can make it worth your while.


IMPT: Suspending in store play/events for ~a month

Damn….this really bugs the hell out of me, particularly since we were finally able to start opening for kids events, but I can’t figure out anyway for people to sit across the table from each other with a version of the virus that seems to have a flipping cloak of invisibility and only needs a whisper to get people sick.  I know it is a much lest deadly version, but I still gotta do what I think is the right thing, even if it costs us business that we need.

Grrr…. don’t know what this means for the next magic prerelease, but we’ll figure it out.  Stay safe and cough into your sleeve.

D20 Holiday Hours and Sales-Pokémon In Stock!!


  • Holiday hours
  • Great stuff for the last minute adds and stuffers with two great for you and for you to get some extra good done.
  • We hid away some great Pokémon so it could be here for gifts, not only snatched up by the hordes.

Hours for the holiday will be: (note hours update to the update…)

12/23 open till 10 pm. (door will be closed cause it’s closed, but knock and come on in.
12/24 open 10 till 4 (well probably be open longer, but folks tend to stop shopping by then.  If you need last minute things, give the store a call, We’ll answer as long as we are there.
12/25 Closed (happy holiday)

Sale stuff: Both for Gifts and for playing together during the annoyingly rainy holiday.  (Dreaming of a wet xmas? Don’t think so..)

Two fun things:

  1. Once you commit to your purchase, you get to roll 3 D6 and get that as a bonus discount.  (We’ll make anything below a 10 into 10, to make sure it is always at least that much.)
  2. You buy and we give too (Every $50 spent, we will give $10 worth of games to the Midway Woman’s Shelter*

(*Many women need to leave in the middle of the night, often grabbing what they can.  We find games that will be good for giving some mental respite and maybe a bit of fun for families in a frequently intensely tough situation. )

We have a bunch of great games both to add under the tree, and for fun things to do in the rain over the holiday that don’t involve mind melding with screens. (preview hint…on the first, I’ll be lobbying for people to build face to face family/friend game time into a regular weekly thing…with phones in a bucket for a couple of hours a week.)

Pokémon in stock..
















D20 Holiday Sales -Thanks-GIVING sale and Loot bags are back and…

This holiday we are doing three things.

  1. The return of our Giving Sale (buy and we donate games to the Midway Woman’s Shelter*.
  2. Mystery Loot Bags are back, and full of better stuff than ever.  We got a bunch of great games from some of the stores that weren’t able to hang on by their fingers through covid that will go into making some truly great  game loot bags, either at $60 or $100 each.  Magic and D&D loot bags as well…check this space for more
  3. Special prices on selected great board games In Store…
  • Gloomhaven $89.99 down from $139.99
  • Stuffed Fables -$49.00 (down from $69.99)
  • Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle Earth-$79.99 (Down from $99.99)

All deals are limited in number, not so much on time…they will be good through Dec 17th

Holiday Games

(*Many women need to leave in the middle of the night, often grabbing what they can.  We find games that will be good for giving some mental respite and mabye a bit of fun for families in a frequently intensely tough situation. )

Spend time with people on Friday, but Save the Date (Bucks) Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday

If you’ve been a customers with us for a while, you know that every year I do the same stupid thing and try to get people to stop feeling the need to take away time on a holiday to friggin go shopping.  I know from the business side, taking advantage of being part of a great conspiracy (really, that is the correct use of that for once) to get consumer’s whipped into a frenzy is smart.  But it ain’t what we believe in.   So instead, I’m going to ask you to set aside some percentage of your fun gift purchasing to do with us.

We’re gonna be closed on Thanksgiving, but open starting 12 on Friday.  Our sales will go on for at least a week, so you don’t need to rush.

I’ll announce what the sales will be like on Friday,  and keep an updated list of goodies that we decide to add every day for the next couple of weeks, but I will give one big hint.  We’re gonna have a return of the mystery loot bags, and we have a really great set of new stuff to put in ’em,  A ton of great games, excellent magic loot bags and some great D&D surprises.

Some of the games to go into Game Mystery Loot Bags

I won’t tell you how much to send in our direction, but know, we will appreciate everything you can and will work like bandits to make sure you get as much fun per dollar as we possibly can.

And meantime….have a good Thanksgiving…whatever else has happened, we all have some real reasons to be thankful this year.

Oh, and I’d like to a propose a new tradition.  In addition to saying what you are thankful for this year, say what you want to be thankful for next year that you can help happen.  It matters more than we might think…

-Ben (Store owner guy)

Poster for Innistrad Crimson Vow Prerelease events at D20 Games

Crimson Vow @ D20 Games

What wears white, wears black, and loves the reds (but does not drink…wine)?

Upcoming Events:

All events are sealed using the prerelease kits (6packs, plus foil mythic or rare randomized promo card).  Make your best decks and win a pack, win a round.   If we have enough to do both, we will also do competitive on Sat am (More chance to win lots of packs if you do very well, but more rounds and the chance to win no prize packs if you don’t. Better for more expert players.)

Seating will still be more limited to keep things covid safe.  Masks and Vax cards are required.  Can’t have the under 12 year old’s  play yet, but we are getting close as they get a chance to get vaxed as well!!  The prerelease and release events are great chances for players who haven’t gotten a chance to play in person to come to a firendly, fun event where everyone is starting from scratch and no one “knows” much more than anyone else yet.  The best event for new players are the two headed giants.  These are two person team events, so as long as one person knows how to play, the other can get as much as they need from them, without feeling any pressure to know the rules right away.

Poster for Innistrad Crimson Vow Prerelease events at D20 Games

Innistrad Crimson Vow is the 2nd in a 3 block set! (been a long time for that).  If the last went to the wolves, this one goes to the vamps, including the (undead) man himself.  The Big Bad is taking a backseat to the Big Vlad.

Here are the mechanics for the new set.

Return of Drafting @ D20

Hey folks….

A few event updates of significance..

  • Return of drafts for FNM
  • Two Headed Giant on Sat moves from 3pm to 4pm start time.
  • D&D is coming back…


Return of Drafting for FNM:Starting 10/22 we will experimenting with doing drafts again for Friday Night Magic.  We’ll be pulling out the plastic tablecloths (the ones we used for birthdays) so we can sanitize them in between rounds, and we will have everyone sanitize hands before they start drafting (and have a no drinks or anything that will get hands next to a mouth during the drafting process).  If I think this is going well, this is what we will do from now on.

We have also raised the price of the drafts to $20. (The packs have gotten more expensive and we have a much more limited number of players we can have for the events so we really need every dollar we can to start to clime out of the joy and fun of last year).  But I’m going to do this. For all of our old players, if you also were pushed to the limit from last year or just can’t afford the price increase, tell us at the counter and we’ll let you keep doing the old $15 for at least the next few months.

Two Headed Giants moving from 3-4 on Saturdays:

We’re shifting the time for the two headed giants back to the old time of 4pm, so it returns it to being more of a date night, evening fun activity. This really is one of our favorite events and we will be doing it consistantly to get it back up and running.  (Still have to have the 12+ age limit, but as soon as the vaccination for the younger folks comes in, we’ll happily open the doors to let them back).

D&D in person is starting back up:

This Sunday (10/24) is going to be Dan’s return to DMing events in the store.  The time will be 2-7 and will be limited to 7 players.  This event will be a 4 session run and should be good fun. This is for players with some experience playing, not a first time event. $20 pers session (and if you want to come to all 4, probably best to get tix in advance)

We will be doing a Dungeon  Crawl into an Abandoned Dwarven Keep . Players Should Create a Level 5 Character using Standard array or the pound buy system in the players hand book.  Players will have standard starting equipment as well as any 1 Uncommon Magic item of their choice.  Any Player resources and books printed by Wizards of the Cost will be allowed including unearthed arcana.”

Starting in about a week we will start doing Weds D&D and after that, late night Saturday


Pokémon continues to be in extremely short supply.  We are continuing to let 12 and younger kids buy 1 pack a day at the old 3.99 price so they don’t get totally overrun by the adults who are snapping everything up. I’m sorry for not having preorders for all the higher end stuff, but we don’t know until the last minute what will come in.  If you want Pokémon gifts for the holidays, I really reeaally recommend getting them now. The supply chain is truly messed up and hits this stuff hard.

Hope to see you this week and as always…seriously thanks for shopping local.


P.S.  We will be spreading out sales/offerings over November so we don’t have to get people to waste part of their vacation running around shopping.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Release Weekend Events…

Hey folks,

People are starting to (slowly) feel more comfortable stretching their in person legs and coming back to the store for in person events.  This weekend we are doing the Release Weekend events for Innistrad Midnight Hunt.  We’ll still be giving out extra promo’s and goodies to those who venture out to see us.  Oh, and we changed the age who could come to 12 and up, since we belatedly figured out that was the age that we can get the vaccine. (Vaccine cards and Masks are still the required way of the world)

We are having events

Innistrad Midnight hunt

More info about the set from Wizards…


The in-store in-person dilemma…

(By Ben Calica, store owner guy)

Hey folks,

So we’ve been struggling with a problem. People were so excited about us reopening and doing in person events, that when we finally started doing them, we were a bit dismayed when they were so lightly attended.  We’ve been doing what we could to keep things safe, limiting the number of players, putting air filtration systems on the tables, etc. But we still were missing our people, in a way that was a bit of a head scratcher. First, I asked the other store owners on our Facebook secret handshake club groups how they were doing, I got a polar split.  A bunch of folks were having the same experience I was, and others were having record breaking attendance.  With a quick bit of digging, it turned out that there is an almost direct correlation between vaccine/mask acceptance and how well the store were doing.  Guess it isn’t really a surprise that the parts of the country that don’t take Covid seriously, are the ones who are packing their stores.  Sigh… So then I did some reaching out to our community to ask what was going on in their brains. The results were interesting.

  1.  The $^#$ing Delta variant.  A whole bunch of people are really concerned about the new variant and it changed them from “yay it’s actually over” to “actually, not going out to events with people so much for a while longer”.  It’s not V-Day, more like meerkats popping up their heads to see if it is safe and hearing something rustling in the bushes.
  2. Masks, glorious Masks:  I could understand this one, having just been to the movies for the first time in a year and a half.  We wear our masks dutifully when we are out and about, but the idea of spending our fun time wearing them as well just is too much for a bunch of people.
  3. Too much $$/where oh where did our drafting go? This one is on me and I’m not sure what to do about it? As much as I love magic drafting, the idea of passing a bunch of cards from hand to hand isn’t a particularly safe sounding idea right now.  So I decided that taking all the prerelease kits we couldn’t get to play with over the sheltered days would be a great solution.  Super fun and you get to build your own decks without touching anyone else’s. The truth is that I was going to need to raise the prices of the events anyway since it is gonna take a while for us to recover, and when we have smaller events, we still have to pay the same for workers and roof and stuff.  (My plan had been to set the new prices, but let anyone who couldn’t afford it pay the old prices for a little while.  Sort of a suggested donation thing.)
  4. You have to be this tall (age) to go on this ride…what about the kids?  This one is really killing me. Because the under 12 crowd can’t be vaccinated yet, we (and a whole bunch of other places) can’t have them participate in events.   I started the @#% shop to create a safe place for kids (and others) to be and learn how to treat each other with respect and kindness.  And now I have to say no to letting them into the store to play?  (That is the thing that makes me roiling mad at those who are proudly showing off their willful stupidity. They are creating this perfect training ground for new and more dangerous variants to grow and because of them, people who have been caring for each other and doing the right thing are having to suffer.  Grrrrr-that is the G rated version of what I’ve been feeling.)
  5. People don’t know things are happening again.  This one is also on me.  The rebuilding has been slow as molasses since all the contractors are out contracting, and I haven’t done a great job in spreading the word.   But we did for last month, so that isn’t the whole thing.  Still, don’t be shocked if you see me out front in a giant Pikachu outfit, spinning a sign like and Olympic twirling champion. (ok…that is not gonna happen… I look terrible in yellow.)

So what are we doing about all this?

  1. Keeping things small and safe.  I want y’all alive and well and us not being a vector for anything but good stuff.
  2. Always make it worth showing up.  If you sign up for an event and it doesn’t fire, count on leaving with some promos and/or packs that will make it worth the trip.  If this sounds like bribes to prime the pump, well, yeah…you got that one right on the money.
  3. Take suggestions to share on the most comfy masks. Hey, if we gotta wear ’em, lets find the good ones.
  4. Keep things regular:  Knowing that we are having certain events every week  helps over time.  For example, we are bringing back Magic two headed Giants every sat.  And we are going to bring back D&D. We might do online D&D as well for a while while this all gets figured out.
  5. Be patient with this.  It is gonna be a long, very difficult haul. but we will do what we must to keep making it through..
  6. Listen to you guys.  We need to hear what things work or don’t work for you.  That is the only way we can adapt to this weird world. (again)












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