Turkey O Doom

Black Friday/Small Biz Satureday. Thanksgiving Sales: Relax…go play…we’ll be here- ;-) (Again)

Go play on Black Friday....we'll be here before and after. Just save a bit to spend with us. ;-) This year, we're focused on Givings instead of Savings. Buy gifts with us and together we will fill a big box of gifts for folks in need of a bit of random kindness.
Enough…Thanksgiving is for being with people, not shopping….

We are doing sales for the whole week through Dec 1st, so take your time.. Come in for Small Business Saturday, or another day this week. We are having extra hours this week and next, open at 10 am every weekday through the 1st. (Except Thanksgiving …closed for that cause I gotta make my Peking duck turkey, people).

However, We do need as much business as you can through our way because we have huge news….over the next 3 months we are going to be moving down the street to a new location that is 3x our current size.  That means that we are gonna be able to offer multiple D&D rooms, much more play space, and not just one or two kid things after school, but full afterschool and summer program D&D (and, fingers crossed, Chess, Lego Robotics, and Real robotics).  So I’m departing from my usual focus on minimizing sales in exchange for helping others, to use this time to put together some great deals to put $ into the make the new D20 special build out fund. (We will be doing a kickstarter coming up very soon…keep eyes out for that.)  That means we have both good deals as well as the return of the famed Loot bags in updated forms.  So far we have Magic Event at Home bags from Silver ($49.99), Gold ($99.99) Platinum ($199.99), and the one off Ultimate ($599.99). (Each one has amusingly more value then those prices).  We also have a D&D bundle, as well as a full set of Dice Goblin Loot bags for those of us who realize that “enough dice” is clearly an statement made by the uninitiated.


We are Closed for Thanksgiving…Open at 10am Friday the 24th.  Next week we will be open extra hours, Monday-Friday at 10am.

Black Friday =Family Friday—if you wanna come into pick something up and go home and play, great.  But don’t stress about it.

Go play!!!  Sure, I’m the board game guy, so that’s my auto suggestion, but go for a walk, hike, de-dust the football (and stretch first..those of us who’s memories of being 12 are a few times older then being 12.)  But go goof with each other, and have some (gasp) fun!  Relax, go back to the leftovers a bunch of times when no one is looking. Or just chill out.

I’m not saying we don’t want and need yer business.  We absolutely do.  Competing with the near cost prices of Amazon means that every sale from customers who appreciate that we are creating a home for community more then anything else is absolutely key for us.  (So save some of your gift money to spend with us).  But it does mean that I’m not going to make my sales last 45 minutes so you have no choice but to leave the house in order to get them.  We’ll be doing sales all week , but we’ll base them on how many we need to sell at that price so, you can come in this weekend, or next week, etc.

Our big thing is to make sure that we listen and can point you to things that will actually be fun to play and make people happy.  (And no fake reviews either.  Ok…that was a little shot at Amazon…couldn’t help myself.)

Coming…list to a page of our recommended gifts for this year, as well as any other special stuff.  But for right now, just think about special stuffing.  (Ok…if you come into the store today, you can get some great games to play over the holiday.)



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