Parent/Kid D&D at D20 Games

Family playing D&DUpdate…now starting on June 29th!

We are starting Parent/Kid D&D at D20 Games.  Starting Thursdays at 5-7 (come in starting 4 for extra help with characters/questions), the idea is for up to 4 parent & kid combos to get a chance to play D&D together.  This can be an old-school player sharing their misspent youth with their kids, or kids getting to share something that they love with their kids. (We are also looking to do a weekend table.)

What: D&D ongoing adventure (6 weeks)

When: Thursdays at 5-7 (Time will actually be 4-7, but first hour is for help with characters and other questions) Or Sunday  3-5 (we will be there from 2pm on to help with questions and game help.)  The first session will be mostly about getting your characters in good shape and answering questions to make it much more fun/easier to play.  (For those who pay for the whole 6 weeks, this will get added in as an extra bonus week for a total of 7 weeks of D&D)

Cost: $40 per pair/ session  ($220 for all 6 weeks). Limited to 5 teams per table.  If we get more than 5, we will start a list for a second table which will start when we have at least 3 extra pairs and a .)

Requirements: At least one of the two players should be familiar enough with D&D to play.  More mature of pair is responsible for  ensuring that players are not being disruptive enough to ruin game play for everyone. (Tools we have to help with that include the fact that any ‘loud” talk at the table has a good chance of being heard  by wandering monsters.)  We strongly suggest that each combo have their own copy of the Players Handbook. (And be very liberal with the post-it notes/paper clips to get easy access to the things about your character that you need to get to during play. (spells, special abilities, etc.)

Players will start with a 3rd level character generated using either Standard Array or Point buy for the stats, and classes/races from any of the official D&D 5e printed content (excluding Critical Role).  (If you want to do Point Buy, here is a good tool to help.)Players should bring an extra character sheet to give the DM, and should have reference cards for their most commonly used spells and abilities. (We want to minimize people frantically flipping through books when it is their turn to act so we can spend more time playing.)

Here are some useful resources to help get you started.

My personal recommendation is to figure out what class you would like to play, and then pick the race that has ability bonuses that help with that class and then set up your stats to help.  One thing to remember that the bonuses you get from the basic ability scores only make a difference on the even, not the odd numbers.   So, for example, a strength score of 14 and 15 would be +2,  and 16 or 17 would get you +3.  You wanna work to get as many of your ability scores into even numbers.  (Don’t worry about not getting it perfect.  For the first couple of sessions, we will let people go back and fix things if they realize they had a different option that works better for them. )








































































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