Grand Prix Oakland M14 Sealed Practice

We are starting to do cheap ($20) 6 pack M14 Magic Sealed events to get in practice for Grand Prix Oakland.  We are slotting these in whenever we can.  They will be for practice, not for prize, so people can pick up packs before hand and join events in progress if they can’t make it when they start (they will get a game loss for the rounds we play, but will still get the points and practice for what they do play.)  People are big time encouraged to help each other out after the games to figure out how to get much better.  GO TEAM D20!!!

Cost will be $20 ($25 with 5 credit to the next event to make sure that people don’t take advantage of the offer just to get packs cheaper…we’re doing this to help the players…)

Practice events will be as we can slot them in.

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