Back from the Oakland Grand Prix



Ryan meets a Magic Legend under the cameras…

Had a lovely time at the Grand Prix last weekend (came in 335 out of 1600+….not bad for an old guy…grin).  Even cooler were the small army of D20 folks going around the show with D20 Shirts. 😉

BTW…thanks for all the very nice birthday wishes…  Oh, and Congrats to Ryan C, who was in one of the feature matches, and especially to our own Alan M. who came in 10th place!! after being the last undefeated player on the first day…Great job!!

My pulls for the main event were horrible….basically I had a few black and white humans, a Xathrid Necromancer, and Planner Cleansing. My only real win condition was to hope I got my humans out and then wipe the board.  I’m really not sure how I ended up 6-3 for the day.  My best win of the day was not in the main event, but was a stupid good combo I got out with what ended up as an indestructible vigilant 8/6 creature with lifelink.  I felt bad for my opponent.  Ok…not that bad.  😉




Oh..we just got in a very cool new game. It is a D&D like game from the Pathfinder folks where all the elements are on cards, so you can play D&D style adventures without having to have a Dungeon Masters.  The game can even be played as a single player.  (GREAT alternative to video games for the only child or kids without sibs in the right age range.) Pathtfinder Rise of the Runelords. Price is $59.99

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Warm Regards,
Yer Store owner guy…Ben