A change in Two-Headed Giants….Now Every Sat, but the first….


Ok, ok,,,I give…We’ve bowed to popular demand and decided to start doing Two-headed Giants every Saturday night except the first of the month (which is for Date Night Magic.)  For those who don’t know, Two-headed giants are team magic games, where two people build their decks together, and play as a team. We get a bunch of buddies playing, as well as couples and parent/kid teams.  Because you get to show each other your cards and decide what to do together, it is a great way for new players to have a great time without feeling any pressure to need to know what they are doing yet.  (Since you talk about each thing you do, you don’t have to worry about “doing it wrong”). For an experienced player, it’s a great way to share what they love doing with someone they care about, and for those others, it is a really fun way to see what is going on, without feeling any pressure.  These events are very casual and light hearted, so it makes for a really great night.

Kids and parents playing in the two headed giant

Events are $17.50 per person (4 packs for each) unless we do a special/older set that is more expensive. Side note to parents:  Ok…from one parent to another (INCLUDING THE MOMS), this is really wonderful thing to do with your kids.  They love it because they get to be the smart one for once and they get you to share something with them that they love.  You get to see what it is all about, and because you are on the same team and get to talk about everything you do, you don’t have to struggle with either competing with your kid, or having them go so fast that you can’t follow, or get into the standard parent/kid arguments about what you should have done. 😉  More importantly (and again, I have 12 year old and 9 year old kids too), we are hitting the time when the kids are pulling away, embarrassed to be hugged and just turning into those ‘wah,wah, wah” adults from the old peanuts cartoons.  We’ve had a lot of parents that have found this little oasis of maintained connection as they do this with their kids.  Having a “date” with them like this is pretty cool, and feels good for both of you.

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