The Magic cards of Peter Morbacher

The Good, The Bad, and the Peter (Mohrbacher)….

The Magic cards of Peter Morbacher
The Magic cards of Peter Morbacher

Two bits of news regarding store Friend, Peter Mohrbacher.  For those of you who don’t know, Peter is one of the better Magic artists who happens to live in Alameda.  He has done a ton of cool cards, including Erebos, God of the Dead, the much maligned (only for abilities, not for lack of great art) and the ever amusing Grimgrin.  Some folks have been lucky enough to get one of the custom matts that he has done and brought by the store, and he is always happy to chat and sign cards whenever he comes in.  He moved into Alameda a couple of years ago, with a brand new baby in tow, and to no one’s surprise, only popped in a few times for the next number of months.  But since then he’s come in a bunch of times, sometimes bringing his increasingly beautiful daughter in tow.

The sad news is that he is leaving town in the beginning of Dec. to move back to his home town of Chicago to bring his daughter to be near her grandparents.  Partially this is enabled by the fact that he has left his current full time (non-magic) gig to pursue projects based on his art full time.  As sad as we are to see him go, we love his work (and like him) so we’re very excited for him.  As part of that, he has started a Kickstarter project for a special collection of his work, both playmats and full art prints, including some amazing canvas style limited framed pieces.  In two days he’s at about 40% of what he is looking for, so this is very very cool.  He will also leave us with a small gallery worth of stuff for us to sell in the store.

To celebrate having him around, we will be doing a going away party for him on Thursday, Nov. 21st, starting at ~5. He will be here to sign stuff, and we will be doing Pack Wars/Mini Masters using sets that have his work in them (Innistrad block on). Pack wars will just be for fun, and the Mini-masters will be 6 for the current block and 8 for the Innistrad block. But most important is that we have fun and get a chance to give Peter a proper send-off.

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