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The Scoop on the Magic 2015 Core Set, M15 Rocks

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Magic sets come out every 3 months, and this time each year in July, we get the next  Core Set.  This year, in addition to the normal bucket of old classic cards, the Magic 2015 Core set  is overstuffed with goodies, both great individual cards, and a collection of mini-themes, some of which lay some big hints about what is coming in the fall. Plus, SIX, count ’em six planeswalkers, including 4 brand new ones.

The really cool stuff includes the Souls, a bunch of 6/6 power-spitters for each color.  There are 5 new legendary creatures, 6 new slivers, including a 5/5 that makes all slivers indestructible. We also have the return of the pain lands (two-color lands that do one damage every time they are tapped for a color) and one of my favorites, the Paragons.  These are 2/2 creatures that give all other creatures of the same color +1/+1 and add an ability to give one fellow critter an ability that is appropriate for the color (flying, death-touch, trample, etc.).  And there are a few cards that give a nice little hint about what is going to be in the set that is coming in the fall…. (a card that gives all dragons +3/+3….hmmm, what could that mean. 😉


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