Turkey O Doom

Thanksgiving Stuff(ing)…open and Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sales…

Hey folks…  Happy Thanksgiving! (In this post…recomendations for great T-Day Games and what events are coming up this week….

We’re going to be open this week for some fun events as well as a Black Friday and Small Buisness Saturday Sale…  More on that in a later post.

In the meantime, here are our top recomendations for great games to bring home for Thanksgiving to get people face to face, not screen to screen…

  • Cover Your Assets:  Great game that works equally well for kids and grandparents,and can get ’em to actually play together.
  • High speed fun with no brain required, Loonacy.

    Loonacy:  Perfect for post Turkey brains…not a lot of high level thinking, but a fast paced game with a bunch of goofy laughing.

  • Roll For It: A fast paced dice rolling game with simple rules that is fun for all ages…
  • Qwirkle:  Think scrabble meets Bejeweled (shapes and colors instead of words). Grat Family Game
  • Concept:  Use sets of 5 iconic images to create clues in this latest play on charades/pictionary.  (Dixit is another great game along these lines.)
  • Castle Panic fans…there is a new version that blends in the irreverent charactors and art from Munchkin…Munckin Panic!  These are particualry cool since it is everyone against the game, though in true Munckin Style, they do throw in a little bit of backstabing…
  • Evolution:  This brand new games ia perfect in the spirit of getting stuffed. This 2-6 person game has each player creating their own customized species to vie to see who prospers and who gets eaten.  Big thumbs up on this one for 10 (smart 8) and up.
  • King of Tokyo Fans!!!:  The classic king of the hill monster game hops over the pond with the new King of New York version of the game.  This 2-6 player game is all about light hearted battling of giant monsters to see who can take the biggest bite out of the Big Apple
  • And for those who like their fun Dark and Delicious…two Strong recomendations:
    • Gloom: the Edward Gory/Lemony Snicket game where you lead your dark family to the worst possible life before knocking them off in some poetically tragic way,while your oppents try and give them (gasp) a good day. 😉
    • Betrayal at the House on the Hill, 3-6 players fingernail biteing exploration of the wonderfly creepy house. flips in the middle of the game by turning one of the players into the Betrayer who gets secrent instructions setting him/her against the rest of the players who have their own secret instructions how they try and survive the night.  This game is easy to get into and virtually impossible not to hvae fun with.

Events for thanksging week:

No D&D on weds…but some other fun….

Saturday:  2HG….

Tuesday:  11:30—Prerelease Rerelesase Mystery box Sealed Magic Event:  Repeated on Wednesday

And Friday and Next Satruday after Thanksgiving…BIG SALE…..

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