Open at 11am– D20 Black Friday-Small Business Sat Sales

We’re having a fun set of sales for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday.  Deals are good on those days as long as supplies last.

In addition to what is on the list, EVERYTHING else is on sale in D20 Style (ok…we got this idea from another game store, but we thought it was so cool that we wanted to do it too.)  Once you commit to your purchase, you get to roll 3 D6 and get that as a bonus discount.  (We’ll make anything below a 10 into 10, to make sure it is always at least that much.)

Item Reg. Price  Discount/Bonus

All Day, Both Days… buy 3 packs, get one free (Magic and Pokemon)

Spend $25 or more, get a free Deck Box-up to 4.99 value.

Magic Holiday Gift Boxes 19.99 $3 off Khans, $5 off Theros.
Magic Fat Packs 39.99
Khans/M15 Double Bonus Free Packs
Journey Into Nyx 39.99 25% off
Born of the Gods 39.99 25% off
Commander Decks
2013 (Except Mindseize)  34.99  $15 off ($19.99)
 2014 (Blue, Black, Green)  34.99  $15 off ($19.99)
 Pokemon—sales in store
 X-Men Dice Masters Starter Set  16.99


12.99 + buy one 1.99 booster andget 3 free!

Star Realms $21.99 $7.00 off… $14.99 final price!
Two Adventure time Specials
Card Wars Game $26.99-$21.99 $16.99 to $14.99
Adventure Time Munchkin $24.99 $5.00 off to $15.99
Bang Big Deals…
Walking Dead Bang 24.99 $5 off- to $19.99
Halo Bang 24.99 $5 off- to $19.99
Vanguard Packs 3.99 50% off


More in the store.