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Happy New Year -2015

Happy New Year folks…

Here is the D20 2014 year in review( in rhyme)

Before we get started, a nod to the camp
of game day winners, those we call champ…


January brought us a magic memento
As many of us hoofed it to Grand Prix Sacremento
And in Pokemon, to Black & White we said bye
And usherd in the reign of XY


Oh, yes, and look what we got
some great old goodies that we drafted a lot

And old school find…the whole Zendikar block

Febuary followed with new magic, enchanting…
Born of Gods with a Cat King that left us ranting
But just to show we hadn’t gone wiggy
our Valentine’s wish came from Kermit and Piggie

Happy Valantine's Day From D20 Games
Happy Valantine’s Day From D20 Games

In March we celebrated a break from the cold
By drafting some sets that were both cool and old


Our April’s fool’s joke had some of you paled
When we declared business plans that we thought we had nailed.
For Journy to Nyx, Ben beat the odds
when a prerelase pack contianed nothing but Gods


In May, we went into space, with a Star Wars type thing
What was in store was a fight with X-Wing

X-Wing Store Championship


June brought something to magic that was a bit daft
Consparicy was designed to mess with the draft.


July brought the next Magic core
which brought us new planeswalkers four

Sparky McSparkson


August broght Pokemon players something for their lists
the new X&Y called Furious Fists


In September what did appear?
The swooping hordes brought in Khans of Tarkir


October brought back from the dead
the best spooky block…that’s what they all said



November brought leaves on the lawn
and the new Phantom set for Pokemon

Turkey O Doom


And finally December was one to remember
for planeswalkers overpowered the new Commanders..


And one other thing that was not to yucky
was the pooch that we saved…the store doggie, Lucky

Lucky shopping

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