Theros Beyond Death: When Someone asks if you have Gods, you say “Yes”!

Theros Beyond Death, Return to the Greek Myhtos inspired Theros. Prerelease weekend of Jan 17th.


  • So we’ve added two events.  That also means a big change in terms of the number of people in each event.  We are going to limit the number of people in each of the events over the weekend more then usual.  We are running more events, but have the same limit on the number of prerelease kits we have,  and this way, there is more space for the players over the whole weekend. So sign up in advance as much as you can.  As usual, online sales end an hour before the events start.

The new events. 

A Friday 3:30 pm Jr. sealed that is aimed at kids 14 and younger. (We are doing the standard Date Night Magic rules that adults can play, but any prize they would win playing against kids goes to the kids)  Packs are given at 3:30 but the play isn’t till 4:30 so there is time to get here after school (on purpose)

And a 7:30 pm Grown Up (15+) only event that will be a little more expensive, but have double prizes.

Both of these events will be 3 rounds, win a round, win a pack (two in the case of the adult event).

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