Date Night Magic

Date Night Magic is a special event for responsible kids (9-14) and their parents itching for a local night out.  Located next to some great restaurants and the Alameda theater, parents leave their kids and cell phone contact info at D20 Games on 2311 Santa Clara, starting at 5:30 for the draft only, and at 5 if they opt for the kids to have Pizza at the store first.  Drafts go until 9 p.m. (to 9:30) and kids must be picked up at that point.

  • Draft only are $15 and include 3 packs of magic cards (passed from person to person in the draft).  There are three round of best 2 out of 3 matches and each match won earns the winner a bonus prize pack.  The draft also includes a set of basic sleeves so the kids can keep their cards safe
  • Draft and Dinner is $20, and consists of the draft, plus good local Pizza (cheese and Pepperoni), and once basic drink (juice, soda or bottled water) from the case.  If you opt to not do the Pizza, please make sure your kid is fed before they get here.  They need their brains and good sportsmanship, and both tend to fall by the wayside when kids get hungry.
  • Only the first 24 are guaranteed a spot, so come in early or reserve a spot ahead of time.  Make sure to be here on time, since we will give away spots to kids that are here and on the waiting list to avoid making everybody wait.
  • Kids must obey the rules of the shop, including refraining from bad language, playing with sportsmanship and grace, and in general being a good duck.  If they violate those rules, we will call the parents to have them taken home, and repeated violations will result in being banned from the store. This is a place for having fun, not for being made to feel bad, even if the intention is good-natured.


Do I (can I ) bring my own deck? You can bring a deck to play with between rounds, but not for the event.  Everyone starts from scratch in a draft so no one has an advantage based on having a better collection of cards then someone else.

What is a Draft? Everyone starts of with 3 packs and will pass the packs around, drafting (picking) one card at a time until all three packs are done.  The player will then have 40 cards or so (which he will get to keep) that he/she will pick 23 cards from to make their best deck.  They open one at a time and pick a single card from that pack.  A great free draft simulator that people can use to practice with is Le Bestiare.

How experienced do you need to be to play?  Players should know how to play and be able to complete a few games within the 50 minutes for each round.  They don’t need to be pro’s, we have lots of players that are learning, but the league is a much better place for players who don’t want to worry so much about picking or playing with a clock going.  (The clock is important so the rest of the players don’t have to wait around too long for the next round to start after they are done. )   Players also NEED to be ok with winning and losing, since every game has one of each.  Play for fun and have a great time.

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