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Sun 11am Hour of Devastation Release-Sealed Starter

Sunday, July 16, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Release weekend promo cardThe dragon’s plans spanned millennia and his perception straddled centuries, a winding maze of possibility and circumstance and statistics and likelihood. Usually the dragon played the odds when shaping his decisions—but now, to manifest his needs, the dragon would need to be violent in his choices….” Hour of Devastation Prerelease story snippit..WOTC. 

Draft and Sealed Simulator

The sands of Amonkhet swirl from the wind of the drumbeat wings as the greatest of dragons battles his fellow gods for the fate of those below, living, dead or something more than both.  At the Hour of Devastation Prerelease…battle with or as those gods to determine who will live, die, or go to Jack in the box later as zombies. (Hey, just ’cause you’re undead doesn’t mean a shake won’t hit the spot. Besides, where else can a zombie go at 3 in the morning when everyone else is sleeping.)   Welcome to the second chapter in the Egyptia-inspired  desert plane,  where life after death is just part of life…

When: Events– Friday Night Magic at 7, Sat, Two Headed Giant at 4, Sun at 11 and a League Starter Sealed, Sunday at 11 pm. 

What: Sealed event (get 6 packs 4 Hours and 2 Amonkhet and build best 40 card deck.)  Three rounds, win a round, win a pack.  This event will be a double bonus because the packs you get for this event can also be used for participating in the hours of Devastation league.  The league will be an ongoing sealed, where each Thursday you can get a new pack to add for $3, provided you have done at least 3 matches the previous week.  We will do that league going on for the next 8 weeks, including a special league box for a limited number of players.

Who: Who’s it good for?  Since everyone is starting from scratch from a new set, this is a great event for all players.  We run a very friendly shop, so particularly for the casual events, feel free to ask for and get help in figuring out what to make.  Regardless of what happens, you get to keep all your cards and have a day worth of fun.

Nicol Bolas, Got Pharoh
Nicol is Back!!

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The Cards 

The New Mechanics 

Samut the Tested


Sunday, July 16, 2017
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
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D20 Games 1530 Park
1530 Park Street
Alameda, CA 94501 United States
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