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-DM Sick….canceled for 10/11 Weds Intro D&D-5pm

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

D&D at D20We are starting a new intro to D&D campaign for Weds.  Space in the group each week is first come, first sign up, and very subject to the DM’s being healthy and present.  Check the website/twitter feed for last minute updates/announcements).

Dungeons and Dragons: Encounters

When: Every wednesday,

Time: ~ 5 pm play (may very based on DM)

Cost: 5$ per player-limit is 7 players per table ($ Goes to DM credit)

What is D&D?  Dungeons & Dragons is the game the popularized role playing.  Created in the mid-70’s,D&D was unique in casting one of the players in the role of the Dungeon Master.  A person who both kept the secrets of the world that the other players were trying to discover, and acted as a living interpreter of the rules, allowing players to try all sorts of creative solutions to problems they encounter, and not be limited by only what the original game creators set down on paper.  This was quite literally a game-changer, in that it really allowed people to use their imaginations to inhabit characters that they created and moved through the world.  It works best when the players access the freedom of their 8-12 year old selves and create characters that are ones they would have chosen to play on a playground.

Character Creation.

Each DM chooses how character creation is done.  If by rolling, it must be done in the store with an official watching, however, if it uses the customize ability scores method (which is the default for D20) you can create a character at home and bring it in.

(From the D&D5.0 Wikia on creating a character…)

Players have 27 points to spend on your ability scores. The cost of each score is shown on the Ability Score Point Cost table. For example, a score of 14 costs 7 points. Using this method, 15 is the highest ability score you can end up with, before applying racial increases. You can’t have a score lower than 8.

This method of determining ability scores enables you to create a set of three high numbers and three low ones (15, 15, 15, 8, 8, 8), a set of numbers that are above average and nearly equal (13, 13, 13, 12, 12, 12), or any set of numbers between those extremes

Score Cost Score Cost
8 0 12 4
9 1 13 5
10 2 14 7
11 3 15 9


D&D Character Sheets


 More info on D&D….


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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