King of the Hill Rules

King of the Hill is a D20 Games Alameda format designed to give decks a serious workout so they can be ready and tested for any threats.  The spirit is friendly, with each player working to test the deck, whether a player makes a stupid mistake. (In fact, since we’re trying to strengthen each other, and get ready to play against the best, if you see you opponent about to make a mistake they shouldn’t, let them know so they can get better and you can play like you would against the best.)

Magic Constructed Deck Registration form


Yugioh Deck Form

The Rules (a work in progress since this is the first time we’ve done this…subject to change when we figure out we did something dumb.)

  1. It’s about decks, not players.  Decks must be logged, nick named and registered. Registering a Deck costs $5 or is free with any $10 or greater purchase (this is to prevent players from playing too many decks)
  2. The Player that ends up on the top of the heap is the King.  A player must have beaten three players in a row to become the first King
  3. Players can challenge any other players on their level or above.  In the case of multiple challanges, the challenger at the higher level gets first chance to play.
  4. The player that wins, will go to the level of the higher player.
  5. A player that loses two matches in a row will drop down a level
  6. Players must wait a week to challenge back the same player or “version” their Deck
  7. A “version” of a deck is a modification of at least 10% of the deck.
  8. If a King is knocked off, he can challenge back to a 4 out of 7 match (to establish that the first win was not a fluke) anytime within the first week.
  9. A King must defend at least 5 times in a week to retain King status.  If he looses that status, he will move down to the level below.
  10. No one may refuse one challenge in favor of another except in reference to rule 3.
  11. A king that defends against 10 different challengers in a week will get a rotating weekly prize (Limited Playmats, Leather deck box, free drafts, etc.)
  12. Have fun


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