From the Vault Angels -What is it and how are we doing it.

Hey folks.

This year’s From the Vault is about to come out and people are asking how we are going sell them.

What is From the Vault?  These are special super limited sets reprinting some of the best cards in Magic with new art and in all foil versions.  This year it it is Angels.

Here is how the lists will work:

“Lock it in List” 10 slots on list
  • $79.99 until 8/5,
  • $89.99 until 8/12,
  • $99.99 until 8/19, $109.99 after that. (subject to change if market price goes way up)
“The big List” 10 boxes to be sold, random selection from list. $49.99-Extra bonus entries in list awarded for “good customers” (Regular attendees for events, doing lots of business with the store.  This is entirely at the discretion of the management.  This will also include some recognition of those customers who go out of their way to be welcoming and helpful for new or learning players.)
“AC” Raffle
5 boxes On the 23rd we will be pulling from a raffle to help us raise some funds to get a better ventilation system for the store to help with those extra hot days…we will be doing a bunch of prizes, including FTV Angels, Annihilation some most excellent cards, and Garruk’s axe.