Welcome to D20 Games

Kids playing Date Night Magic at D20 Games of Alameda
Kids playing at D20’s bi-weekly Date Night Magic Tournament

Welcome to the D20 Games, a place to play.  We are a friendly, dad-run joint for both kids and adults to find a comfortable place to play face to face (not face to screen).  We feature regular events for players (both kids and adults) of Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, D&D and well as other games. Our community of players takes special pride in being welcoming to new and learning players, and playing for the joy of the games, not just for the winning. We are an advanced store for Magic and Pokemon, and sell the latest packs and boxes as well as a good selection of singles.

Our table-top game selection is not encyclopedic  but are all game we can vouch for, from intense hobby games for sophisticated players, to really fun social games for both adults and kids, down to game that siblings can have fun playing together without fighting (remember the dad-run part?) We have particular fondess for games that bring people together and games that give our brains good workouts.


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