What are Magic Drafts?

A draft in Magic is a version of the game that starts with all the players on equal ground.  Each player in the group is given 3 booster packs of cards.  They each open the first pack at the same time and, after keeping the basic land and any tolken or rule tip cards, they pick one card from the pack they think will work best in a deck they might end up building.

They then pass the rest of those cards to the person to their left around a circle, and pick a card from the pack that has just been passed to them.  The increasingly smaller packs keep getting passed to the left until all the cards in those packs have been picked, at which point the next of the three packs is opened and the cards are passed to in the other direction.

After all the cards are drafted, the player then picks the best of those cards that work together and makes a deck from them.  Ideally they pick 23 of the 38 cards they should have and add 17 lands from our land box to make a 40 card deck.  They then face their randomly selected first opponent and play the first of their 3 matches.  The matches are best 2/3 and will be completed within 50 minutes.  For each match they win, they will get an extra prize pack.



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