D20 Weekly Update-Halloween FNM, Magic Event Day-Yugioh Sneak Peek next week

Free for first 30 players

Lots of good stuff this week.

    • Saturday:
      • Innistrad Game Day!  2:00-2:30 Start time for a constructed deck tournament. (Bring your own deck. Standard format: Innistrad, M12 and Scars Block cards only, 60 card minimum) First 30 players to sign up get a special game d
        ay promo card, top 6 players get a special bonus card)  Entry fee is $5 ($10 with two pieces of Pizza and a drink at 5)  Format is double-elimination tournament, and should end before 7 for the final players.)
      • Prize for top players in Game Day Tournament
Bonus Drafts.  We will put out draft sheets starting from when the store opens at 12:30.  8-players and go. ($15 w/sleeves, $13 w/o).  We will also do a hard-start adult draft at 6:30.
    • Sunday:
      • Yugioh Masters Turny at 1:30.  First Prize, $5 Entry, first prize Guaranteed Entry for Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek on Nov , 6th.–Includes Turbo Booster for entry pack
      • Duelist League (14 and under)-2:30 to 4:30. $5 Turbo Booster for entry pack and a pick from the special duelist league cards at the end of the event. (BTW…the FULL set of Exodia will be among the cards this week.)

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