Holiday Hours-Events and specials…

Happy Holidays folks!!

We’re open extended holiday hours up to Xmas eve, but will be on more limited hours until next Friday.

One of the cool new presents we got for the holidays...

Dec 22: 1 to 8

Dec 23: 11-10  Friday night magic and drafts all day.

Dec 24: 10-5 (maybe longer.)  (purchase only…no events that day)

We are offically closed between the 25th and the 30th, but keep checking back for more bonus hours and events that may happen during that time. (Or call in)

We will be Drafting Magic on Friday Night at 6, and will have draft lists going all day for bonus drafts (as soon as we get to 8, we will draft.)  We will be drafting all the sets from Standard (Scars block, M12, Innistrad.)

We got a ton of new stuff in for the holidays!  We have Photon Shock wave boxes back in stock, Fat packs from Scars, Mirridin Besieged and New Phyrexia, a bunch of great Pokemon stuff and some super cool deck boxes and mats.  We also managed to get a very, very cool blast from the recent past that is very hard to find: Archenemy.  This varient of Magic lets one master player take on 2-5 other players by them-self.  It’s a great version for one player who is good to have a bunch of their friends who may be of different levels get a chance to play together and learn. (Great for a kid to play against a younger sibling and a parent or buddies, and wonderful for older players who want to mix up their games.  These go for $25 each and are guarnteed to have lots of fun in ’em.) This is  And we are running a bonus holiday special…spend more then $35 and get 1 of any of the standard packs (Yugioh, Magic or Pokemon) for free.  (Excludes 7 for 6 pack offer and events).

We will be open for limited hours during the next week…check the website for updates or call the store.

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