Update-Gone Fishing..But the store is in good hands…

[Important!! We are in the finals for 2 categories in the Best of Alameda.  Thanks for voting! And please vote again to get us there!]

So for the next couple of weeks I’m gonna take one of these things where you stop working for a bit…I think they are called vacations? 😉  But the store is in the hands of my lovely employees so everything is (mostly) as usual.  A few notes though:

  1.  Two headed giant for both this weekend and next weekend(Feb 16that and 23rd) will be the always popular Fat Pack War, where each team picks a random pack that matches with a Fat Pack/Bundle and they make their decks out of the two sets of 5 packs they get from that.  This is always big fun! $25 pp, start time to get packs/build decks at 4pm.
  2. No Modern on Tuesday this week.  7pm Modern magic tournament on Tuesdays has been building up very nicely, but with me out of town and our usual judge with other commitments, we don’t have anyone to do the late shift on the store this week (Feb 19th).  We’ll be back to this next week.
  3. Singles buying.  The team will do their best with singles purchasing, but since I’m usually the final word, particularly on big purchases, we’ll be waiting on doing most of those till I get back after the 24th.

My goal is to come back with rested brain and recharged for doing some new stuff at the store.  In the meantime, remember to find fun and friends in every game you play.











Need Yer Best of Alameda Votes Jan 31st!!

Hey Folks,

We are up for two categories in the Best of Alameda this year.   Under Lifestyles and Families there is Best Children’s Store and Best Place to take the kids.  These things actually mean a lot to us, both to help get business and because everyone likes to know they are appreciated once in a while. 😉  It doesn’t take a lot of votes to make a difference with these things, so if we’ve done well by you, we’d be grateful if you take a couple of minutes to vote.   (I always forget these things, so whoever nominated us, thanks in the dark!)
















12/29/17  Biggest Sale of the year…Pop up sales event….

  • Pokemon

    • League  on… 11-1 Pokemon League
  • Magic–.
    • Friday
      • Unsatable For FNM!!! @ 7 pm
    • Saturday:
      • 4 pm..Unstable THG-$20 pp
    • Sunday–
      • Open at 10 am.  1 pm Master’s Sealed- $90 $60 (2 Iconic, 3 Modern (2015 & 2017) and 1 Eternal Masters). Requires minimum of 4 players.

Here is a sealed and draft simulator loaded with the new cards…Draftsim



Huge news… We’re alive!!  And have a new location for D20 Games…

So I get to come out of radio silence with excellent news… Found a new home for D20 Games.  Many of you know of the fun and frolic we’re gone through over the last year+ since our building got bought.  Well, we’ve been looking down the barrel at moving at the end of March and not finding anyplace good to be except ones that would literally quadruple our rent.   (That was the source of the potential Kickstarter…trying to figure out a way to continue doing this that didn’t have a succeed or go utterly bankrupt component.)

But at the virtually last minute,  phew!!!

The new location is 1530 Park St., right across from the Sub Par and a couple of doors down from the bike shop.  We have about 3 months of work to do in the next 3 weeks, So it’s going to be a little stressful, crazy, and ultimately a very good thing.

In the meantime,  Barn raising time… Gonna need some help and I’m sending out the call.   If you have skills and are willing to lend a hand, send an email.  We will need people with the following skills:

  • Architect/designers
  • Contractor types
  • Media/PR types
  • A video person or two (we need to make an ad or a few for the Alameda theater.
  • Graphics people-digital and real
  • People who can spackle and paint
  • Tough and rough guys that can get some joy from tearing out an old horrible carpet.
  • People with vans/pickup trucks that can help help us haul at first and then move at second.
  • People who can help us find good donated homes for some things that need them (extra stacking chairs, boxes of common and uncommon cards to be made into donations for schools and after school programs)
  • Someone in the area of the new store and the old store who is willing to get their yearly huge dumpster from the utilities folks that we can use.
  • Other stuff???(just let us know what we can do.)

Email us at info@d20alameda.com if you can help.


Phew…and I mean phew…

How to Help with D20 Mad Creator Kickstarter

So here are the things that we need help with (and this list will grow):

  • Artists conceptions of the special rooms (architect type images to show what we are thinking of)
  • Help making a video:  We need to make a video for the kickstarter to explain what we are doing.
  • Need some IT/web help.  We need to set up mailchimp and we need to do a big shift of the website.
  • Help getting the word out.  We need to reach out as wide as we can.  If what we are doing is important to you, we need you to reach out to PTA’s, local groups, friends, anyone else who you think would believe that what we are doing is important.
  • We need people to subscribe to the Kickstarter as soon as we get it up there.  I can only do this if I know that people will want it enough to pay.  And I’m not shy about asking those who can to kick in what they can.   I spent the last 5 years doing D20 more out of love for my kids and the community then for anything near the money that I used to make.  And I’m willing to put myself at big risk to do this.  But not if I’m alone, or if it is only something that people talk about wanting but don’t participate in.  I need help, and with that help, I think we’ll make something very special.

Email us at info@d20alameda.com if you want to volunteer, or just want to make sure you are being kept up to date.

We will keep adding things to the list as they come up.



Completing the Big move for D20


Upddate…getting in and getting closer…about to announce the Grand reopening plans..

In the meantime…TWG is on for 5/9/15…

Hey Folks,

I’m finally coming out of the sleep deprived haze from last week.  We’ve been working like proverbial pooches (a fairly strange expression, btw…eager-sure, loveable-why not, face licking-check, but given the lack of fields or sheep in the area, very few of our pups are defined by their extreme work ethic), to get the big move done on both ends.
So far…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Move out–big check.

Move in–mostly big check.  (All the stuff is here…but getting it unpacked and on display correctly….that is a still very much a work in progress.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are open for business in the new location…but our big grand opening will start next month.  Keep an eye on the site for the super secret updates…


D20 is Moving! 1405 Encinal Ave.

 D20 1405 Mockup

Update….we ARE at the new store….sorry about being radio silent…working like a pooch all week to get the move to happen…

This week-4-15-14—we’re open for biz, and getting everything unpacked.  Keep eyes on this space for new updates for the grand opening events in May…

NEW Location….  (NOT an April Fools Joke…this is for real.) Map to new store

 So .as many of you know, our sucess has been slowly squishing us, and for a while we’ve had our eye out for a new location with some more elbow room.  Well, yay!! We found one.  Here is the FAQ about it.
  • When are you moving:  In progress at this point but targeting to do soft open at the new space on Friday, April 3rd.–Update–Open at new store now!
  • Where is it:  Still in Alameda…on Encinal right by where it intersects with Central (near Franklin School).
  • Why are you moving?:  Space, We need some elbow room, Our sucess has been hurting us in a strange way.  The more people that come to the events, the more squished it gets.  Where our current space lets us pack in about 4o people, The new space will eventually let us have near 7o people with LOTs more comfortable space.   AND, we’ve been wanting for a while to start building a Maker space,
  • Good parking areas

    Is there parking?:  Yep…free(!!!) street parking in front and across the street, and when school is out, all the spaces around Franklin school and park are open and fair game.  (map to follow)

  • Are you worried about leaving Park Street?  A little bit.  We are giving up some walk in traffic in exchange for more breathing space and the chance to run a Lot more events.

Keep watching the site and the twitter feed if you want to see the work in progress.

Early Releases this weekend at D20 Games—Pokemon Furious Fists, D&D 5.0 players handbook, and some great games

Hey folks…good weekend coming up. 8/8/14

Besides the Magic Game Day Events on Saturday and Sunday, we have one of our special rare pack drafts  (Ice Age Draft…) on Sat night, a Cardfight Vanguard prerelease for Divas Duet on Sunday at 2, and some early releases, or limited releases on some very, very good stuff.

These include:

  • Pokemon Furious Fists—we get to sell it on Fri. to because a certain big box retailer who shall remain nameless 😉  We have packs, starter decks AND a few Elite Trainer Boxes…
  • D&D Next Players Handbook ($50 for a limited number–we get to sell ’em two weeks before the general release on the 19th.
  • Betrayal at the House on the Hill—This is a GREAT game that has been out of print forever, but was just reprinted this week.  (And sold out IMMEDIATELY form both the manufacturer and all our distributors. I have 12 that I got after my first 4 sold out right away.)
  • We have 6 copies of Marvel Avengers vs. X-men Dice-masters game in stock..still waiting for the big reshipment
  • Star Realms (a terrific two player deck-building game) has been in extremely high demand and we’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get in…apparently it is starting to hit the distributors and should be in early next week.





Happy 4th of July Weekend…

Sparky McSparkson

Hey folks…Happy 4th of July weekend!!  We’re going to be open and do some special things to have some fun for the holiday.

NEW in Stock…

  • D&D Next is finally out…D&D Next Starter Set. ($19.99)
  • Wave 4 Star Wars Mini’s are in and selling fast

NEXT WEEKEND…M15 prerelease!!! Sign ups are ready now.  Preorder boxes for $99 until the end of the 4th of July weekend…110 after that for the next week.

For the 4th:

  • Open at 4 on the 4th for FNM…(Early and frequent drafting)
  • $12 Conspiracy Drafts
  • Date Night Magic
  • $12 Conspiracy Drafts

Here are the details….

  • Friday…Open a bit late (4 pm) and then we’ll be doing FNM a bit differently so people can go see the fireworks if they want to. Instead of our usual one big draft, we’re going to be doing pods of 8 starting at 4:30 with two that will be the “Official” FNM prize card times.
    • Sign up sheets starting at 4:30…run pods when we get to 8.
    • FNM prize card pods at 5:30 and 7 (Everyone plays pods as long as there are fat least 8)
    • Sheets out for $12 conspiracy drafts (no prize…just play all weekend)  Play when there are at least 6 players
  • Saturday
    • Pokemon league IS on from 11-1 on Saturday (NO POKEMON League next week because of big Magic M15 prerelease.
    • Date Night Magic is ON for this Saturday night.
    • $12 4th of July Conspiracy Draft list starting at 2 pm,
  • Sunday
    • Last Standard tournament for a couple of weeks because of the M15 prerelease and release events
    • $12 Conspiracy drafts.

We also have some GREAT family games we got in for weekend/family Fun.  Come in and look for the Summer favorite recommendations including:

  • Cover Your Assets
  • Boss Monster
  • Battle Sheep
  • Gravwell
  • And we have Cardwars back in stock…

M15 Prerelease Events @ D20 Games


M15-Prerelease-Banner-1Prerelease time!!! M15 is looking full of what I can only term as the Magic Equivalent of Super-Heroes. 😉 (Including SIX planeswalkers, 4 of which are brand new. )

As usual we are running 4 `prerelease events, two on Saturday and Two on Sunday.

What: Sealed Standard event (get 6 packs of the new stuff and build best 40 card deck.)  Play either competitive (at least 4 rounds, with bigger fistfuls of prize packs for the winners, but needing to win at least two rounds to get any prize packs.) or casual (play three rounds, win a round, win a pack)

Who: Who’s it good for?  Since everyone is starting from scratch from a new set, this is a great event for all players.  We run a very friendly shop, so particularly for the casual events, feel free to ask for and get help in figuring out what to make.  Regardless of what happens, you get to keep all your cards and have a day worth of fun.

Each of 5 different color prerelease pack comes with 5 M15 boosters and 1 special seeded pack of it’s color, as well as a special promo card that can be used in the deck.







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