D20 Holiday Hours and Sales-Pokémon In Stock!!


  • Holiday hours
  • Great stuff for the last minute adds and stuffers with two great for you and for you to get some extra good done.
  • We hid away some great Pokémon so it could be here for gifts, not only snatched up by the hordes.

Hours for the holiday will be: (note hours update to the update…)

12/23 open till 10 pm. (door will be closed cause it’s closed, but knock and come on in.
12/24 open 10 till 4 (well probably be open longer, but folks tend to stop shopping by then.  If you need last minute things, give the store a call, We’ll answer as long as we are there.
12/25 Closed (happy holiday)

Sale stuff: Both for Gifts and for playing together during the annoyingly rainy holiday.  (Dreaming of a wet xmas? Don’t think so..)

Two fun things:

  1. Once you commit to your purchase, you get to roll 3 D6 and get that as a bonus discount.  (We’ll make anything below a 10 into 10, to make sure it is always at least that much.)
  2. You buy and we give too (Every $50 spent, we will give $10 worth of games to the Midway Woman’s Shelter*

(*Many women need to leave in the middle of the night, often grabbing what they can.  We find games that will be good for giving some mental respite and maybe a bit of fun for families in a frequently intensely tough situation. )

We have a bunch of great games both to add under the tree, and for fun things to do in the rain over the holiday that don’t involve mind melding with screens. (preview hint…on the first, I’ll be lobbying for people to build face to face family/friend game time into a regular weekly thing…with phones in a bucket for a couple of hours a week.)

Pokémon in stock..
















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