12/29/17  Biggest Sale of the year…Pop up sales event….

  • Pokemon

    • League  on… 11-1 Pokemon League
  • Magic–.
    • Friday
      • Unsatable For FNM!!! @ 7 pm
    • Saturday:
      • 4 pm..Unstable THG-$20 pp
    • Sunday–
      • Open at 10 am.  1 pm Master’s Sealed- $90 $60 (2 Iconic, 3 Modern (2015 & 2017) and 1 Eternal Masters). Requires minimum of 4 players.

Here is a sealed and draft simulator loaded with the new cards…Draftsim



About the Pokemon BreakPoint Set…


The newest set of Pokemon, BreakPoint, releases in February.  The second set in the Break set, it features both Mega Ex’s and the New Break cards that can be played  on top of a Pokemon of the same name to add its abilities.

  • Release Date is Feb 3rd,
  • Prerelease, Jan 30th at 10am and 2 pm.  $30 per player.  Each player gets 6 packs, makes their best deck and plays for 3 rounds.  After having a bit of fun, they turn in their borrowed energy and get two more booster packs and a special promo card.  The 10am event is run by D20 so you CAN register in advance. The 1 pm event is run by the Pokemon League folks and is first come, first served and needs to be paid in cash.

More info about the set below…



XY Series XY-BREAKpoint | Trading Card Game | Pokemon.com

The hour grows desperate, and two worlds stand at the brink! The Pokémon TCG: XY-BREAKpoint expansion reveals the growing rift between the twin worlds, first discovered by Shiny Mega Gyarados-EX. As the rift tears through the skies, more Pokémon are drawn into the struggle, including Greninja BREAK, Luxray BREAK, and Mega Scizor-EX!

BREAKPoint Pokemon Cards

Research, Collect and get Prices on BREAKPoint Pokemon Cards


Pokemon Primal Clash — the scoop…

The newest set in the Pokemon XY series, Primal Clash officially releases on Feb. 4th.    The prerelease is at 10 am on Sat. the 31st.   They will have space for ~ 32 players and it is first come first served and the $30 is paid directly to the Pokemon league folks and must be paid in cash.  We will be doing our release event the following week and that you can preregister for either in the store and online.

Here are some sneaks from a great Pokemon site, Pokebeach.com.

Source of all of the following: The great Pokebeach Site:

ALL ‘Primal Clash’ Scans; Cards Sold Early in ‘Hoenn Region’s Collector’s Album’
Thursday, January 1st, 2015 @ 10 PM, UTC –  By: Water Pokémon Master
Hoenn Region's Collector's AlbumAfter some detective work, we’ve finally solved the mystery! Scans of Primal Clash have been leaking over the past few weeks because the “Hoenn Region’s Collector’s Album” is now available at some Target stores! We’re not sure if the product is being sold early by mistake or if its release was just moved ahead of schedule, especially since product releases tend to vary so wildly. However, at least three people who have contacted us have been able to check them out through Target’s registers, so they’re definitely being sold at at least some of the stores.We first announced the Hoenn Region’s Collector’s Album in October. It is a mini-binder that holds 60 cards and comes with one Primal Clash booster pack. It costs $4.99. Unlike the Furious Fists leaks in July where the “Mega Charizard Boxes” that were sold early came with three booster packs of Furious Fists, this leak will probably be much slower since the albums only come with one Primal Clash pack.We now have ALL Primal Clash scans with a huge thanks to Bryan’s Toy Haven, Chris H., Michael H., Taylor M., James F., Ethan P., SuperOshawott, Kyle P., Anthony P., Jose F., Anstett E., Zach G., Harry P., Bryan H., Shayne K., Chris H., TheHipHoppip, WaterAndGrass, Allproductssoldhere, and TeamPV!

Weedle from Primal Clash Kakuna from Primal Clash Beedrill from Primal Clash Tangela from Primal Clash Tangrowth from Primal Clash Treecko from Primal Clash Grovyle from Primal Clash Sceptile from Primal Clash Sceptile from Primal Clash Lotad from Primal Clash Lombre from Primal Clash Ludicolo from Primal Clash Surskit from Primal Clash Masquerain from Primal Clash Shroomish from Primal Clash Breloom from Primal Clash Volbeat from Primal Clash Illumise from Primal Clash Trevenant-EX from Primal Clash Vulpix from Primal Clash Ninetales from Primal Clash Slugma from Primal Clash Magcargo from Primal Clash Magcargo from Primal Clash Torchic from Primal Clash Torchic from Primal ClashCombusken from Primal Clash Blaziken from Primal Clash Camerupt-EX from Primal Clash Horsea from Primal Clash Seadra from Primal Clash Staryu from Primal Clash Mudkip from Primal Clash Marshtomp from Primal ClashSwampert from Primal Clash Swampert from Primal Clash Primal Clash Wailord-EX from Primal Clash Barboach from Primal Clash Whiscash from Primal Clash Whiscash from Primal Clash Corphish from Primal Clash Feebas from Primal Clash Milotic from Primal Clash Spheal from Primal Clash Spheal from Primal Clash Sealeo from Primal Clash Walrein from Primal Clash Clamperl from Primal Clash Huntail from Primal Clash Gorebyss from Primal Clash Gorebyss from Primal Clash Primal Clash Kyogre-EX from Primal Clash Primal Kyogre-EX from Primal Clash Manaphy from Primal Clash Chinchou from Primal Clash Lanturn from Primal Clash Electrike from Primal Clash Primal Clash Manectric from Primal Clash Tynamo from Primal Clash Eelektrik from Primal Clash Primal Clash Eelektross from Primal Clash Nidoran F from Primal Clash Nidorina from Primal Clash Nidoqueen from Primal Clash Primal Clash Primal Clash Primal Clash Primal Clash Starmie from Primal Clash Rhyhorn from Primal Clash Rhydon from Primal Clash Rhyperior from Primal Clash Rhyperior from Primal Clash Nosepass from Primal Clash Meditite from Primal Clash Medicham from Primal Clash Medicham from Primal Clash Trapinch from Primal Clash Solrock from Primal Clash Groudon from Primal Clash Groudon-EX from Primal Clash Primal Groudon-EX from Primal Clash Hippopotas from Primal Clash Hippowdon from Primal Clash Drilbur from Primal Clash Diggersby from Primal Clash Sharpedo-EX from Primal Clash Crawdaunt from Primal Clash Aggron-EX from Primal Clash M Aggron-EX from Primal Clash Probopass from Primal Clash Excadrill from Primal Clash Excadrill from Primal Clash Honedge from Primal Clash Doublade from Primal Clash Aegislash from Primal Clash Mr. Mime from Primal Clash Marill from Primal Clash Azumarill from Primal Clash Azumarill from Primal Clash Gardevoir-EX from Primal Clash M Gardevoir-EX from Primal Clash Kingdra from Primal Clash Kingdra from Primal Clash Vibrava from Primal Clash Flygon from Primal Clash Zigzagoon from Primal Clash Linoone from Primal Clash Skitty from Primal Clash Delcatty from Primal Clash Spinda from Primal Clash Bidoof from Primal Clash Primal Clash Bibarel from Primal Clash Bouffalant from Primal Clash Primal Clash Primal Clash Acro Bike from Primal Clash Aggron Spirit Link from Primal Clash Archie's Ace in the Hole from Primal Clash Dive Ball from Primal Clash Energy Retrieval from Primal Clash Escape Rope from Primal Clash Exp. Share from Primal Clash Fresh Water Set from Primal Clash Gardevoir Spirit Link from Primal Clash Groudon Spirit Link from Primal Clash Kyogre Spirit Link from Primal Clash Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick from Primal Clash Professor Birch's Observations from Primal Clash Rare Candy from Primal Clash Repeat Ball from Primal Clash Rough Seas from Primal Clash Scorched Earth from Primal Clash Shrine of Memories from Primal Clash Silent Lab from Primal Clash Teammates from Primal Clash Weakness Policy from Primal Clash Shield Energy from Primal Clash Wonder Energy from Primal Clash Trevenant-EX from Primal Clash Camerupt-EX from Primal Clash Wailord-EX from Primal Clash Primal Kyogre-EX from Primal Clash Primal Kyogre-EX from Primal Clash Groudon-EX from Primal Clash Primal Groudon-EX from Primal Clash Sharpedo-EX from Primal Clash Aggron-EX from Primal Clash M Aggron-EX from Primal Clash Gardevoir-EX from Primal Clash M Gardevoir-EX from Primal Clash Archie's Ace in the Hole from Primal Clash Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick from Primal Clash Professor Birch's Observation from Primal Clash Teammates from Primal Clash Dive Ball from Primal Clash Enhanced Hammer from Primal Clash Switch from Primal Clash Weakness Policy from Primal Clash
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Guide to Tabletop Games: #1 TCG/CCG (Trading Card Games)–Magic/Pokemon/Yugioh etc…

Hey guys…I’ll keep adding to this as time goes on, but I get asked a lot (particularly by parents) about what games like Magic and Pokemon really are.  Here’s a shot at doing geek to English translation.

Magic, Yugioh, and Pokemon are what are known as trading card games(TCG) or collectible card games(CCG).   Basically imagine a game made up of collectible baseball cards, where the ability of the card actually comes into play in the game.  Their big innovation was in creating a game where the cards that are added to the game can have rules or abilities on them that add to the game rules.  Magic was the first game of this type and was created by Richard Garfield over 20 years ago in 1993. There have been billions of the cards printed and there currently over 12 million Magic players. When you strip the game down, it is a lot of math, logic and strategy, and tends to attract a fairly intelligent player base. There is even a college scholarship for magic players. 😉

The games are in their simplest form like the old card game War, where players put down two cards and the higher one wins.  Each player has a starting amount of life (or in the case of Pokemon, a fixed number of “prize cards” that the players get to collect when they knock out an opponents Pokemon), and they cast cards in attack, defense and response to try and get the other player to zero.

What is interesting about the game is that ability for cards themselves add and modify the rules of the game, creating an evolving set of game play where it is figuring out the cool combinations of different cards that is the most fun part of the game.  Once they get past the pre-made starter decks, it’s all about learning the cards and trying to come up with new ideas for decks and seeing how well they do against other players.. (So yes, its normal for the kids to get excited about the new sets of cards as they come out, as each set adds new possibilities that they can puzzle out.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the parents point of view, the positive aspects of the games are encouraging reading, math, and logic skills.  It is also good for creating opportunities to learn fair play, though that benefits a lot from our guidance.  Some of the rarest cards can end up being valuable ($100 or more), so talk to your kids about keeping them safe at school, as well as being both careful and fair in their trading with others.  Keeping their cards in sleeves and in a deck box with their name on it will both keep the value of the cards intact and make it less likely for their cards to get mixed up with other kids by accident.
Common Questions

  • Big difference between Magic, Yugioh and Pokémon: The way things get into play…Magic uses land that gets reused every turn to put different cards in play, Pokémon has energy that attaches to the Pokémon and let them do what they need to do, and Yugioh lets the player give up some of their smaller creatures to get bigger ones, called tributing .  Magic also lends itself to limited play like Drafts and Sealed events where everyone starts out even with new packs of cards and builds decks on the spot.
  • Do adults play these games too? Yep…there are lots of adults that play each of the games.We get most adults on the magic side, but quite a bit on the and Pokémon as well. For those who play, we see a lot of very nice connecting time with the kids.

For Parents:

Anything for parents to worry about? As a dad of a couple of 13 year olds and an 10 year old, here is my honest answer.  There are terrific things about the games, (math, reading, logic, learning to play fair with other people, and in general not having their faces stuck into screens.  However, there are a couple of things to that get brought to the surface by having access to things at a younger age that may be of value that provides so really important teachable moments for parents if they are aware of them.

  • Trading Fair: This is one of the first time that kids will get their hands on portable items that might be worth some money. It can bring out some strong desires that lead to some experiences with theft or making unfair deals on both sides.  When this happens, and it likely will, it is a key parenting opportunity to make sure that they understand how that feels and become determined to never make anyone else feel bad, rather then deciding, “well, I got taken advantage of, I’ll do the same thing to the next person I trade with.
    Ben’s Advice—Make sure that they always agree to trade backs being ok (within a week or so and provided the cards are still in as good shape as when they were traded.)  The standard thing that I say to kids is “there is no piece of paper that is worth losing a friend over.
  • One More Pack, just one more Pack… It’s super fun to open the packs…they could be anything until they are opened and the fun of opening and discovering a golden ticket of a card is a great feeling.  But when the desire to open the packs completely eclipses the fun of playing the game or even sharing the cards with their friends, it can expose something that we, as parents, don’t usually get to see until much later (and usually when they are in the never listen to us phase.) If they keep wanting to trade all their good cards for a chance to open another pack, that is an impulse very akin to gambling, and one where I’ll have a chat with the kids to make sure they are more interested in playing the games  that is an early version of being susceptible to gambling. Though both of these are a little scary, they are a great chance to get to work through these things at an age where the kids may still actually listen. 😉 On the other hand, the math, logic, reading and general sense of using their brains, combined with staying engaged with other people rather then computer or video screens makes it a great thing for kids to get into.



Release Weekend…

Hey folks,
So we have a lot going on this weekend, including the release for Journey Into Nyx, and the  Prerelease for Pokemon XY Flashfire.

Journey Into Nyx on sale Fri, May 2nd (on minute after midnight on Thursday)

And this weekend we will be hosting the Prerelease for the newest set for Pokemon, XY Flashfire….

The Screen Free Week Challenge: And finally…This is a big one for me (and I am a Dad, so I know the struggle). Kids….I have a challenge for you.   Get your family to go screen free for one whole week!   For those who are able to do it, (and get their parents to verify they all did it,) I will be giving away up to 100 free packs for Magic or Pokemon packs (1 per family..two if they do a family game night).

Unplug and rediscover each other….


I know this is super hard, but it It’s amazing what happens when you shut the screens off, let boredom take hold for a little bit and then reach out to see what you can find to fill that void.  I  know I’m the game guy, and I would love to see parents commit to coming home and clearing the space one night next week to do a family game night. But outside of that, just see what it feels like to do some of the things there never seems to be time to do.

To do my part in this…I’m going to have a sheet in the store, and one to print online that is a pledge/verification card that will also include a place to list all the things you got to do during that time, and any family that can make it through the week with no video, computer games, ipad or other non-work related screen time, I will give them a gift of a free pack of either Pokemon or Magic, or a $5 off coupon for any game that is $19.99 or more for the first 100 kids (no more then 1 per family.  If there are more then one…I’ll give the parents a chance to by more at 1/2 off.)    (Parents, I’m counting on you to make this honest.  Parents will need to come in with the kids and the filled out form between May 13th-23rd)


Releases-Born of the Gods and Pokemon XY

OPEN THURS @ 10 for Midnight sales of Born of the Gods….

This week we have major releases for both Pokemon and Magic.

Born of the Gods release events this weekend.  We’ll be open at midnight on Thursday night to sell fat packs, Boxes and Packs.  Friday we will be doing Triple Born of the Gods as the first release event for Friday Night Magic.  This weekend we will do a Two-Headed Giant on Saturday Night,  A Sealed on Sunday at noon, where the 6 packs used can also be the beginning of the new League.  Everyone playing will get the release promo card of Tromokratis for as long as supplies last.

One of the Cool Cards from Pokemon XY-Source Pokebeach.com

For Pokemon, the new XY set just released.  This is the first new set of the XY series after several years of Black & White.  The new boosters, boxes,  and intro packs are on the way to the store as we write this… And we are doing a release event for XY Sat morning, starting at 10:30  Card list for Pokemon X/Y here.

Pokemon Elite Box Tournament

Pokemon Elite Trainer box Tournament

Return of the Pokemon Elite Tournament….New date…4-20-13

Event: Sealed deck Pokemon Tournament

When: 4-20-13 at 11am

Cost: $40-includes Plasma Storm Elite Trainer Box

What:  Sealed Deck (Use the 7 packs included in the Elite Trainer box to build your best Pokemon Deck (40 card minimum)   One hour to build decks,  3 rounds of play and prizes for winning rounds.

Great for beginners and advanced players alike.  Limited to 34 players.

[iframe src=”http://www.eventbrite.com/tickets-external?eid=6160571435&ref=etckt&v=2″ frameborder=”0″ height=”214″ width=”100%” vspace=”0″ hspace=”0″ marginheight=”5″ marginwidth=”5″ scrolling=”auto” allowtransparency=”true”>

Pokemon Elite Trainer Box Tournament-2-23-13 @ D20 Games Alameda


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709″ div style=”width:100%; text-align:left;” >


Event: Sealed deck Pokemon Tournament

When: 12/23/13 at 11am

Players playing Pokemon at D20 Games in Alameda
Kids & Adults at our sold out Cities Tournament

Cost: $40-includes Plasma Storm Elite Trainer Box

What:  Sealed Deck (Use the 7 packs included in the Elite Trainer box to build your best Pokemon Deck -40 card minimum deck size)   One hour to build decks,  3 rounds of play and prizes for winning rounds. (Get an extra prize pack for each round you win.)

Great for beginners and advanced players alike.  Limited to 34 players.

The Pokemon playing member of the family is super excited about this one. Continuing our tradition of not just collecting the cards, but playing with them every chance we get,   we’re going to be taking the new Pokemon Elite Trainer boxes and turning them into a sealed deck event. (Take the 7 booster packs that come in the box and create your best 40 card minimum deck with those cards. )

The Elite Trainer box is super cool and contains

  • 7 Plasma Storm booster packs
  • 40 Pokemon energy cards
  • 2 acrylic condition markers (burn/poison)
  • 6 damage counter dice
  • a competition legal coin-flip die
  • a player’s guide
  • a deck box.
  • Plus, a collector’s box to hold everything in

D20 specializes in being a friendly joint, and is particularly so for Pokemon events, so come and join us.  Advanced reservations are HIGHLY recomended, since this event has limited seating, and we had a lot of sad little faces when we sold out of our Pokemon Prerelease earlier in the month.

Pokemon City Tournament at D20 Games 1/6/13


D20 Games Hosts its first Pokemon City Championship tournament!

When: Jan 6th.   Registration- 11 am-11:45.-Kids under 14 play at 12–masters at ~2:30 (we will give more accurate target start time at players meeting after Registration completes.

  • First Flight (set of players):  12:00 start time for Juniors (age 10 and under) and Seniors (age 11-14)
  • Second Flight: Masters ( Age 15 and up ) Start time is target 2:30, and latest start time at 3, (depending on previous rounds

Cost: Free, but limited to first 50 players per flight. (max players for space.)
Pre-registration available to make things smoother, but please don’t pre-register unless you know you will be able to attend.  Pre-registered players must check in by 10:45 Sunday to confirm their slots

Prizes: First place Trophy plus 18 booster packs, 2nd-10 packs-3rd and 4th both get 4 packs.

Deck Requirements: Modified Format—-Exactly 60 cards with at least one basic. Sets allowed are Black and White on (Black and White, Emerging Powers, Noble Victories, Next Destinies, Dark Explorers, Dragon’s Exalted, Dragon Vault, and Boundaries Crossed. Black and White promo cards and Black and White Trainer Kits also allowed.)   4 copies of each card max excluding basic energies.  Ace Spec special cards (such as Gold Potion) limited to one per deck.  Deck lists are Required but can be filled out at the event before play begins.  No changing decks from the deck list once it is submitted.  Here is a link to a decklist program (PC)


  • Jr. (10 and younger):  Swiss-One game per round. Rounds are max 30 minutes plus 3 turns after time is called. (Likely 3-4 rounds).  Prizes for the top 4 players
  • Sr. (11-14): Swiss-one game per round (likely 4-5 with possible top 2-8 play-off depending on # of players.)
  • Masters (15 and up): Swiss-one game per round (Likely 6-7 rounds with top 8 play-off)

Pokémon TCG City Championship tournaments, players in each of the three POP-recognized age divisions can work toward earning Championship Points, potentially earning an invitation to the World Championships! City Championships do not require an invitation, or qualification. All players in good standing are welcome to participate.

The Pokémon TCG City Championship tournaments will be taking place from November 17th, 2012 through January 6th, 2013. To find times and locations of City Championship events in your area, click here.

Remember, while we frequently update our events schedule, we recommend that you contact the local Tournament Organizer to confirm event schedule information.

What are the prizes?

Participants will receive 2 Play! Points just for playing!

1st Place

  • 18 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A City Championship Trophy
  • 50 Championship Points

2nd Place

  • 10 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • 40 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 4 or greater)

3rd & 4th Place

  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • 30 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 8 or greater)

5th – 8th Place

  • 20 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 32 or greater)

9th – 12th Place

  • 10 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 64 or greater)

13th – 16th Place

  • 5 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 64 or greater)

17th – 32nd Place

  • 3 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 128 or greater)


What’s Happening at D20 Games in Alameda


Modern Master’s Figure of Destiny
  • Looking for some good DM’s—Sat June 15th is Free RPG day at the store, in addition to giving out a bunch of free RPG goodies, we will be running what could be up to a 3-8 table joint adventure…but we need some good DM’s to help us out.
  • Ok…still battling with the website….so far it’s taken the first game…but the match isn’t open yet.–The Event list is battling
  • IMPT>>>Sunday Standard is moving to 11:30 start from 12:30 start so we can start regular 3 pm drafts (Modern Masters Next week)
  • Saturday Morning…Registering at 10am— Pokemon Battle Roads tournament...(Lots of people..not the best for the smaller kids that can get overwhelmed)
  • Also on Saturday June 8th…Two Headed Giant (starting a bit later because of the Battle Roads.)  Packs at 4 or so…but no space to build until about 5–start playing at 6
  • Modern Masters ships this week
    • Limited number of Drafts during the opening weekend ($35 for the first weekend, $40 after that weekend)
    • Friday, June 7th, 6pm and 9pm
    • Saturday June 8th, 9pm
    • Sunday June 9th, 3 pm
  • Taking reservations for the first (and only) Revised Box Draft –Yep…we are doing the most over the top draft ever…a factory sealed box of Revised.  Cost is $150 per person to open packs that haven’t seen fresh air in 19 years. 😉  (NOTE–New date for this…June 29th!!!)
  • Tuesdays starting June 11th… Modern Masters League.  Register here…  ($100 for 6 starter packs plus 5 weekly packs…more then half sold out so far..)These packs will be cool but in very limited supply.  Packs look like they will be between $13-15 per and are FULL of amazing stuff for Magic Modern.
  • Wednesdays…we are doing D&D encounters from 6-9.  We’ve pretty much got the first table either filled or close each week, so we’re looking for a couple more people to DM for us.  Check out my newly written Intro to D&D blog post for parents and other curious types

Older news—

No more Adult Yugioh @ D20  for the whole story  click here.
Thanks to everyone for the post break in support..we’re doing much better..   Click here  for the story.

D20 Games Events this week… (6/04/2013)


  • Vanguard, Pokemon, Kaijudo and Magic open play.


  • New Dragon’s Maze League (short league before summer League) 6 packs to start or one of the prerlease 6 pack sets.


  • 5:30…Magic Time Walk Duels!!  $5 entry ($4 into a pack for the prize pool)  We got this wonderful collection of Intro Decks from 1996-2008 in perfect condition.  Pick your weapon from the History of Magic and see how it does…pick a favorite from the past or something you’ve never tried before.  We’re going to do this from now on, so come and have some historical fun.
  • Board Game Test Night. Check out new board games from 5-7 (or later)–Play a game and write a review…get a punchcard punch good for special deals!!!
  • OPEN AT MIDNIGHT FOR Modern Masters sales.  League players can get their first packs and we will sell limited numbers of packs per day.


  •  Magic League Play-4-5:30 for kids, anytime for adults
  • 6PM  Modern Masters Draft (Limited to 8–$35)
  • Friday Night Magic: Dragon’s Maze Draft 6:45. $15 (Special deal..sleeves $2 for drafters) Drafting Dragon’s Maze-Gatecrash-Ravnica
  • 9 pm Modern Masters Draft (Limited to 8-$35)


  • Registering at 10- Pokemon Battle Roads tournament...(Lots of people..not the best for the smaller kids that can get overwhelmed)
  • 11-1:00 Pokemon League…$5 and great fun for all ages. Free play with other folks who love Pokemon with rewards for how many times you play. ADDING Competitive tournament each week.  $5 entry (4 into prize pool for packs). Single Elimination.
  • Two Headed Giant (starting a bit later because of the Battle Roads.)  Packs at 4 or so…but no space to build until about 5–start playing at 6
  • Date Night Magic 5 for pizza, 5:30 for draft.  $15 for the event plus $5 for pizza and drink for kids 9-12–kids will have the option of playing in the launch event instead if they would like.
  • 9PM  Modern Masters Draft




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