Board Games at D20 Alameda

Welcome to the Board Game Report at D20 Alameda.  We’ve been working hard to cherry pick the best and most interesting board games we can find, games that are goods for lots of different mixes of players, from families trying to balance ages and temperaments, to serious table top gamers looking for some major engaging fun.  :

Thursday…Board Game Night Starts!!!

So we’re working on finding the most fun board and card games we can sniff out. 🙂 On Thursday Nights we are cracking them open and bringing them out for people to give them a test play. Check out Will Weaton’s Tabletop web series to see some of these games in action.

  • New (for Us) Forbidden Island. Team game to get all the idols and safely off before the island sinks from under you.
  • Munchkin Apocalypse!! Just released post apocalyptic version of the favorite help/mess with your friends game with jsut the right amount of wrong for the 9-13 set (and those who still feel like that when they looking the mirror)
  • Marvel Legendary: A great superhero deck building game that not only plays well from 2-5 players, but can be played with 1 (very rare)
  • Star Fluxx-The rules are …well, don’t worry…they’re going to change anyway. 😉
  • Set Jr.-A simplified version of the wonderful pattern matching game.
  • Timeline-Inventions, Discoveries and Events…what came before what?  Can you get them in the right order?  (Great for 8 and up)
  • Bang!-Spaghetti Western game of who (will or wants to) shoot the Sheriff.  Any game where a card called Bang! can be countered by a card called Missed! has got to be (and is) a ton of fun.
  • Ascension–We have all the versions of this staple of deck building games (what are deck building games?  Head over to the board game section to find out.)
  • Ticket to Ride-Wonderful game for 7 and up..get tickets and claim the tracks to get there…good family fun.
  • Castle Panic!-back in Stock after selling out…Let the conflict be with the game, not the kids in this tower defense style board game where the players team up to beat the game. (6 and up)
  • And of course…our favorite: Cover Your Assets.

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