Special Monday Kids event 12:5

Kids playing Date Night Magic at D20 Games of Alameda
Kids playing at D20's weekly Date Night Magic Tournament

Looking for something for the kids to do on President’s day?  We’ve got’em (and you) covered.  Starts at 12-5 Magic Sealed Deck Event–$35 (Includes 2 drinks, a mid afternoon snack, 6 packs, and an afternoon of safe fun)  Decks will be made of the packs opened.  Special Bonus: Bring in your decks to have our in-house guys help tune and tweak.  Play against store players for extra prizes and advice.  Limited to 24 kids, so sign up in advance. For kids from age 9-14. Parents/gardians are welcome to join, and can stay with kids under age 9.

Older players who wish to join, may do so provided they are interested/willing to help the kids sharpen their games.

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