Spring Break Events

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D20 Spring Break Game Boot Camps April. 2-4th

Fun for Kids at D20 Games Alameda
Fun for Kids at D20 Games Alameda


April 2-4 (Mon-Weds)
Two Sessions Per Day: 9-12:30 and 1-5.

Ages: 9-13

Combination of learning tricks, tips, and tactics to help develop advanced strategic thinking and build confidence, and pure on gameplay (for parents, increase sportsmanship, social skills and meet new kids–For kids…a chance to find other kids who like to play these games as much as you do.)We will be having a Magic The Gathering boot camp and a Yugioh Boot camp. If we have enough kids who express interest, we will also add a D&D set of sessions.


D20 Games, 2311 Santa Clara, 510-522-2109 [email protected]


Each Session is $30 (plus a $10 materials/snack fee.)  
Full days get a $10 discount to be $50/day  ($15 material/snack fee.)
All three days $40 discount to $140 ($35 materials/snack fee)

Bring a friend for and extra 10% discount for both players


Each day kids can bring in their collections (Parents can drop off collections in well labeled (name and phone number) paper bags any open hours before the Boot Camp.  Each day will be split into the following areas:

·       How it really works (the real rules of the games)

·       Collection organization

·       Tricks and secrets of the masters

·       Deck Building

·       Mini-tournament/multiplayer team games

Each day we will have two tracks, on for beginning players and one for more experienced players with lots of help for everyone in getting better and therefore having more fun playing.

Each attendee will get a special box for organizing their cards as well as sleeves and a deck box each day for the decks they will be creating.    Snack will be chips, fruit and a drink.

Limited to 14 participants per day. Email, [email protected] to reserve a spot.

Magic The Gathering 

Day Topic Skills
Monday AM Standard Decks Build decks using M12 and the last two sets (Innistrad and the Scars Sets) True intro to Magic… getting the rules right.
Phasing into Phases…getting the orders all right
Monday PM Drafting How to pick from what you see..what’s good…going for the smart, not just the shiny. 😉 Stacking in your favor…secrets of what is the Stack and how it worksAggro, Control, weenie, etc…the standard strategies in magic and how to build them or successfully battle against them
Tuesday AM Pauper Decks How to make decks built using only commons and uncommons, these decks are meant to be lots of fun without lots of $$$ Combo’s….from infinite mana to infinite life, those two or three card combos to get that win.
Tuesday PM Weird Magic: Two-headed Giant, Emperor Tricks of the Masters, Basic
Weds AMWeds PM ModernAnything goes- Going back for the good stuff…how to compete with the big boysBest deck king of the hill Sideboarding…what to keep in your emergency bag of tricksTune, Tune, Tune


Andre’s special Yugioh Boot Camps


Day Topic Skills
Monday Getting it right…basic Yugioh for beginners and the rules behind the rules for advanced players.Team 2v2 (pro/am) Huge cool cards vs decks that win Learning the real rules from a Regional Judge so you can play with confidence.  Deck building for winning instead of getting suckered in by huge unplayable cards
Tuesday Combos, chains and tricks. Learn how to put together combos that create surprises and just plain win fast. Understand how cards can work together, and what to look for in deck construction.  Tips and tricks from the pros.  Group puts their heads together to challenge the master.

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